Want to turn a piece of my Art into a Black-light poster?

1 Answer

Answer :

Unfortunately the best way to get something to become black-light reactive is to paint it by hand with reactive paints. Since it’s a poster though your best bet would be to call local printers and ask if they can print your artwork with black-light reactive ink.

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Last Answer : answer:I think, in most cases, that information is not even kept track of by the artists, let alone catalogued by an outside body. The best you can hope for is that the person you're stalki ... they don't give video credits. You might have better luck asking Fluther if anyone recognizes the person.

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Last Answer : I believe they just discovered the Romney cactus, something about massive pricks!

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Last Answer : No. I have an extensive vocabulary. I just enjoy using certain swear words. Especially the F word.

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Last Answer : took the world by storm.

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Last Answer : I think when a villain is popular there is a thread of something added to make that person likable or for people to identify with. It would run through the character and be obvious from time to time. Or else it wouldn’t work.

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Last Answer : Hip hop. Awesome beat but most of the time I tune out the lyrics

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Last Answer : Sounds like it will be pretty cool. It would be fun to be there.

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Last Answer : More people will definitely join it so they can try to contact or interact with him in some way. More people are on online communities, so he’ll appear hip and cool to the younger generation.

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Last Answer : You can buy it on iTunes.