Is it normal to still be dependent on your parents after graduating from college?

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Yes, it’s normal. Hopefully, it won’t last a year. I’m sure you’ll get a job before a year. Save up your money while living at home and then you can move out once you have a few thousand saved. Even living there a year isn’t abnormal, but I think you’ll get tired of living there probably. Did you live at home while in school?

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Last Answer : I've never been invited to a CC graduation. I also didn't invite anyone other than family to my university graduation, and neither many of my friends. My attitude is they know I graduated, there's no reason ... you ask her why, or even flat out tell her you'd love to see her walk across the stage.

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Last Answer : Come home?? Never entered my mind since I usually came home on weekends. Then even that stopped for awhile. Then I got married!

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Last Answer : You’re going to a private school? That’s not uncommon.

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Last Answer : The thing to understand is that once you ever give up, you will lose everything. So either fight on or lose all the chances you might have. However, this doesn’t apply for gamblers.

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Last Answer : I graduated 3 1/2 years ago. I'm still paying it back and will be for a while, but the expense wasn't too bad for me since I had a scholarship 3 out of the 4 years (didn't keep the grades ... definitely worth it to me. And that's not even counting that those were some of the best years of my life.

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Last Answer : Depends on what you’re doing.

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Last Answer : I don’t think it is possible to devise laws that would cover every possible situation. So I would answer “no” to your question. I think what we need is more honesty and ethical behavior.

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Last Answer : What do you mean by admission average ? Are you referring to the applicant's grade average? Or the average number of accepted applicants? In California, the University of California will accept you ... from very high to just average. It depends on the University and the desirability of the school.

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Last Answer : It's just an extension of high school for three years. Brains are needed now a days. The market is saturated . Maybe we should get rid of paid free high school. So everyone has a chance to get ahead ... education or we can make a award that is higher than a ph.d. . A Post-post secondary education.

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Last Answer : You can watch YouTube videos and buy books from Amazon for cheap. To your question you can get rejected from community college. I had to finish my high school to be able to take business classes, but it was a technical Institute.

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Last Answer : answer:Let the process do what it’s going to do. Do your part by sending in the application, and step back from the rest. It will happen on its own. This is a very exciting time for you, and you should relish the whole thing. I wish you the best of luck for all your applications!

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Last Answer : I would withdraw and take it next semester. It’s not the same as failing and you can explain the withdrawal if it even comes up. Grad schools look at other things such as GREs and teacher’s recommendations more. In any case, it is not worth undertaking so much stress for little reward.

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Last Answer : answer:Your main problem here is that you waited so long to fill out a FAFSA. But I took a similar route. I did a FAFSA to go to a Community College when I was 24. And I had dreadful credit. I ... you what they will give you. Go into the school and sign your name in about ten places. Pretty much it.

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Last Answer : answer:No, it will not be free. But there are reduced tuition rates for an in-state resident. Florida State University Florida residency requirements for tuition purposes. What state do you live in? ... to the state university or a local community college for two years will be your cheapest option.

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Last Answer : As long as you avoid slang and textspeak you can ask them if it is appropriate.

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Last Answer : I had a part time job in college which kept me in pizza, text books, etc.

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Last Answer : answer:Very, very little. My college career got me a job in the field that I had chosen (Construction) and once I had the job I actually learned how to do it. I cannot think of a single thing ... Basically all it did was show that I could put up with four years of bullshit and still keep my wits.

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Last Answer : Take a fourth year in high school or even a fifth year (If you are alowed) and take a full load of summer school. Finish all of your science classes and any that interest you. Work part time at ... want appreciate a hard days work for a hard days pay, in the future, when you have a career.

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Last Answer : I just partied from 18 to 24 and worked a shitty job. Once you are 24 FAFSA doesn’t ask about your parents.

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Last Answer : answer:A lot easier than chem 101A and B!! If you do not have any public speaking issues these classes should not tax your time too onerously.

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Last Answer : answer:Have you confused this site with the college’s website? Start here:

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Last Answer : It’s your field. In the Education field, there is unusual emphasis on education.

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Last Answer : answer:Normally, each college application will have a suggested length on the various essays. Read the details. I haven’t seen the Common Application in years but I would wager that there are suggested lengths there also. (You don’t mean syllabus).

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Last Answer : answer:Welcome to Fluther! ! U.S. News is a great place to check college rankings

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Last Answer : I was very lucky. I attended a college in which small, seminar classes were the norm and discussion and questions were encouraged. I enjoy a good back and forth although it seems to me that on ... engaging hotly in debates, I now tend to shy away from them in favor of more productive pursuits.

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Last Answer : answer:Well there's more to a career in business than working in an office and dressing up. The best thing for you to do is research careers, not majors. Find something you're interested in and pick a ... tell us about any interests you have, so that's really all the advice I can give. Good luck!

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Last Answer : answer:Hey, welcome to Fluther @GloriaEstefan. Is she thinking about education, or about status and prestige? The fact of the matter is, the type of degree and the quality of connections you've made, as ... grateful to attend a state university, and she can do well there as long as she is motivated.

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Last Answer : I started out with a major in accounting. I aspired to become a corporate CFO. However, I soon participated in the Hippie revolution and my expectations changed accordingly. Eventually I took more college courses in Philosophy for my own interest.

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Last Answer : answer:Only you can answer this, and it seems you have. Between your lack of enthusiasm and concern for not wasting your folks money, I think you are showing some great personal insight and regard ... as well. One can never truly excel in anything that their heart is not fully engaged in.

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Last Answer : Why did you choose this particular site? seems like a legitimate question. You do have an answer to this, although you might be uncomfortable with it. Maybe you could dig a little deeper and discover ... it because you are more comfortable with it? If so, why? What expectations do you have, etc?

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Last Answer : freshman year. I did the core if you were going into pre-med. Why are you asking?

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Last Answer : answer:What percentage of your first year students are commuters? This says a lot about more about the campus than you might think. Are most of your (insert major) classes taught by ... school transportation (usually busses/shuttles) are available. Best of luck, and keep your options open!

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Last Answer : answer:Fall of your senior year (or the fall a ear ahead of when you plan to enroll). Each school has its own deadlines and schedules, but it's best to start getting applications in September and October. ... am sure a lot of people here will have more to tell you and up to date advice. Good Luck!

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Last Answer : Do you have guidance counselors in your school? That’s a place to start. And don’t let them tell you not to try college. I’ve seen way too much of that. Where are you located, roughly and what kind of college are you looking for?

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Last Answer : Not sure what you mean by a meaningless diploma mill degree . Do you mean that a degree from those schools is meaningless if you go a traditional route through their academic systems? It used to be ... said and done, why would they bother if you have not supported them and only taken free courses?

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Last Answer : answer:Why did you originally choose to apply to this list? What were your criteria? What are you interested in academically? A standard Liberal Arts education? Or something more technical or career-oriented. ... choice is depends on who you are and what you are looking for and feel prepared for.

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Last Answer : I think I don't understand why only college grads can answer? I also can not even come up with a good answer, because thinking is bad is so hard for me to consider. Certainoy I have heard people ... or the people around him. But, a blanket statement that it is always bad is impossible in my opinion.

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Last Answer : answer:yes, how well you do in school depends a lot on how well you can take test. I once had a student that knew the information forward, backward and sideways, but could not pass a written test with the answer key. He was very responsible, just no testing ability.

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Last Answer : No, but I had an emergency Mountain Dew account in college.

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Last Answer : answer:There are all types of scholarships available, if you qualify. Its better for him to apply at a an in-state college ..its cheaper if you are a citizen in that state. Do you or any other ... see what is offered. You will learn a lot at that site for your benefit of yourself and your nephew.

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Last Answer : Probably not, because declaring bankruptcy currently does not get rid of either public or private student loan debt.

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Last Answer : answer:I've never felt liberated when I left a college or a program, only when I left a job. I dropped out a couple times- The first time I went to college, I went for 2 years, then ... favorite part was the hours-long discussions we had after class, in the halls, cafeterias, student centers, etc.

Description : Applying to college with my "nickname" instead of my full name?

Last Answer : Whoops. Didn’t format that correctly, and it’s too late to edit. It should be US government.

Description : What is your opinion about medical school and whether you suggest other schools to enter? (In any university or college)

Last Answer : I don't know what you mean by faculty. If you were 27, I would think you wanted to teach at the college level. Do you mean facility or do you mean what major course of study should you pursue or ... else entirely? Using faculty in this way may be a regional thing but I am not familiar with it.

Description : Can you give any advice on an annoying college situation?

Last Answer : answer:I would try to call the department head or the dean of the college to see if any accommodation can be made. These are the people the professor works for-to some degree. Maybe they know of ... to get a paper or tv show to plead your case, and embarrass the university into helping you out.

Description : Were your college experiences really that awesome?

Last Answer : answer:College was one of the best experiences of my life. There were a lot of parties (attended and hosted), some of which I kid you not were on par with the types you see in movies (wall to wall ... the time I hit 22/23 if I had just started college the party life would have been lost on me.

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Last Answer : Remember that everyone is new and odd at college. There will be a huge diversity of personality types there. I don't doubt that you will find your niche. Don't change, it takes too much work ... do you honestly think you'll be happier hanging with the kind of people you wouldn't normally choose?

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