What is Family brand?

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Ans: Marketing strategy where the same brand name is given to a number of products in order to encourage recognition.

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Description : Define brand label?

Last Answer : Ans.No.: a label which gives the brand name of the product.

Description : Define generic brand?

Last Answer : Ans: No-name' or non-decrepit brand that is not advertised, and is sold at a price substantially lower than the comparable branded products

Description : Define private brand?

Last Answer : Ans: A brand placed on products that a large manufacturer has created for a smaller retailer.

Description : Define brand mark?

Last Answer : Ans: The proprietary combination of names, symbols, and colors that convey visually a brand’s identity.

Description : what is the difference between brand name and brand mark?

Last Answer : Ans: Brand name is the part that can be spoken including letters words and number whereas brand mark is the part of the brand that can not be spoken. e.g. IE, Symbol FX.

Description : what is the main problem of a marketing manager?

Last Answer : Ans: 1) Building / Managing a Sales force 2) Training the Sales force 3) Understanding the Customer situation and reporting it to the senior management.4) Making presentations to key customers / clients.

Description : What is recession?

Last Answer : Ans: A significant decline in activity across the economy, lasting longer than a few months.

Description : What is depression?

Last Answer : Ans: A severe and prolonged downturn in economic activity.

Description : Define trade discount?

Last Answer : Ans: discount offered by a manufacturer to trade channel members if they perform certain functions such as selling storing and record keeping?

Description : Define Quantity discount?

Last Answer : Ans:a price reduction to those who buy large volumes.

Description : Define notorious label?

Last Answer : Ans: A panel found on a package of food which contains a variety of information about the nutritional value of the food item.

Description : What is Descriptive label?

Last Answer : Ans: The label showing the name of the product, price per pound, total price and possibly the "sell by" date or "pull by" date.

Description : Define Grade label?

Last Answer : Ans: Product labeling that includes a quality rating for the product.

Description : Define Trade name?

Last Answer : Ans: a name by which a product or service is known in a particular trade or profession.,

Description : name parts of branding?

Last Answer : Ans: logo, wording, visual identity, promise ,differentiation.

Description : Define branding?

Last Answer : Ans: the marketing practice of creating a name, symbol or design that identifies and differentiates a product from other products

Description : Write down product mix strategies.

Last Answer : Ans:1)expansion of product mix,2)contraction of product mix,3)alteration of existing product,4)positioning the product,5)trading up and trading down.

Description : Define product mix and give example?

Last Answer : Ans:A product mix is the set of all the products offered for sale by a company. The structure of product mix has width, length, length and consistency.

Description : Define product line and give examples?

Last Answer : Ans: a product line is the set of all products that are closely related ,because they function in simile manner ,sold to same group of customers and marketed through same type of outlets .clothing is an example of product line.

Description : Define trading down?

Last Answer : Ans: Reducing the number of features (and their associated benefits) or the quality of a product to suit the selling price demanded by its customers.

Description : What is retailing?

Last Answer : Ans: the activities involved in the selling of goods to ultimate consumers for personal or household consumption.

Description : What is indirect channel?

Last Answer : Ans: A way to move the product from producer to user with the help of intermediaries that perform functions related to buying or selling the product.

Description : What is direct channel?

Last Answer : Ans: Distribution channel in which a producer supplies or serves directly to an ultimate user or consumer, without any middleman (agent, distributor, wholesaler, retailer).

Description : What is automatic vending?

Last Answer : Ans: The sale of merchandise through a coin-operated machine.

Description : What is uniform delivered price?

Last Answer : Ans a price strategy in which a seller pays for shipping and charges the each customer the same price regardless of the customer location.

Description : Define variable cost?

Last Answer : Ans: a cost that varies with the level of output.

Description : What is fixed cost?

Last Answer : Ans: A cost that does not change with an increase or decrease in the amount of goods or services produced.

Description : Define product positioning?

Last Answer : Ans: Positioning defines where your product (item or service) stands in relation to others offering similar products and services in the marketplace as well as the mind of the consumer

Description : Define demand?

Last Answer : Ans: The amount of a particular economic good or service that a consumer or group of consumers will want to purchase at a given price.

Description : Define re use packaging?

Last Answer : Ans: a package that can serve others purposes after the original contents have been consumed e.g liter Bottles of soft drink later can be used to serve water.

Description : What is package copy?

Last Answer : Ans: Written material on product on which the information of the product is displayed should always be mentioned e.g medicine packages.

Description : What is NOISE?

Last Answer : Ans: Price and volume fluctuations in the market that can confuse one's interpretation of market direction. Used in the context of equities, it is stock market activity caused by program trading, ... or other phenomena that is not reflective of overall market sentiment. Also known as "market noise

Description : Explain Break even point?

Last Answer : Ans: the point at which gains equal losses.

Description : Define training?

Last Answer : Ans: the action of teaching a person or animal a particular skill or type of behavior.

Description : Define price?

Last Answer : Ans:amount charged for products or services.

Description : What is business analysis?

Last Answer : Ans:a comprehensive study of market for a new product is called business analysis.

Description : What is test marketing?

Last Answer : Ans; test marketing involves how large the market is and how consumers and dealers react to handling using and repurchasing the product.

Description : What is go error?

Last Answer : Ans: t occurs when a company adopts poor ideas.

Description : What is drop error?

Last Answer : Ans: it occurs when the company dismisses a good idea.

Description : What is screening?

Last Answer : Ans: idea screening is the second stage in new product development once a large pool of ideas has been generated by what ever their means their number have to be pruned to manageable level.

Description : what does the depth of product mix indicate?

Last Answer : Ans: the depth of product mix indicate that ho many varieties are offered of each product in line.

Description : What does the width of product mix indicate?

Last Answer : Ans :The width of the product mix indicate that how many product lines the company carries.

Description : Define product?

Last Answer : Ans: a set of tangible and intangible attributes which may include packaging ,color ,price, brand seller reputation and seller services.

Description : What is demography?

Last Answer : Ans: The statistical study of human population and its distribution is called demography.

Description : What do you mean by Business portfolio?

Last Answer : Ans: The collection of products and services provided by a company.

Description : illustrate innovation adoption curve?

Last Answer : A model that classifies adopters of innovations based on their level of readiness to accept new ideas. Innovative adoption characteristics are assigned to groups to show that all innovations go through a predictable process before becoming widely adopted.

Description : What is the impact of technology on our lives?

Last Answer : Ans: Technology in many ways has a positive influence because it makes lives easier; from communicating with others to cooking and running a business. At the same time technology can have a slightly negative influence because it can make us lazy and take things for granted.

Description : What do you understand by 5p’s.?

Last Answer : Ans: Product ,price, place, promotion and target market or people are extended 5ps of marketing mix.

Description : What is wholesaling?

Last Answer : The sale and distribution of goods to users other than end consumers. Wholesaling involves selling merchandise to retailers, wholesalers and merchants, or to industrial, commercial and institutional users.

Description : Define direct marketing?

Last Answer : Ans: the business of selling products or services directly to the public, e.g. by mail order or telephone selling, rather than through retailers.