What is the difference between Russia, the Soviet Union and U.S.S.R?

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Answer :

The U.S.S.R. included: Armenia Azerbaijan Belarus Estonia (Granted independence in September 1991 and is not a member of the CIS) Georgia (Withdrew from the CIS in May 2005) Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Latvia (Granted independence in September 1991 and is not a member of the CIS) Lithuania (Granted independence in September 1991 and is not a member of the CIS) Moldova (Formerly known as Moldavia) Russia Tajikistan Turkmenistan (Associate member of the CIS) Ukraine (Participating member of the CIS) Uzbekistan The Soviet Union and the U.S.S.R. are the same thing.

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Last Answer : Russia has presidential elections every six years (used to be four). Their next one is scheduled for 2024. Putin has won by large margins every time for decades. As someone pointed out to me recently, Russia really hasn’t known any type of rule other than autocracy.

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Last Answer : Don’t know but they will probably get top housing and Vodka rations, for a good job. Maybe go to work in the “backroom” where the hacking comes from.

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Last Answer : They probably thought that they were at a safe altitude, but the surface to air missile that got them goes to 65,000 feet.

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Last Answer : answer:I think Putin is a common name in Russia like Svetlana, Olya, or Oga. How do you know Putin the Russian pres. is slimy….kinda leading doesn’t it seem?

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Last Answer : As far as I can tell they just want control of that one peninsula. I'll gladly stand corrected. What I keep hearing about this though is that it wasn't an out of nowhere move, and may have been ... say how far it will go, but they have the will to do it, whatever they're wanting to accomplish.

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Last Answer : Primarily because it’s ruled by a tsar – their elections are sham elections, and their so called president is a dictator.

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Last Answer : http://www.lonelyplanet.com/worldguide/russia/ is a good site to find about places of the world a little more. I never been to Russia but I heard it’s beautiful [of course not everywhere because there are poor areas and rich areas like all countries]

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Last Answer : answer:Russia's current status as of February 28th, 2008: [This was published by Reuters today] Here are some facts about Russia, which holds a presidential election on Sunday. ECONOMY: ... of the United States. Source: http://www.reuters.com/article/topNews/idUSL2821110620080228?sp[equal]true

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Last Answer : As far as i know they're not. The recen events surrounding Georgia has been a catastrophe. When Georgia invaded South Osseta Russia jumped in to protect the South Ossetian people, this ... concerns about a Russian-American conflict are of course arising again with conspiracy theorists and the like.

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Last Answer : I have not, but it’s hard to know. Simply based on percentages, I’m sure some Russian citizens must agree with Putin. I doubt it’s a majority. I definitely would not think that many (if any) Ukrainians are welcoming of this invasion. That would shock me.

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Last Answer : ...should we send troops over in Ukraine and fight or what? Fuck no. We don't need to have the ICBMs start flying. There are millions of Ukrainians who have more than demonstrated their ... domestic discontent seems about as far as Putin can be pushed without provoking the end of the world.

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Last Answer : I don’t drink Russian vodka, eat Russian caviar or drive Russian cars. Gas and oil will be problematic.

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Last Answer : The biggies all have the veto and are therefore immune.

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Last Answer : I don't see any particular reason to doubt it. There are many other sources that point to similar information about the Russians vis a vis Trump. It could be either a leak or an intentional leak ... on their various psyops assessments. I'd just be guessing and making stuff up to conjecture about it.

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Last Answer : It's Trumps' mentor. He moved to Moscow in 1996 and joined President Boris Yeltsin's administration, rising quickly through the ranks and becoming Acting President on 31 December 1999, when ... Prime Minister, the beginning of what some opponents considered to be a period of tandemocracy'.

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Last Answer : Nothing. There are billions of random tweets from the entire spectrum of lunatic to rational. Having a few Russian twitter bots trying to sow political discord is like farting in the wind.

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Last Answer : That’s her “Donald face”. She ALWAYS makes that face after she smiles & has to go back to her reality of being First Lady & standing next to Trump. I don’t think it was directed at Putin!!! Video here

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Last Answer : It’s St Basil’s Cathedral. Here is a photo. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tourism_in_Russia

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Last Answer : It is not a given . . . ! He (Trump) hopes it wasn’t !

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Last Answer : Impeach him.

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Last Answer : I’m glad it is being more publicized, and horrified that not only is our government doing this, but that companies are enabling them, and people aren’t complaining enough. It should be treated as the serious crime that it is.

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Last Answer : answer:He would be a martyr. His fans are authoritarian followers, and would take it as proof that they are opressed victims. Much better that he takes himself down by being a rotten president ... will be surprised if he lasts two years without resigning or even being impeached by his own party.

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Last Answer : No. Kazakhstan prostitutes cleanest in the region, except of course for Turkmenistan.

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Last Answer : answer:I dunno. What does pro democracy have to do with anything? Americans say that as if it meant something good, but in practice democracy is just mob rule. Russians have no history of ... Americans sure like to talk about politics, but they are strangely reluctant to learn what the words mean.

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Last Answer : Try any of the early books by tom Clancy. Yes, they are fiction, but he was a good researcher and known for his meticulous descriptions and high quality work.

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Last Answer : Even considering how problematic that child was, putting a kid alone on a plane without letting anyone know about it is completely unacceptable. That woman should never be allowed again to adopt a child and should be closely ... for two to 10 years and a fine of up to $100,000. I would give her 5.

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Last Answer : I think they’re shmexy. What can I tell ya? I’m Russian and one-dimensional. Seriously, though, what do you mean what do I think of them? Spies exist.

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Last Answer : answer:Janni, Jannika btw Ellie us an affectionate diminutive of Eleanor as Sally is of Sarah or Peggy is of Margaret