Is the Toshiba Satellite A305-S905 32-bit and 64-bit capable?

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Answer :

Many of the other A305s I’ve seen ran 64-bit Vista so I am pretty sure you’ll be fine.

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Last Answer : answer:Mine did a couple of weeks ago. Solving it was easy. However, I needed a mouse to reset it. What had happened was that somehow the control panel setting for mouse movement was being reset ... to me right after the last set of Microsoft updates, so something in that sequence screwed things up.

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Last Answer : Ali01 I Had the laptop for 2 years and the warranty was for one year .

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Last Answer : answer:Toshiba is near/at the top in laptop reliability, and they have plenty of models to choose from. They tend to be reasonably priced as well, so you could easily get something decent for under $800. I ... it has held up well, is zippy enough for my laptop needs, and was only $500 on sale new.

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Last Answer : answer:That looks like a pretty good gadget, the fan is a good idea, active rather than passive cooling, especially if it happens to draw the heat from your machine's left side where the CPU ... wine corks at the back and that makes enough space to allow convection cooling to make a big difference.

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Last Answer : How old is the battery? My guess is that is the part that needs replacing.

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Last Answer : How old is the battery? My guess is that is the part that needs replacing.

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Last Answer : Apple sells a handy dandy World Travel Adapter Kit. $39.00

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Last Answer : For one thing, its lithium powered.

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Last Answer : Can you say more about this problem? Is it shutting down because it is overheating? Is something driving the CPU? Is it your graphics chipset? Is it just feeling hot to you? If so consider a good quality cooling pad from Amazon or someplace similar.

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Last Answer : More details please, sounds a tad simmilar to mine. Maybe screenshots?

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Last Answer : Each BIOS has a proprietary keypress to enter setup. Either watch the pre-boot screen to see which key, or Google the Acer Support Site to find the answer.

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Last Answer : I swear it's cheaper to get a new laptop and sell the old. However, you can find screens for a few hundred on ebay. The screen is typically specific to that generation, not just model of laptop. You ... t know how easy it easy to get into these newer unibody macs, but it could get hairy. Good luck.

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Last Answer : IME no. You can find all the parts in an alienware elsewhere for much cheaper and build a custom comp. Most of what your paying for with alienware is the name and a little alien badge on your comp

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Last Answer : I have a refurbished laptop, and it works fine. I think it depends on the history of the machine and what went wrong with it.

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Last Answer : I much prefer my iPhone. Much easier :)

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Last Answer : I don’t know. My Vista Home Premium still updates when it wants to and shuts down whether I give permission or not. It can happen at any time. I don’t know of a fix.

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Last Answer : DON'T!!! Don't buy into this Black Friday Bullshit. If they can sell their shit that cheap on the Friday after Thanksgiving they can sell it that fucking cheap ALL THE TIME. You are ... advertising gimmick that has actualy CAUSED DEATHS. Stay home, sleep in, eat leftovers, and FUCK BLACK FRIDAY.

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Last Answer : If both computers have firewire you could try FireWire target disk mode. I really doubt that would even work. You are probably screwed. Well, not screwed. You are probably using a copy you downloaded and are violating the EULA. You can get a external drive for 30 bucks.

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Last Answer : both, either.

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Last Answer : Did you unplug them, restart the router and later the printer? Have you deleted the printer and tried to add it again?

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Last Answer : It would really depend on your needs and planned use for the laptop. Is it going to be carried around or just sit on a desk? Does battery life matter? What kind of activities do you plan on doing ... then that's where the first series of questions come in. Answer them and this becomes a lot easier.

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Last Answer : I think the biggest difference is the type of processor. The 901 has the Atom processor which will make better use of the 3-cell battery. The Atom will out perform the celeron and not get as hot ... with a 3-cell battery for 349.99 with no wireless N, bluetooth, and slightly smaller hard drive.

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Last Answer : I’ve always been bad at removing stickers, but I think you can just peel it off, then scratch away the white residue, and then maybe use a damp washcloth or somethign on the are so it’s not so sticky? After a while it’ll be good.

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Last Answer : I don’t have a macbook pro, but I have a dell xps m1530 and that has a brushed aluminum keyboard…. I use a very slightly damp microfiber cloth to clean it and that seems to work.

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Last Answer : I got a new imitation Dell power cord off of eBay for the fraction of the price of the Dell one when mine went south. It is a pain in the butt when they break, but knowing where to buy a new one if this happens to break (which does seem most likely) makes it easier to live with. :)

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Last Answer : or Never had any problems with them.