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Description : Is there a safe app that can tell me what the temperature is in the room I'm in?

Last Answer : Not that I know of but there are remote thermometers, I have three (freezer and two different sections of frig) but they display is a screen display. Phones have heat generated so they are not able to give you temperature of the room.

Description : How does, what if feels like, weather work?

Last Answer : There is a formula they use that factors in humidity. It feels hotter when your perspiration doesn't evaporate quickly due to humidity. I agree-I think they should just have a misery level -ALL excessive ... a nuclear holocaust. But I think dry heat at 113 feels better than a humid day at 113,

Description : Why should our freezers be set to 0*F?

Last Answer : So it stays frozen all the way through. When the freezer is set to 20 F, and you put something dense in there, (like a casserole) it will take a long time to thoroughly freeze. And while it is freezing, ... and getting them in the freezer at home, a bit can thaw, if the store had it at even 10 F.

Description : Is anyone else about to experience record cold temperatures this coming week? Why does this scare me a bit?

Last Answer : You've provided some reasons why it scares you in your details. I don't think my local area has experienced majorly cold weather since the last ice age, so I'm sure that we won't be experiencing any ... 's 100 years old, my guess is that it does. Do you have a garage with vehicle-heating equipment?

Description : How humid is it where you are?

Last Answer : It’s so humid here that I am sweating iced tea, because I’ve drank so many gallons of iced tea.

Description : Temperature and Body Issue?

Last Answer : Could be a hormonal issue. Have her see a doctor for a check-up.

Description : Why are my fingers colder than room temperature?

Last Answer : Think of it this way…fingers are an extremity….and as extremities, they are more susceptible to and able to adjust to the ambient temps they are exposed to.

Description : Do you think they have to air condition indoor football games even when it is 20 degrees fahrenheit outside?

Last Answer : Yes. When it is so cold outside the air becomes very dry. “Air conditioning,” in this case taken literally, is heating the air and adding moisture.

Description : Is there a portable air conditioner with a humidifier feature?

Last Answer : An air conditioner is, partly a dehumidifier. Part of how it works is to remove humidity from the air so adding humidity would be counter productive. If your air is hot and dry you might consider an ... didn't work well above 90-100 degrees. I only had to use the AC on exceptionally hot days.

Description : I have high body temperature (normally, not from a flu or something), anyway to get it down?

Last Answer : Male/female and age or age group might help with answers.

Description : What is the best temperature to keep the house during the summer?

Last Answer : answer:I’m going to skip your first question and answer What should we do? Can you buy a small window air conditioner for just your bedroom?

Description : Why does 80 F feel different when indoors?

Last Answer : answer:Probably the humidity and the movement of air - inside, it feels terrible because the moisture from your skin can't evaporate due to higher humidity. The air is relatively still too, which means ... tends to saturate the air closest to you. That's why turning a fan on feels awesome.

Description : Have you heard this tall tale about crickets and pin pointing the outside temperature?

Last Answer : Dolbear’s Law

Description : For places that are typically hot year round, what should the thermostat be set at?

Last Answer : 78. 85 when you’re not home. (If you are balancing comfort and effecency. )

Description : Why do different fabrics feel like they are different temperatures?

Last Answer : I’m not positive but I think certain materials absorb heat more than others. It sounds legit right?

Description : What should we kill to feed the starving polar bears?

Last Answer : Global warming and climate change deniers.

Description : What is the ideal room temperature for an office full of men and women of different ages?

Last Answer : 73 degrees sounds about right. Standard classroom temperature always works out well.

Description : Does the cold (wind) make a sound?

Last Answer : All ‘winds’ make sounds. However, when the wind is very cold, especially if the weather is wet, humans tend to think that the sound of the cold wind is more intense than a warm wind would be.

Description : I'm too hot, she's too cold. What do we do?

Last Answer : The answer is in the facts of reality. If one is cold, one can always pile on heat retaining covering. If one is hot, there is only so many layers you can remove until there are no ... and make sure your guests have blankets. If they screw with the thermostat, cancel the over night invitations.

Description : What temperature is it in your house?

Last Answer : About 22 in the rooms that have air conditioning, and about 30 in the ones that dont.

Description : Do you like the cold or the heat?

Last Answer : I like a happy medium. Since I’ve had two heat strokes, I don’t tolerate extreme heat well, and my body reacts violently to extreme cold. I love the weather when the temperature is somewhere between 65–85 degrees.

Description : Big Bang Theory -- How can you divide infinity into a single finite whole?

Last Answer : Honestly, the Singularity doesn’t make any sense (something of infinite mass that takes up no space). If something exists, it has mass…and if it has mass it takes us space—however small.

Description : What temperature do you keep your thermostat at?

Last Answer : 83 degrees when I’m not there, and 81 when I am, and I live in Vegas. Lower than that and my power bill will sky rocket in the summer.

Description : Easy ways to stay cool?

Last Answer : Hawaiian shirts. They’re always cool

Description : Does the temperature you feel most comfortable in change with age?

Last Answer : It did change for me, but I think because I lost weight, not because I got older. I was way more insulated when I was fat. Now I get chilly.

Description : Is it possible for the temperature in the air to reach over 120*?

Last Answer : Yes. I’m not sure about how hot it can get in Texas, but my husband is in Iraq right now and they’ve had days that have hit 130*F (and it’s expected to get hotter these next few months).

Description : Will it be cold in the ice arena?

Last Answer : I haven’t been to a ice rink before but I would intend to dress in layers (Shirts ,Sweaters, Coats, ect.), if it gets cold keep your layers on but if it tends to get quite warm shed some layers off.

Description : How hot are high intensity tanning beds?

Last Answer : The actual temperature? Or how hot it feels?

Description : Are hairless rats supposed to feel like they have a fever?

Last Answer : He’s acting normal and runs around, but he is just warm feeling. Like he has a fever.

Description : Do children really feel the cold less than adults? and if so; why?

Last Answer : Shows how much I know about kids…. I always assumed they’d feel it worse cos they’re small.

Description : Why do my feet get cold so easily?

Last Answer : Mine do too. I put it down to poor circulation.

Description : Vodka doesn't freeze? Really? Even helium freezes solid under the right environment, so at what point does vodka freeze?

Last Answer : 80 proof vodka freezes at approximately -16.51 °F 100 proof freezes at -40.78 °F

Description : What's the difference between a flash point and autoignition?

Last Answer : One is specific (ignition)and one is generic (flash point)to the subject’s nature.That’s my guess for the day-don’t sue me ;)

Description : Besides using the heater in your home, What are some other ways of keeping yourself/others warmer in the home?

Last Answer : Love my electric blanket, baby!

Description : Why do we prefix "degree" in temperature measurement scales?

Last Answer : We not only need the name of the reference scale, but to know the measurement units of that scale. There are many redundancies in the English language. Some have been dropped, and others ... measurement unit nor measurement scale. So sometimes the redundancies do get dropped, and other times not.

Description : What should I do, most immediately, when my father passes?

Last Answer : No real answer to your question (it’s something I’ve wondered about too), but please know that you’re being kept in our hearts.

Description : What's the temperature in a Slurpee machine?

Last Answer : You’re in luck! The official Slurpee website says that the machines keep the drinks at 28 degrees (Sugar is the anti-freezing agent in most Slurpees).

Description : I've been asked to find the temperature to which a 20.0°C gas must be raised to increase its root mean square (rms) speed by a given percentage. Is this possible without knowing the identity of the gas?

Last Answer : Pretend the gas is hydrogen. Work out the problem. Pretend the gas is oxygen. Work out the problem. Are the answers you get any different?

Description : Where would you go to cool down if you were at a foreign city without money to spend in fancy venues, in a totally burning hot summer day?

Last Answer : Splashing her feet in a fountain…....sitting in the cool dark of a cathedral…..

Description : What degrees Celsius is freezing?

Last Answer : Zero.

Description : Has anybody reached absolute zero?

Last Answer : I just ran my AWD Forester off the icy curve in my long driveway. By the time the AAA truck found me, I felt as tho I had reached 0˚ K.

Description : Why are women always colder than men?

Last Answer : I don’t know, but in my case it’s true. My feet are always freezing.

Description : Is a block of ice in an air conditioning unit 'normal'?

Last Answer : One cause of that in an AC unit is that there isn't enough freon (or what passes for freon these days - I guess it should just be called coolant) in the system. When our AC developed a tiny leak ... , that is what ours did. We had to replace the bit with the leak, and have the coolant replaced.

Description : Why do 37 degrees feel hot?

Last Answer : 37 is the core body temp, the skin temperature is bit cooler thats why doctors stick the thermometer in your mouth (hope fully)

Description : How Hot is it in a Tanning Bed?

Last Answer : Depends on whether or not you go into a regular or advanced bed and whether or not someone used it before you. It also depends on how new or old the bulbs are and how long you choose to stay in. Ten to fifteen minutes is nice, but twenty minutes can get really hot sometimes.

Description : Which way do you prefer to reach a comfortable temperature?

Last Answer : to feel comfortable? Cooling. I enjoy eating ice. Anything cool. But of course, a good cup of tea is great. But as a person, yeah, anything cold. Even if it’s in the middle of winter.

Description : What or where is the hottest place or thing, that is NOT man made or lab created?

Last Answer : The Sun…

Description : At what point should I worry about my iMac overheating?

Last Answer : Don’t worry about it. There’s a thermal safety shutdown in the firmware. Also, the newer Core Duo chips will happily run up to 80C without blinking. Have a cool drink and relax.

Description : What's the temperature at your current location?

Last Answer : A nice cool 90F.

Description : What temperature(s) will you be setting your thermostat at this fall/winter?

Last Answer : Same as last year; I hate being either too cold or too hot. So, 70, I think it was.