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Description : What is Yoga ? How helpful is it to lose weight ?

Last Answer : Sage Patanjali (300 BC), the creator of yoga in ancient times, spoke of eight parts of yoga. These are Yam , Niyama , Asana , Pranayama , Pratyahara , Dharma , Dhyana and Samadhi. The brain is ... some of the yoga exercises that are useful for reducing excess fat in the abdomen and buttocks .

Description : What is Uttan Padasana ? How to do it ?

Last Answer : Uttan Padasana is a yoga that helps in reducing body fat. First position: Lie on your back for this. Hold the fingers and move the hand towards the neck. Place the elbows on the ground and keep a distance of 2 cm ... cm between the two legs. Method: Repeat the same process and rest.

Description : What is triangulation ? How to do it ?

Last Answer : Triangulation is a yoga practice. How to do: Stand with two legs apart. Rotate the right leg to the right and extend the angle of both the hands and keep them in a straight line. Bend the body ... left hand. Then return to the very first position and repeat the same process from the opposite side.

Description : What is Paschimottasana ? How to do it ?

Last Answer : This is a yoga. As a result, the excess fat accumulated in your body is eliminated in an instant. Find out how to do it. Location: Sit on the ground and spread your legs. Stretch the legs and keep them as far ... to the ground. Then try to touch the knees with the head down. Do this 2-3 times.

Description : Who will Bangladesh play 100th Test match against ?

Last Answer : Bangladesh will play its 100th Test match against Sri Lanka.

Description : Which club won the FIFA Club World Cup 2019 ?

Last Answer : English club Liverpool won the 2019 FIFA Club World Cup.

Description : Who is at the top of the list of 100 best footballers of 2019 announced by British magazine ' The Guardian ' ?

Last Answer : Lionel Messi is at the top of the list of 100 best footballers of 2019 announced by the British magazine ' The Guardian ' .

Description : Who set the world record for the best bowling in the International T20 on December 2, 2019 ?

Last Answer : On December 2, 2019, Nepal's women's cricketer Anjali Chand set a world record for bowling in the International Twenty20.

Description : Which team won MCC's Spirit of Cricket 2019 ?

Last Answer : New Zealand national cricket team wins MCC 's ' Spirit of Cricket 2019 ' .

Description : Who is the 1st female match referee in men's cricket ?

Last Answer : GS Lakshmi (India) is the 1st women's match referee in men's cricket.

Description : Who scored the 49th hat trick in ODI cricket ?

Last Answer : Kuldeep Yadav (India) scored his 49th hat trick in ODI cricket.

Description : Who is the first cricketer in the world to score a century in his debut match in ODI and Test cricket ?

Last Answer : Abid Hasan became the first cricketer in the world to score a century in his debut match in ODI and Test cricket.

Description : Where will the 11th FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup be held ?

Last Answer : The 11th FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup will be held in Moscow, Russia.

Description : Which country is the 10th FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup Champion in 2019 ?

Last Answer : Portugal is the 10th FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup Champion of 2019.

Description : Where is the 10th FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup held ?

Last Answer : The 10th FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup is held in Paraguay.

Description : Where will the 14th SA Games be held ?

Last Answer : 14th SA Games will be held in Islamabad , Pakistan.

Description : Where is the 13th SA Games held ?

Last Answer : 13th SA Games is held in Nepal.

Description : Who is Hardik Pandya ?

Last Answer : Hardik Himanshu Pandya (born October 11 , 1993) is an Indian international cricketer. He played domestic cricket for the Baroda cricket team and for the Mumbai Indians in the Indian Premier ... by the BCCI for making controversial remarks on an Indian television show called Coffee With Karan.

Description : Who is Abdur Rehman ?

Last Answer : Abdur Rehman (English: Abdur Rehman; Urdu: عبدالرّحمٰن ; Sialkot , Punjab ( born 1 March 1970 ) is a Pakistani cricketer who played international cricket for the Pakistan national ... Punjab , Pakistan Batting style Left-handed batsman Bowling style Left-handed Orthodox spin Introduction Bowler

Description : Who was the first wicket-taker for Bangladesh in Asia Cup ?

Last Answer : Answer : First wicket taker in Asia Cup for Bangladesh: Jahangir Shah. Opponent: Pakistan. Dated March 31 , 1986.

Description : Who was the bowler who took 5 wickets in his debut match ?

Last Answer : Taskin Ahmed and Mostafizur Rahman were the bowlers who took 5 wickets in their debut match .

Description : Want to know more about Halchowk Stadium ?

Last Answer : Answer : Halchowk Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium located in Kathmandu, the 3rd province of Nepal. The stadium has a capacity of 3,500 spectators . Halchowk Stadium Halchowk Ground Location Kathmandu ... of Nepal It is mainly used for football matches and has a grassy playing surface.

Description : Who has the most hat-tricks in Test cricket ?

Last Answer : Only three have more than one hat trick in Test cricket! Each one has two - Wasim Akram , Stuart Broad , Hugh Trumbull

Description : Who is the first captain of Bangladesh national football team ?

Last Answer : Zakaria Pintu is the first captain of Bangladesh national football team.

Description : What are the benefits of trademark law ?

Last Answer : Trademark registration is not mandatory for infringing trademark rights. But if the trademark is registered under the law, it has the following benefits: It identifies legal and legal ownership and ... . The advantage of trademark registration is that it increases the market value of the product.

Description : How to catch a hockey stick ?

Last Answer : In hockey, the head of the stick should be held with the left hand , the right hand should be held lightly in the middle of the stick. The right leg will be in front and the left leg will be ... , no matter which way the stick turns from right to left. The right hand will remain only as support.

Description : What is Flick ?

Last Answer : In hockey, when a stationary or rolled ball is pushed and the ball rises to the knees, it is called flick.

Description : What is the use of scientific instrument ?

Last Answer : Altimeter: Height gauge. Ammeter: A flow measuring instrument. Animometer: An instrument that measures wind speed and energy. Audiometer: An instrument for determining the intensity of sound. ... gauge. Gradimeter: An underwater oil storage diagnostic device. Gyrocompass: Ship direction detector.

Description : What is rotation ?

Last Answer : In volleyball, 8 players rotate clockwise. This rotation has to be done when the other team will serve after the service of the opposing team is lost. If the rotation is wrong, the referee will provide the necessary punishment.

Description : What is it called to rise with mass on the ground ?

Last Answer : Answer : Take off is called ascending with mass on the ground. There is a take off board made of wood to leave the ground in a long jump and climb up. This board is 4 feet long , 6 inches wide ... deep. The surface is painted white. Getting up into the air with your feet on it is called take off.

Description : What is Harbhajan Singh's update (02/04/2020 , 16:16) ?

Last Answer : After saying goodbye to cricket, Shahid Afridi has joined himself in various developmental works of the society. He is helping poor people in Pakistan with antiseptic soap , relief supplies and food. His one-time rivals ... world. Let us pray to God for every human being. O Guru , bless us all. '

Description : What is Dibala Update (02/04/2020 , 16:43) ?

Last Answer : Brazil and Argentina are the two eternal enemies in world football. But for the last decade, Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has snatched Brazil's position. Because he is the main rival of Argentine ... in Argentina. He missed the World Cup and the Copa America for exactly the same reason.

Description : Who is the most Grand Slam winner in tennis ?

Last Answer : Roger Federer is the most Grand Slam winner in tennis.

Description : Which team has the most hat tricks in cricket ?

Last Answer : Answer : Sri Lanka has the most hat tricks in cricket.

Description : Who is Jalaluddin ?

Last Answer : Jalaluddin (Urdu: جلال الدین ; Born on June 12 , 1959 in Karachi. Former Pakistani cricketer born in Karachi. He played for Pakistan from 1982 to 1985 . He played mainly as a right-arm pace bowler. During this time ... to be promoted to Level 3 at ECB and PCB level . Click to learn more.

Description : Who will be the only Bangladeshi player to play in 2020 Tokyo Olympics live ?

Last Answer : Roman Sana , Archer will be the only Bangladeshi player to play in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics .

Description : Who is Brian Lara's favorite batsman ?

Last Answer : Brian Lara's favorite batsman is Lokesh Rahul. References.

Description : Where is ICDDR.B located ?

Last Answer : ICDDR.B is located in Dhaka.

Description : Against which team did Bangladesh make its debut in World Cup Cricket ?

Last Answer : Bangladesh made its debut in the Cricket World Cup against New Zealand.

Description : How many Tests did Bangladesh win first ?

Last Answer : Bangladesh won the 35th Test for the first time.

Description : How many runs did Tamim Iqbal score in one match in International Twenty20 ?

Last Answer : 103 runs Tamim Iqbal's highest run in T20 .

Description : What is the total number of double centuries of Bangladesh national team in international Test cricket ?

Last Answer : Bangladesh's total double century in international Test cricket is five.

Description : With whom did Bangladesh win the Test twice by an innings ?

Last Answer : Won the Test against Zimbabwe twice in an innings.

Description : How many double centuries has Mushfiqur Rahim scored in his Test career so far ?

Last Answer : Mushfiqur Rahim has scored three double centuries in his Test career so far.

Description : How many two centuries did Mushfiqur score in 2020 Bangladesh Zimbabwe Test series ?

Last Answer : Mushfiqur scored the third 2 centuries

Description : Who is the father of carom board game and from which country ?

Last Answer : Carrom discovery in South Asia. Of course, this is not to say that there is no debate. Some say the game first started in Sri Lanka. Many say that it was the Indians who once spread the ... at the international level may be that the game is played at different levels at the grassroots level .

Description : Want to know about Orange Cap, Purple Cap Concept of Cricket ?

Last Answer : The Orange Cap of Cricket: The award given to the highest run scorer in each edition of the IPL is called the Orange Cap. This was not the title since the birth of IPL cricket. On April 25, 2006, ... man who took the most wickets at the end of the tournament was the Purple Cap winner of the event.

Description : Which team has played the most finals in IPL ?

Last Answer : Chennai Super Kings have played the most finals in IPL. (Until 2019)

Description : When will the Ulster match be held before the start of IPL 2020 ?

Last Answer : The All Star match will be held on March 25 before the start of IPL.

Description : IPL 2020 starts 29th March 1st match what time will start ?

Last Answer : The 1st match of 2020 IPL will start on March 29 at 8:30 pm.