Do you watch anime?

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Answer :

You don't.

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Description : How many episodes of anime do you watch a day?

Last Answer : On average, zero.

Description : Really awesome anime I can watch?

Last Answer : Ghost in the shell. Paprika. Mononoke Princess. Noir.

Description : What anime should I watch?

Last Answer : Witch Hunter Robin

Description : Where can I watch The Wallflower anime without megavideo?

Last Answer : I use,, and

Description : What are the some anime movies that you want other people to watch?

Last Answer : In no particular order: Tenki no Ko Any of the Boku No Hero Academia movies Momo e no Tegami Doukyusei Bakemono no Ko Puromea Obviously any and all Ghibli movies Sama Wuzo Suchimuboi Metoroporisu Whatever ... and no, it's not anything hentai or even remotely sexual, it's just unbearably tragic.

Description : What is the best anime to watch this year?

Last Answer : Year 2019 has the best Anime Seasons Mob Psycho S2 The Raising of the Shield Hero Dororo The Promised Neverland Fruits Basket Fire Force Dr.Stone Vinland Saga DEMON SLAYER

Description : Where can i watch anime stage plays?

Last Answer : The creators (i think its the creatorst) posted the haikyuu stageplay in parts on face books @HaikyuuTVanimeAnd I think there's a my hero academia one on YouTube, but I'm not positive.I'm not sure if this ... ..but yeah that's where I watched those two. There might be a website but I'm not sure.

Description : What are good sites to watch anime?

Last Answer : Some good sites to watch anime online include:,, and

Description : Do you watch anime?

Last Answer : You don't.

Description : What are the best anime movies to watch?

Last Answer : Here's a list of some best anime movies to watch. Might help you. I've watched A Silent Voice and I absolutely loved it!

Description : How come anime portrays perverts as good people?

Last Answer : Thats more than half the dedicated demographic

Description : What cartoon/anime character would you have a relationship with?

Last Answer : porky pig.

Description : Anime watchers of reddit what is your favorite anime?

Last Answer : rly basic, but demon slayer :)

Description : Your best friend turns into an Anime girl, what do you do?

Last Answer : Stop talking what ever drugs I just obviously had

Description : Do you think the following thought experiment from the anime "Sakurada Reset" is accurate?

Last Answer : I prefer this exchange from Star Trek Voyager: Harry Kim : Seven, you've been around humans for a while now. What do you think about love? Seven of Nine : We're scanning for microfractures ... emotional cascade, impairing normal functioning. Harry Kim : Forget it. I think it is much more accurate.

Description : Please suggest an anime for a complete beginner?

Last Answer : I don’t think you can go wrong with a classic — Akira Amazing animation, Cold War nuclear anxiety, Japanese street punk aesthetic. It’s pretty great.

Description : I'm looking for a videogame/anime/visual novel which discloses some conspiracy theory which might actually be TRUE.

Last Answer : Oh, books also are welcome.

Description : Fellow Gamers of Reddit, what do you think is the best combo of fighters in the anime game: Jump Force?

Last Answer : The best combo is to click on the game and then select the Uninstall option.

Description : What is your favorite anime movie?

Last Answer : Kimi no na wa

Description : Best Manga/Anime you've watched so far?

Last Answer : No links sorry but I have blu-rays of Wings of Honnemise, Cowboy Beebop, most of Miyazaki’s films, Ninja Scroll and Ghost in the Shell.

Description : How complex would you define the rules of the "Yu-Gi-Oh!" card games, anime, etc.?

Last Answer : I have only played Magic the Gathering and compared to it “Yu-Gi-Oh!” rules that you provded and I find that it is very complex .

Description : Is Cowboy Beebop the best written and scored anime TV series?

Last Answer : Adventures in Booga Booga land probably wouldn't appeal to you. Everything hideous in animation but some artsy scenes. It just replaced Mike's Inspiration Station-one of those soothing art instruction ... watching anime after all my great grandmother's name was Anne May so its in my heritage

Description : Which website is best to download original sound track of anime?

Last Answer : Have you tried youtube??? With Firefox & their youtube app, you can download an mp3 of the video you just watched. I frequently use that option when I hear a specific rendition of a song that I like!!!

Description : In the Japanese anime, what are the differences between idols and magical girls?

Last Answer : Idols do not have magical power. They are just factory produced, short lived, sugary pop stars.

Description : Does anyone know some good "Isekai" anime or manga?

Last Answer : Ancient Magus’s Bride Persona 5 Animation Seraph of End Blood-C Vassalord Doraemon Those are the ones that fit/closer to the descriptions, more or less.

Description : Why does the anime let us see cherry blossoms so frequently when they bloom only 14 days?

Last Answer : I don't watch Anime, but the cherry blossom has a lot of meanings in Japan. Here is a link,read the symbolism section. I assume the cherry blossoms are like having the NY sky line. It lets you know what ... up around cherry blossom time of year. I still have it up now, and it's long past peak time.

Description : Why the characters in the anime are not like the Japaneses?

Last Answer : They speak japanese, have japanese customs, clothes, names. They are japanese. No one has these complaints about the Simpsons.

Description : Who is this anime character in the description link?

Last Answer :

Description : Do you know good anime characters who have "absolute immortality"?

Last Answer : Saitama? Though I am not sure about the “not aging” part. Maybe Zen’ō, though I am not sure that he counts as a “good” character. Garlic Junior is immortal, because he got his wish granted by Shenron, but he is evil.

Description : Do you know some anime where one of the characters experiences some form of hallucination?

Last Answer : All the time, or just once/once in a while?

Description : Do you know some detective fiction anime to advise?

Last Answer : Dick Tracy.

Description : In the pokemon anime, what happens if the mega evolution "happens" without the friendship needed?

Last Answer : I mean, it can become erratic, but in what way?

Description : In the anime, when Pokemons evolve, do they forget some of the moves they learned, or do they simply not use them anymore?

Last Answer : The plural of Pokémon is Pokémon. I know that in the games, the Pokémon will remember its moves.

Description : What would you recommend as good Anime tv shows or movies available on Netflix?

Last Answer : Nothing. I do not trust Netflix to not pointlessly censor anime. Subscribe to Crunchyroll instead. On there, I can recommend Gate It is modern military versus medieval armies and dragons and mages.

Description : There is an anime, "Ef: A Fairy Tale of the Two", which puts in evidence a think that I would not expect. Am I right on this one?

Last Answer : How are either of them to blame for her losing her eye in an accident when neither of them were present?

Description : Do you know of any good shounen ai anime?

Last Answer : I’m not into that. If anything, I’m more of a shoujo ai guy. (For those curious to ask: shounen = boy, shoujo = girl, ai = love)

Description : Can you assist me in identifying this specific anime?

Last Answer : Nope, but I want to know now too.

Description : What are some good Anime series about people being trapped inside an MMO?

Last Answer : answer:Digimon? Honestly I’m so out of touch I have no idea… Is Sword Art Online good? Should I try it?

Description : Can you show me some anime of people killing teammates ?

Last Answer : answer:That is oddly specific and slightly suspicious. Do you mean a mercy killing? Voilà

Description : Can someone help me find an old anime TV series please?

Last Answer : Is it heavens lost property?

Description : Based off the very visceral reactions to about a computer generated image in a recent thread, how freaked out would some of those people be about Manga and Dark Anime?

Last Answer : answer:I have seen only a small amount of Manga and Anime, so I cannot speak from deep experience. But not matter what, I will be consistent with what I wrote tn that discussion. Art is inherently ... The bottom line for me: censorship is far worse than being exposed to a picture I don't like.

Description : Who is your favorite anime character?

Last Answer : Ash from Pokemon. Does that count? It’s the only Japanese animation I ever watched.

Description : In the anime "Ranma 1/2", what would happen if Ranma got pregnant?

Last Answer : answer:Of COURSE I know the premise of the show! WTH?? Well, his womb would disappear and the baby would end up in the middle of his intestines and he would die pretty quick. Is he able to ... to die, cause that would be some serious stuff to live with, having a baby tangling up your intestines.

Description : Does anybody enjoy watching Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, or even the original anime? Also, has anyone read the manga?

Last Answer : I love FMA Brotherhood. I haven’t seen the original yet, I’m sad to say, but I like how Brotherhood keeps with the manga, which I’m still reading at the moment. Not to mention, I love Vic Mignogna ^^” As for rp for it, I do Edward, myself

Description : What do you think about this North Korean propaganda anime?

Last Answer : Let me put it this way: 북한은 독일과 같은 대전입니다

Description : Has anyone here watched the anime Angel Beats?

Last Answer : Yes, I have. One of the best I have ever seen.

Description : In the Anime/Manga Death Note, do You Think Kira or L is Righteous?

Last Answer : Neither. L only takes on cases that interest him (my kind of guy), if it doesn’t pique his interest, it’s not worth his time. Kira starts out as a vigilante anti-hero of sorts but as soon as he killed the fake L in the PSA, he became the villain through and through.

Description : Any Fan Fiction Suggestions for the Anime Death Note?

Last Answer : answer:I have never seen or read Death Note, but I have watched some anime and read and written my share of fanfiction. Setting changes (different fictional universes, or insertion into real-life events ... there. Plenty of bad anime too, but plenty of good stuff. No sense in pigeonholing yourself.

Description : Where to find erotic anime-style art prints on canvas?

Last Answer : Eh, I don’t find these particularly erotic, but it might be a place to start. But pretty much anything you can find can be put to canvas.

Description : What do you call an anime girl with dog ears and a dog tail?

Last Answer : “Neko” is just Japanese for “cat”, so “inu” would be the equivalent since it’s Japanese for “dog”.