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Description : How accurate can you tell the time on your clock radio?

Last Answer : I have an electric clock that habitually run fast, and I have to reset it once a week.

Description : What time is it y’all’s time?

Last Answer : 12:38pm. I’m cooking peas and carrots in the electric frying pan for lunch.

Description : Are all of your clocks set to the same time?

Last Answer : My PC’s are all synced over the internet.

Description : Do you ever confuse am and pm during the summer?

Last Answer : My wristwatch is set for 24 hours – “Military time”.

Description : Who managed the time zone?

Last Answer : The decision is local. There is no world authority. For example, a place may choose to be in the “wrong” time zone because most of its commerce is with someplace far to the east or west.

Description : How long should cucumbers be applied on spectacle marks?

Last Answer : LongSleevesssowo Welcome to fluther. My suggestion is see if your ophthalmologist or optician can make am adjustment so your spectacles would fit better and not make such marks. I don’t know how long to massage marks with cucumber. Good lucl.

Description : I'm trying to understand if it's possible to convert "part" of the following years into months and, perhaps, days. Specifically, those after the decimal point. Can you help me?

Last Answer : If 0.3 is applied to the beginning of the year, the result is 3 months, 19 days, 12 hours. If 0.16 is applied, the result is 1 month, 27 days, 9 hours, 36 minutes. The above figures are based on a 365-day year.

Description : What effect would a different day/night cycle, and by extension, sleep cycle, such as on Uranus, have on biological ageing?

Last Answer : Astronauts on the International Space Station (ISS) have sun rises and sun sets every 90 minutes. I would start by asking them this question. Evolution will adjust and we would have another species of human that is adapted to the change in environment.

Description : Why can't we remember much, if anything, from early childhood and infancy?

Last Answer : A child’s ability to store short term to long term memory doesn’t fully develop until roughly 3 years of age. After that, children are focused on developing and achieving milestones needed for rounded development (independence, social acceptance, developing motor skills etc).

Description : Which way do you answer time questions, if not as asked?

Last Answer : “since xxx”, because I do not want to do maths.

Description : How do astronauts tell the time in space?

Last Answer : Do you set your time-keeping devices by sunrise and sunset?

Description : Things you do regularly once a week: too often or not often enough?

Last Answer : French lesson comes up way too soon. Monday again? Je n’ai pas fini mes devoirs!

Description : How would astronauts and citizens of Mars and beyond tell the time?

Last Answer : With a clock set to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)

Description : Can you list and explain different Ph.D. programs?

Last Answer : Ethics, metaphysics, and epistemology aren't PhD programs. They are subdisciplines that one might study while getting a degree in philosophy. Similarly, there aren't programs dedicated to time and/or ... PhD is for people who want their careers to focus on the research side of their profession.

Description : In the US, tonight is the night you set your clocks back by one hour (except Hawaii). Do you change your clocks tonight before bed?

Last Answer : I stay up till 2am

Description : Should 12am be switched with 12pm?

Last Answer : A.M. is the abbreviation for the Latin ante meridiem, which means before midday. P.M. means post meridiem or after midday. Midnight is the dividing time between days, so it has to be A.M. Noon is the time separating A.M. and P.M., so it has to be P.M.

Description : "When that thing finally hits the floor, I don't want to be the last person who touched it." What is it for you?

Last Answer : If you're going to worry about that then be assured you'll be the one doing it..So stop worrying about it..) I don't think there's something like that in our house. I remember as a ... exactly how bad it feels.After that incident I hesitate to handle things which are precious / important to others.

Description : Why is time-counting in video players irregular?

Last Answer : How do you know they aren’t? What are you using to measure the duration of the seconds?

Description : Is anything more important than time?

Last Answer : Quality time. You spend your time doing things or letting it pass you. Having a good bit of that time doing things that matter or make you happy is more important than the amount you have.

Description : In light of daylight savings time coming up this Sunday, how many clocks do you have to change?

Last Answer : Most of mine change automatically but I think i have about three to change, including the car.

Description : What is time for you, visually?

Last Answer : An online TV Guide. Bubble wrapped pills.

Description : Why is midnight and afternoon reversed?

Last Answer : The morning begins at midnite and ends at noon. There has to be a standard, since our individual points of reference vary considerably. Even nature conspires to confuse us through constantly varying the durations of light and dark.

Description : What do you think is the significance, if any, of the worn and tattered leather on the back of the chair Trump is sitting in for his cover picture of Time, as "Man of the Year"?

Last Answer : answer:True comfort is priority one. Your flawless looking IKEA crap as no wrinkles in the seating surface, but you cannot sit in it comfortably and in stillness for hours on end.

Description : Have you regressed?

Last Answer : I have a couple of times but you get better each time getting it back. So hopefully your night is not all bad but whatever it is…. the sun will be up tomorrow.

Description : How much of your day do you spend walking around the house looking for something?

Last Answer : answer:I giggled when I read the question. I spend too much time in the hunt for XYZ. I've begun to make a conscious effort to stay focused when I leave one room in search of something in another room ... we've unpacked is located, but I can't remember where I took off my flip-flops. go figure.

Description : Five Mondays in February: when was the last time? when's the next?

Last Answer : answer:28 years ago. I knew that without googling, because the calendar repeats every twenty eight years.

Description : What is the best time and day to publish your pictures on facebook?

Last Answer : answer:I post a fair number of pictures on Facebook, and while late afternoon/early evening gets more responses, the day of the week seems to be a low factor. I have put up pictures after a hike on a ... of one's kids get a lot more, or pictures of your sweetie in nature will get a lot too.

Description : An arrest warrant has been issued for Bill Cosby for his alleged January 2004 sexual assault of Andrea Constand. Is this too little, too late? Or is it just too late for Cosby to receive a fair trial?

Last Answer : Neither. It’s about time. Finally, a prosecutor has a case they can bring to trial.

Description : Just the muse of a question, if you had more than 600 years of life, what would you do with all that time?

Last Answer : Sleep.

Description : What came sooner than you thought it would?

Last Answer : Yeah middle age, and all the aches and pains that go with it.

Description : Is a "Month of Sundays" four or thirty?

Last Answer : Depends if you’re a donkey or an ass.

Description : For those of you who live very far from immediate family, how do you cope with just not being there?

Last Answer : I don’t know ya just do, and try not to dwell on it.

Description : How far from your home is your place of work? Do you find commuting convenient or do you face problems in going and coming back?

Last Answer : 15 minutes. Walking.

Description : What is your typical wait for your doctor in the doctor's office after you have reached the appointed time?

Last Answer : I dislike having to wait for a doc. If it takes more than 20 minutes, I pack my bag and go back.

Description : Weird/Odd action or outcome out of a serious situation?

Last Answer : answer:If I understand your question correctly, this story should be applicable. I was very sick and I was receiving IV nutrition. My doctor had recently decided to reduce it down so that I was only ... than some kind of medical crisis. No clue whatsoever. It bugs me a little bit to this day.

Description : What would be the date for these time periods?

Last Answer : answer:The easiest way that I know to do this is with Excel, or a scheduling program that can be set up to count in increments of 1 day. Or just consult a calendar and count off weeks of 7 days, then add the remainder of what won’t divide evenly into your time spans.

Description : If there was one thing you could take back in your life, what would it be?

Last Answer : I would have saved more money when I knew I could have, instead of wasting it on eating out 5 days a week.

Description : What's up with Leap Years?

Last Answer : Leap Year matters. If you paid attention in Earth Science class you know that the orbit of the Earth around the sun isn't an exact amount of rotations of the Earth ie. Days. Our calenders have to ... live at 63N latitude, and our daylight savings is observed at a different time than most of the US.

Description : What is extinct or so close to extinction the Fat Lady is singing?

Last Answer : ’‘waits for the inevitable answers that will mention things like common sense and manners’’

Description : How much does time matter?

Last Answer : Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so.

Description : Is wasting time a waste of time?

Last Answer : Sometimes when I’m working on a writing project, I need percolating time. Time in which I am not consciously thinking about the project. Some of my best ideas just bubble up then.

Description : Information or help on finding a part-time job?

Last Answer : answer:I'm afraid that your question is too broad. You've told us nothing about your age, educational background, or experience, so it's really impossible to answer. I can say that if you have ... needs something less than that, it's very difficult to get a qualified person to take the position.

Description : How come biblical literalists are sure day means 24 hrs. but week means 6.8993839 years?

Last Answer : answer:2 Peter 3:8 But do not forget this one thing, dear friends: With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day. With God, time is not a constraint ... of the Virgin Birth or the Resurrection. I will mention that even Atheists often don't agree with each other.

Description : Where is the Zeitgeist going?

Last Answer : For a second I thought you were referring to Zeitgeist The Movie

Description : Just wondering if anyone else has Sprint and if their cell phones didn't change over?

Last Answer : Ours changed. Did you try try turning the phones off and on again?

Description : Are you the master of your fate?

Last Answer : ~Chaos is the master of my fate. The Alberta government is the master of my fate. Mac and cheese tastes the same whiter rich or poor.

Description : When were the "good ol' days" for you?

Last Answer : Der 80’s

Description : How do you feel when you think about the infinity of death compared with what really is "a few moments" of living?

Last Answer : answer:We don't know what death will be like. We can only imagine. And since we tend to think of ourselves as having an eternal unchanging essence, we tend to imagine that death will be like this eternal unchanging ... , and there won't be any me' to be bummed out about the fact that I' am dead.

Description : Do you notice that your anxiety an depression gets worse in the afternoon hours?

Last Answer : I'm always the worst in the morning. I wake up every day with horrible anxiety. Usually it starts to dissipate after I've been up and moving around for a couple of hours. Every once in a while I ... hangs on throughout my whole day. Even on my good days, however, it's still there in the background.

Description : What is probability?

Last Answer : Probably got sonething to do with chance.