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Description : What does Grand Teton, as in Grand Teton National Park, mean in French?

Last Answer : Same as it means in Spanish. Let your inner 12 year old have a little giggle.

Description : Why are a lot of people in USA so obese?

Last Answer : The readily available, cheap, junk food vs the also readily available healthy, yet expensive and not yet processed/cooked, healthy foods. Junk = cheap(er). Healthy = (more) expensive.

Description : I heard that Trump intends to run for the 2024 presidential elections. Is that true?

Last Answer : Trump hasn’t made any formal announcement about running in 2024 but he is eligible to serve a second four-year term. Running in 2020 and pretending he won doesn’t count.

Description : If an asteroid was about to destroy the US and you have enough time to go to only either Canada or Mexico, which country will you go to?

Last Answer : GUESS!

Description : Did I miss President Biden's State of the Union address?

Last Answer : He hasn’t done one yet. Not sure he will this year.

Description : Would it be exciting for Americans to see once again White House press briefings now that Biden is President?

Last Answer : Well, I was excited and relieved last night just to read Heather Cox Richardson's account of yesterday's press briefing: Tonight, Press Secretary Jen Psaki held her first press briefing. ... will hold another press conference tomorrow, saying that Biden wants to bring truth and transparency back.

Description : Do you think given the opportunity Democrats would steal a Supreme Court seat similar to what McConnell did with Garland?

Last Answer : Seems like they’ve let the Republicans deny them one way or another, several times in a row now, no?

Description : Is Nancy Pelosi sounding like she was drunk in the video fake news or not? See detail.

Last Answer : Facebook says it’s because of “free speech”

Description : Did president Trump fire FBI director James Comey because he was taller than him?

Last Answer : What really happened was that trump merely played a prank on Comey. Pretending to fire him so Comey would fly coach back to DC from LA instead of his FBI airplane. But Comey insisted on boarding said airplane ... to DC in it. tump was so pissed his prank failed that he turned it into a real firing.

Description : Can the president of the United States launch a nuclear weapon without permission from Congress?

Last Answer : Yes, but he must get cooperation from the Secretary of Defense and the generals in the Pentagon.

Description : Why does Rosanne Bar get fired and President Trump gets a pass?

Last Answer : How does inner strength and charisma play into either scenario?

Description : Do you personally have your life or that of someone you know ruined because of the USA shutdown?

Last Answer : Not in the slightest.

Description : What are your thoughts on US backing out from Syria and Afghanistan?

Last Answer : I support a well-thought-out withdrawal from both countries. One that is clearly planned for as many contingencies as possible, and with coordination by the Pentagon.

Description : Do you see a woman becoming President of World superpowers like USA and Russia in the near future?

Last Answer : I don't see a woman president in Russia any time soon. Vlad is dug in like a tick and Russia seems to be a bit patriarchal to begin with. China probably won't see one either for the same ... to get a woman into office in this environment is if both the Repubs and the Dems had woman candidates.

Description : Do you think current policy changes for non-immgrant visas are beneficial to US citizens or otherwise?

Last Answer : Crops are being left in the fields because the farmers can’t get aliens (legal and illegal). It will hit the bottom line because it is reducing revenue for the farmers, they have already spent money for seed, fertilizer and irrigation.

Description : Do you think the U.S.A over reacted in this case, rest in details?

Last Answer : Here is a news link about it….

Description : It's Teacher Appreciation Week in USA. Have something similar in your country?

Last Answer : I think other countries don’t make teachers buy supplies and then remove that exemption on their taxes to give tax cuts to billionaires. Everyday is teacher appreciation day since they are properly funded.

Description : How can a country both be for and be against a country?

Last Answer : You can love your spouse and be pissed off at them at the same time. Neither the US or Russia are monolithic governments. We have our hands in lots of different pies at lots of different times. There are some things we agree on, and some things we don’t.

Description : Is the YouTube headquarters shooting recent?

Last Answer : It was in progress when I was coming home about 5:00 pm EST.

Description : What are the limits to the second amendment?

Last Answer : Nukes are ok, but they have to be open carry.

Description : What percent of funding from the NRA goes towards teaching the responsible use of a firearm?

Last Answer : According to this article, the NRA teaches gun safety to kids. They also oppose laws that punish parents for accidents resulting from not safely storing firearms. In the U.S. there are about 2,500 accidental shooting deaths per year. Another 13,000 are injured.

Description : Can we make a list of what countries, or parts of countries, that Trump might think are shitholes?

Last Answer : What a fool. As if there were hordes of Norwegians clamoring to immigrate to the United States. Of course the people in shitholes want to come here. But that is simply because they (like us) haven't ... is well on its way to shithole status. But you can bet your ass that the Norwegians know it!

Description : Did Trump cut the united nations budget by $265 million?

Last Answer : No, it's more complex than that. Trump cut the US's contribution the UN by that amount. The full budget of the UN is far far greater than the $265 million in question here. The full UN Budget ... UN since its founding, one could argue that US interests are not well served by membership in the UN.

Description : Does the second amendment count for all weapons?

Last Answer : Well, obviously not. For example, automatic weapons are illegal.

Description : What are your thoughts on Republic Of Molossia?

Last Answer : “Republic”.

Description : Can you think of any similarities between Trump and Kim Jong-Un?

Last Answer : I was just going to say the weird hairstyles right now :(

Description : Happy 4th of July to American jellies?

Last Answer : Tolerating the neighbors’ fireworks tonight, it may be worse on the 4th. On the 4th taking advantage of the day off with a long bike ride, then a cookout with friends & family.

Description : It's Tuesday March 14, is it debt ceiling time again?

Last Answer : answer:Yes, it is debt ceiling time, but this will be a non-event because the GOP Congress will not want to shut down the government. It isn't a critical-need-to-do-it-today situation, but needs ... is already talk of the GOP being incompetent at governing, so they won't throw a roadblock on this.

Description : When is the next state of the union adress?

Last Answer : Next Jan. About the 15th. Check your listings when the time comes.

Description : Has Donald Trump been a king long too long to serve the public?

Last Answer : Oh yeah. That’s a good way to put it. Puts me in mind of the Man in the Iron Mask.

Description : Is it debt ceiling time again?

Last Answer : “We” have? I thought you were Canadian.

Description : How much would it cost to restore the Statue of Liberty to its original copper brown?

Last Answer : Many people like the green patina, or verdigris, that copper takes on over time due to oxidation, but didn't we give her a face lift back in 86? I think the plan is to give her a ... -which of course they won't. She will be one hundred years older and probably require more structural replacement.

Description : Are you safe from the hurricanes in the USA ?

Last Answer : answer:All is well on Oahu. Madeline missed this island, and Lester will dump a bunch of rain, but we'll be okay. Thank you for asking. Aloha Friday of a long weekend! Someone needs to start ... pancakes. I have haupia cream sauce and chopped macadamia nuts for them. (Haupia is made from coconuts.)

Description : Is Donald Trump using positive thinking?

Last Answer : No, he’s using doublespeak

Description : What would Donald Trump's State of the Union address be like?

Last Answer : The disaster won’t be the speech. The disaster will be doing the talking.

Description : What was the sound that Hillary Clinton made in her speech last night?

Last Answer : That was the sound of her defeating Trump.

Description : Trump guys: If he does make America great again, how will you experience that?

Last Answer : answer:I'm more of an anyone but Hillary guy. I voted for Bernie in the primary. Who knows what Trump will or will not do if elected? But I know for sure that if Trump is elected then ... etc. In the grand scheme my vote for Trump will be meaningless because I live in very liberal Washington State.

Description : Who would you give a presidential pardon to?

Last Answer : answer:The dude from the Netflix show. Don’t sue the cops unless you are willing to move.

Description : Are you watching the state of the union?

Last Answer : answer:I’m watching. If you are curious about a empty seat this might explain it.

Description : Do you believe that the United States is truly free?

Last Answer : answer:Definitions are required especially in politics what does ‘truly’ mean? what does ‘free’ mean? Without agreed-upon measures, how can this be discussed?

Description : What would Donald Trump's stats be if he was a Dungeons & Dragons character?

Last Answer : Lawful neutral alignment. Or true neutral.

Description : Would you vote for General David Petraeus for president in 2016?

Last Answer : answer:According to Google he is a Republican. Military officials generally join up with the GOP if they enter politics, and Petraeus is indeed registered as a Republican. A 2012 run would be unlikely. Anyone ... chief. I can't see myself in any position where I would ever vote for a Republican.

Description : England, Canada, France, Australia, are not communist countries and they have have universal health care...see details?

Last Answer : It'd take away from the revenue potential of the big boys, which makes it anti-business. And for those that forgot the Cold War, anti-business means communist. Because the only communist country left on ... , we've all forgotten what the word really means. Even China has gone all capitalist on us.

Description : When President Obama called for hope and change what did he mean?

Last Answer : answer:After years of G.W. Bush, there were many that wanted change. 9/11 started a war that cost trillions of dollars and many lives. The economy went to hell. (not necessarily W's fault, ... . So, while the Republicans offered more of the same , Obama offered something different; hope and change.

Description : Doesn’t it look like Uncle Sam pulled a fast one on the world?

Last Answer : SEems shady to me. Or very smart.

Description : When is the next vote for the states to raise the debt ceiling?

Last Answer : You mean the Feds? I think most states aren’t allowed to run a deficit. i can’t believe Obama actually stated that the government will never have to raise the debt limit again.

Description : What are some good things president Barack Obama has done?

Last Answer : What the fuck has Obama done so far?

Description : What laws are on a state level in the the USA and what is done on a national level?

Last Answer : Here’s an easy chart to help you understand.

Description : Do you believe that Russia is trying to provoke WW3?

Last Answer : No, they said that when they invaded Afghanistan & the world was a far more volatile place back then.

Description : Should and could I move to the United States from Canada?

Last Answer : Yes you could.