Please, suggest me some good websites for learning EEE..

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Answer :

Electrical4u is best for me.

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Last Answer : YMCA

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Last Answer : Playing the piano.

Description : What is a good book for learning PHP and MySQL?

Last Answer : I’d start here: Get a feel for PHP, then buy books to fill in the gaps or get deeper into particular areas.

Description : What is a good resource for learning how to write an API?

Last Answer : What are you writing an API for? An API is just a formalized set of public methods for accessing something so its no more complicated than writing anything else. Are you talking about doing ... think you'll have is the token based authentication which, honestly, isn't that complicated either.

Description : Best advice for learning about the foundations of Unix/Linux?

Last Answer : This is my favorite Unix book. The Unix Admin Hand Book It will have the type of information you are looking for. You can probably go the library and pick up the first edition of the book as well. I did that for awhile but I eventually just bought the book.

Description : What are some skills or subjects you’re largely ignorant about?

Last Answer : Ancient religions Auto Mechanics Construction Woodworking Deep sea fishing Golf Archeology The one I’d be most interested in is ancient religions and worship.

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Last Answer : answer:I learned a trick for memorising numbers by associating them with sounds eg 1 = t or d 2 = n 3 = m 4 = r 5 = l 6 = Ch or j 7 = k 8 = f 9 = p or b A number can then be ... image. 17947 gives the sounds dk prk and the words duck park. The image of ducks in a park fixes the number in your mind.

Description : What are some effective techniques for studying if you are a kinesthetic learner?

Last Answer : answer:For some of my students, walking around while reading a book or chewing on gum during tests is a big, big help. Kinesthetic learners learn best when they do hands-on projects ... textbooks-the mind-hand connection helps them learn and retain information. Hope some of this information helps.

Description : Is there a name for the condition my friend is facing?

Last Answer : Humor across culture and language is extremely difficult. Even in one's own language it can be difficult, because people don't find the same things funny. What about essays that aren't sarcastic, ... the books that interest them. Also, relate even topics like math to real world experiences for them.

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Last Answer : A rifle is a long gun, as opposed to a handgun. You hold the butt of a long gun against your shoulder.

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Last Answer : The Paradise Matrix

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Last Answer : Giving a dam about some stuff. Trusting that my farts will be dry. Time traveling. Being prudent. Eating veggies. NSFW pleasure. High school science. Ambition. World domination seams like too much of a hassle.

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Last Answer : How to keep myself away from a situation that could have been really painful.

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Last Answer : I have made lots of typos and than life happened to make them infinitive sources of humor.

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Last Answer : First and second, and sometimes third, if what being stuffed into my head isn’t reasonable.

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Last Answer : Sometimes I crack my knuckles in public, and I always forget how annoying it must sound to other people

Description : What would be a good on line (FREE) web site to visit, to learn how to type?

Last Answer : answer:You already can type. You typed this question, didn’t you? Do you mean type with proper form?

Description : What is your one mistake that you learned the most from?

Last Answer : Mine is actually two mistakes: Not going for it, whatever it is at the time, a woman, a job, any opportunity. If you don't go for it you waste the opportunity. Second is go to the doctor when ... on the wrong side of the grass by a little bug. Oh and always wear your seatbelt and shoulder harness.

Description : Why do people like adult shows depicting teenagers and young adults as morons?

Last Answer : They aren’t “adult” shows; they are shows for teens and young adults. They are designed for the 16— 24 demographic, and that’s who watches them.

Description : Do you try to learn from other peoples mistakes?

Last Answer : answer:I do, and every sane, intelligent person I know does. Except for my son, who when I admonished him to learn from other people's mistakes and save himself and the rest of us a lot of anguish, ... 's mistakes other than my own. I knew then I was destined for an interesting life. It is.

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Last Answer : answer:I always listen to NPR on my way to work, so I (know if I'm on track to be on time if I hear this at 4 minutes before I have to clock in) love Thayne Maynard, the 90 second naturalist ... clutch of eggs and females come to them to lay more eggs. The nice guy gets more action in that world.

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Last Answer : Welcome to fluther. You could try NPR.

Description : Is there any type of like deaf or hard of hearing chat rooms that you can use?

Last Answer : I have sent this to one of members who is deaf.

Description : What effect has The Internet had on someone'Being Learned'?

Last Answer : I’m going to Google a very educated and learned response to this question.

Description : What valuable, insightful life lessons can you share that you gained from idiotic behavior?

Last Answer : Seatbelts aren’t foolproof if you do something really stupid in a car.

Description : How can people learn to solve interesting problems?

Last Answer : answer:Humans are born knowing how, but the process gets interrupted when parents and other care givers get too wrapped up in doing it right or wrong. There are several sites using the term How to think like a Genius such as this one, or this one which give some great tips and exercises.

Description : Is it possible to learn from another person's mistake?

Last Answer : Yes, I think it is entirely possible to learn from the mistakes of others. Even people not close to you.

Description : Is intelligence variable? Can it be gained or lost?

Last Answer : This is a great question, @Mariah ! I have wondered that as well. I know one can increase one’s reasoning skills, but I don’t know if there’s a cap. I tend to think so, but I don’t know what studies to cite…

Description : Hey Old Dogs! What new tricks have you learned recently?

Last Answer : Google search is my shopping friend! I can note a product from any website then Google it to see where all on the web it's sold and then order my search to find the best deals for price and ... will likely still have it and when I've emailed then a few sites have even agreed to price match.

Description : How can I become more hands-on?

Last Answer : Practice, practice, practice.

Description : Is there ever a situation where ignorance should be respected?

Last Answer : I don’t think either situation you provide is really about respecting ignorance – I’m not sure what it is, though…it’s just a good idea to not want to hear the dirty laundry because later your hands will be tied.

Description : To non-USA natives: How/what did you learn about the United States of America?

Last Answer : Never learned anything about the USA in school. I guess I learned from reading at home. I was an avid reader as a kid and would devour encyclopaedias and factual books on all kinds of topics. I’m pretty sure thats where I would have learned it all from.

Description : What is something that you learned through experience?

Last Answer : Not to trust people, and yet I do, again and again.

Description : Tips for College Algebra/Precalculus?

Last Answer : I took algebra last semester and now I'm taking trig. I'm finding the key for me is to first read the chapter and some of it will sink in. Read it a second time and do practice problems as ... As, but I suspect this will change as I keep climbing the math ladder. So persistence and lots of thinking.

Description : How does a busy working adult learn higher math?

Last Answer : Start with trig; calculus requires a rigorous foundation in both algebra and trig. Take an on-line course. Find a local community college. Get a text book and discipline yourself to doing one chapter a ... delta y be with you. edit; Geometry is necessary also to procede further into the math occult.

Description : "You like what you're good at"... do you agree?

Last Answer : you are good at what you like

Description : How hard is Rugby or Ultimate Frisbee to learn?

Last Answer : Ultimate is actually really simple :) It will take you a few hours too learn the rules and the basics. Go for it! :D

Description : What is something that you've wanted to learn, but are hesitant or afraid to do so?

Last Answer : -Running a marathon (I have long legs, too!) Just get a friend and a helmet and don’t go on the trails that have two black diamonds on them. :-)

Description : If you have ever had a truly close call with death: what did you learn?

Last Answer : Yes. I learned nothing, my mind blocked the whole thing out. sober

Description : What is the safest and easiest way to teach an adult woman to ride a bicycle.

Last Answer : First sit her on the bike and have her get used to trying to balance herself every time she looses balance tell her to put her foot down. When she is ready walk side by side with her while she ... this over and over until she can ride without you holding on. Good luck and I hope this was helpful.

Description : Are Online Degrees Worth It?

Last Answer : I believe it all depends on accreditation. With Library Sciences, depending on where you want to use it, you need to be sure that the American Library Association acknowledges the degree plan. Without an ALA ... UT Austin. That's just Texas though. You can get more information on ALA's website: link

Description : Where can I learn about database design?

Last Answer : Find a good book on it—if it talks about things like normalization, first normal form, second normal form, it will cover the basics. This used to be taught in information services college programs, so you should be able to find them all over the place.

Description : A little knowledge is a dangerous thing?

Last Answer : Ignorance is be bliss. Once you understand, you can be held accountable. In the end it’s up to you if you wanna learn and grow. Life demands changes, I’m not going to let that “danger” come between me and what I’m going to do with my life. Bring it on!! =)

Description : How can I learn more about sharks?

Last Answer : Watch Shark Week on Discovery Channel. Going on right now!

Description : Could you please suggest me some speculative paper topics about Russia’s near future?

Last Answer : What will be the long term effects of the US retaliation against Russia for election interference, SolarWinds attack, etc.? What will be the effects on Putin - wealth, power, political capital, ... how will it change in the future? The New York Times and the Economist are excellent references.

Description : Can you suggest an e-reader to purchase?

Last Answer : If you haven't looked at a Kindle yet, I would look at those. The Kindle 3 just recently came out, so you can get a Kindle 2 at a really good price (I think around $140). As long as you ... I believe) and I can adjust the font. Amazon also has a nice selection of classic books for free to download.

Description : Can you please help me find some speakers with knob volume controls?

Last Answer : go to any office supply sotre, like staples or london drugs or whatever you have, most desktop computer speakers have them.

Description : Could you please answer a question about phones?

Last Answer : I have heard and been told 911 will still work,even if the cell phone has no account. But how can any phone work if it isn’t charged??

Description : How can I keep my power cords, charging docks, and various other electronics related cords from taking over all of my extra storage space?

Last Answer : I use twisty ties because I’m ghetto. But it looks like the Container Store has a bunch of options. I’d imagine most office supplies stores would have stuff too.

Description : If you know about environmental issues can you suggest paper topics for me?

Last Answer : Try this: Growing Power. This organization is all about sustainable urban farming. Will Allen is the founder and has won numerous awards for this project including a $1,000,000 award from the MacArthur Foundation. I hope you can find something here to help you.