what does a capacitor do?

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Answer :

It store energy in.the form of charges

It allows AC but restricted DC

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Description : A capacitor and coil in parallel is called

Last Answer : 1. A tuned circuit

Last Answer : A dielectric material is placed in between the plates of a capacitor, it Increases the capacitance.

Last Answer : In a power supply a shorted input capacitor is likely to result in No voltage output.

Last Answer : A capacitor stores energy in Dielectric dipole

Last Answer : The capacitor charging current is An exponential growth function

Last Answer : The voltage across a capacitor Lags the current through it by 90

Last Answer : For a pure capacitor, the voltage-current relationship is: Voltage lags current by 90*

Description : Why shunt capacitor is used?

Last Answer : To improve voltage at receiving end and power factor

Description : Why capacitor bank is used?

Last Answer : In industrial or factory used E.B Power supply must be maintained above 0.90 power factor is compulsory for avoid EB Penalty. So APFC ( automatic Power factor control ) panel is used to maintained balance the load and PF maintained.

Description : How do you charge a capacitor with a battery?

Last Answer : The  capacitor  is  connected   in  parallel  with   the  battery.

Description : What is the symbol of a capacitor?

Last Answer : symbol of a capacitor

Description : Which side of a capacitor is negative?

Last Answer : In electrolytic type negative is shorter lead and usually mark in the tank. But of course not applicable to non-polar.

Description : does capacitor store energy ?

Last Answer : yes capacitor stores energy

Description : when capacitor act as open circuit?

Last Answer : When a DC is applied to capacitor it acts as open circuit .

Description : which capacitor stores more charge ?

Last Answer : supercapacitor