In a precise diet and nutrition study, you need to determine the average weight and average height of a group each to a precision of 1%. The minimum sample size required is w) 10 x) 100 y) 1000 z) 10,000 

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Answer :

ANSWER: Z -- 10,000 

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Description : What is the approximate weight in pounds of the atmosphere on a 1 sq. ft. surface at sea level? w) 15 lbs. x) 1500 lbs. y) 2100 lbs. z) 20,000 lbs. 

Last Answer : ANSWER: Y -- 2100 LBS.

Description : The National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements estimates that the average exposure to ionizing radiation tha individual Americans receive annually from ALL sources is about: w) 60 millirem x) 100 millirem y) 360 millirem z) 500 millirem

Last Answer : ANSWER: Y -- 360 MILLIREM

Description : What range of frequencies are usually referred to as audio frequencies for humans? w) 0 to 20 Hertz x) 20 to 20,000 Hertz y) 200 to 200,000 Hertz z) 10,000 to 30,000 Hertz

Last Answer : ANSWER: X -- 20 TO 20,000 HERTZ

Description : If you started with 100 grams of each of the materials below and they all vaporized inside of an inflatable balloon, which of them would produce the largest volume balloon, assuming they were all at the same temperature? w) water x) gasoline y) ethanol z) butane 

Last Answer : ANSWER: W -- WATER 

Description : In 1991, the frozen body of a late stone age man was found amazingly intact in the Alps near the Italian-Austrian border. Its age was determined to be about: w) 2,200 years x) 5,300 years y) 12,800 years z) 30,000 years

Last Answer : ANSWER: X -- 5,300 YEARS

Description : What range of frequencies are usually referred to as the Ultra High Frequency (UHF) Band? w) 3 to 30 Mega Hertz x) 30 to 300 Mega Hertz y) 300 to 3,000 Mega Hertz z) 30,000 to 300,000 Mega Hertz

Last Answer : ANSWER: Y -- 300 to 3,000 MEGA HERTZ

Description : A color television set employs a 25,000 volt electron accelerator to produce the picture and potentially harmful radiation which must be shielded against. The main component of this radiation consists ... which penetrate the picture tube x) soft x-rays y) microwaves z) ultraviolet radiation 

Last Answer : ANSWER: X -- SOFT X-RAYS

Description : What range of frequencies are usually referred to as the UHF Band? w) 3 to 30 Megahertz x) 30 to 300 Megahertz y) 300 to 3,000 Megahertz z) 30,000 to 300,000 Megahertz

Last Answer : ANSWER: Y -- 300 TO 3,000 MEGAHERTZ

Description : In the United States the average number of gallons per person of fresh water used per day for personal (non-industrial) use such as bathing, laundering, drinking, and the like is approximately: w) 10 gallons x) 30 gallons y) 60 gallons z) 90 gallons 

Last Answer : ANSWER: Z -- 90 GALLONS

Description : Spent fuel from a nuclear power plant cools down and loses most of its radioactivity through decay. In the first year, spent fuel loses about what percentage of its radioactivity? w) 10 percent x) 50 percent y) 80 percent z) 100 percent

Last Answer : ANSWER: Y -- 80 PERCENT

Description : The study of poisons is called: w) oncology x) toxicology y) phrenology z) ergonomics (pron: ur - go - no - mics)


Description : An important safety feature required at U.S. nuclear power plants that was not present at the Chernobyl Power Plant in the Soviet Union was the: w) reactor x) cooling water y) control rods z) containment building


Description : High-temperature superconductors have been in the news lately. These materials become superconductive at temperatures around w) 200 degrees Fahrenheit x) 100 degrees Fahrenheit y) -150 degrees Fahrenheit z) -350 degrees Fahrenheit

Last Answer : ANSWER: Z -- -350 DEGREES FAHRENHEIT  

Description : A 500 kilogram car moving at 20 meters per second strikes a stone wall and is brought to a halt in 0.1 second. The average force of the car on the wall during impact is: w) 10 Newtons x) 1000 Newtons y) 10,000 Newtons z) 100,000 Newtons

Last Answer : ANSWER: Z -- 100,000 NEWTONS

Description : A barn is a unit of w) length x) area y) volume z) weight  

Last Answer : ANSWER: X -- AREA 

Description : A homeowner replaces a 65 watt incandescent bulb with a 15 watt compact fluorescent lamp. The light is on 2000 hours a year. If electricity cost 10 cents a kilowatt-hour, how much money is saved on the electric bill in one year? w) $50.00 x) $10.00 y) $5.00 z) $1.00 

Last Answer : ANSWER: X -- $10.00 

Description : The heat exhaust of an automobile with an internal combustion engine represents approximately what percent of the energy of the original fuel? w) 10 % x) 50 % y) 35 % z) 5 % 

Last Answer : ANSWER: Y -- 35 % 

Description : About what percent of the electricity used in the United States is currently being produced by nuclear power plants? w) 5 percent x) 10 percent y) 20 percent z) 30 percent

Last Answer : ANSWER: Y -- 20 PERCENT 

Description : In a typical power plant used to generate electricity in the U.S., the percentage of energy in the fuel that is converted to electricity is about: w) 99 percent x) 50 percent y) 35 percent z) 10 percent

Last Answer : ANSWER: Y -- 35 PERCENT 

Description : Bees must collect nectar from approximately how many flowers to make 1 pound of honeycomb? Is it: w) 10 thousand x) 2 million y) 20 million z) 50 million

Last Answer : ANSWER: X -- 20 MILLION

Description : Evaporation from water surfaces exposed to air is not dependent of the: w) velocity of the wind x) humidity y) temperature z) depth of the water 


Description : For a DC motor, what major component in addition to the field winding and the armature winding is necessary? w) a commutator x) a stator y) a battery z) a rotor


Description : Dante is the name of an eight-legged robot designed to repel into the crater of Erebus. This volcano is located in w) Italy x) the Hawaiian chain y) Antarctica z) Japan 

Last Answer : ANSWER: Y -- ANTARCTICA 

Description : Who is known as the Father of the Atomic Bomb? w) Albert Einstein x) J. Robert Oppenheimer y) General Leslie Groves z) Edward Teller 


Description : The sun makes up approximately what percent of matter in our solar system? w) 17% x) 50% y) 85% z) 99% 

Last Answer : ANSWER: Z -- 99% 

Description : Deforestation is not a major environmental problem in w) the Amazon x) Borneo y) Oregon z) West Germany

Last Answer : ANSWER: Z -- WEST GERMANY 

Description : Who was the first scientist credited with pointing out that certain gases could cause a greenhouse effect? w) John Tyndall x) Charles Darwin y) Roger Tory Peterson z) Stephen Jay Gould 

Last Answer : ANSWER: W -- JOHN TYNDALL  

Description : Which of the following is considered a renewable resource? w) Coal fired power plant x) Hydroelectric dam y) Combustion turbine facility z) Nuclear fission power plant 


Description : The U.S. EPA recently concluded that environmental tobacco smoke should be considered (quote) w) "a possible human teratogen" x) "a priority air pollutant" y) "a known human carcinogen" z) "a possible human carcinogen" 


Description : TCDD (2,3,6,7-tetrachlorodibenzo(p)dioxin) is a toxic synthetic chemical. The most consistent adverse effect observed in exposed humans is: w) liver cancer x) birth defects y) disfiguring skin eruption z) an exaggerated sense of well-being


Description : Compared to terrestrial environments, aquatic environments are more stable in: w) temperature range x) producer consumer distribution y) sunlight absorbed z) number species 


Description : Approximately what percentage of the electricity produced in the United States is consumed by residential appliances? w) 20% x) 33% y) 50% z) 66% 

Last Answer : ANSWER: X -- 33% 

Description : A radio station is broadcasting at 3750 khz (kilohertz). This station would be found in which radio band? w) 20 meter x) 40 meter y) 80 meter z) 160 meter 

Last Answer : ANSWER: Y -- 80 METER 

Description : Which of the following people is credited as being the father of mass production? w) Thomas Edison x) Otto Graham y) Henry Ford z) Eli Whitney 

Last Answer : ANSWER: Z -- ELI WHITNEY

Description : In daylight the human eye is most sensitive to which color? w) Green x) Red y) Blue z) Orange

Last Answer : ANSWER: W -- GREEN 

Description : One trillion is 1 followed by 12 zeros. What is 1 followed by 18 zeros? w) 1 quadrillion x) 1 quintillion y) 1 septillion z) 1 octillion 

Last Answer : ANSWER: X -- 1 QUINTILLION  

Description : In the Tyndall Effect, the intensity of scattered radiation is inversely proportional to the fourth power of the wavelength. Which one of the following colors of light would exhibit the most intense Tyndall scattering? w) yellow x) green y) orange z) violet 

Last Answer : ANSWER: Z -- VIOLET 

Description : What form of radiation most closely resembles X-rays? w) alpha x) beta y) gamma z) neutron

Last Answer : ANSWER: Y -- GAMMA 

Description : Liquid fuels can be used to generate electricity in a variety of ways. Which of the following technologies converts liquid fuel directly to electricity without a combustion step? w) turbine x) battery y) fuel cell z) Stirling engine

Last Answer : ANSWER: Y -- FUEL CELL  

Description : The most abundant organic molecule on the surface of the Earth is: w) cellulose x) chitin y) DNA z) hemoglobin  

Last Answer : ANSWER: W -- CELLULOSE

Description : The estrogen and androgen hormones which regulate sexual development and function are structurally related to: w) beta carotene x) ethanol y) adrenaline z) cholesterol


Description : Some physicians suggest that women supplement their diets with antacids to supply additional amounts of a certain element thought to reduce the risk of osteoporosis. The ingredient in antacids which ... element is: w) calcium carbonate x) aluminum hydroxide y) magnesium hydroxide z) simethicone 


Description : Taxol is a drug currently being used to treat cancer, particularly resistant forms of breast cancer. A natural source of Taxol is: w) bark and leaves of the yew tree x) apricot pits y) periwinkle flowers z) ginkgo leaves 


Description : Recent discoveries of ancient cratering near the Yucatan Peninsula support the theory that a meteor or cometary impact may have resulted in mass extinctions of species on Earth about 65 million years ago. ... is that impact thought to have occurred? w) Permian x) Triassic y) Jurassic z) Cretaceous 

Last Answer : ANSWER: Z -- CRETACEOUS 

Description : Consider efficiencies of hydro-turbines and generators. If the efficiency of a hydro-turbine is 80% and the efficiency of a generator is 90%, what is the overall efficiency of the unit? w) 85% x) 72% y) 90% z) 70% 

Last Answer : ANSWER: X -- 72%

Description : The specific gravity of mercury at Standard Temperature and Pressure is: w) 0.75 x) 4.0 y) 13.6 z) 19.3 

Last Answer : ANSWER: Y -- 13.6 

Description : The region of the United States with the lowest pH values found in rainwater (acid rain) is: w) Mid West x) North West y) North East z) South East 

Last Answer : ANSWER: Y -- NORTH EAST 

Description : Thermal insulation is used to: w) stop the flow of heat. x) reduce the flow of heat. y) absorb heat. z) reverse the heat flow direction.


Description : Which of the following building materials has the HIGHEST thermal conductivity? w) Southern pine wood x) common brick y) aluminum z) gypsum board or drywall

Last Answer : ANSWER: Y -- ALUMINUM  

Description : Which two gases are used to disinfect water in sewage treatment facilities? w) helium and nitrogen x) ozone and chlorine y) oxygen and hydrogen z) nitrogen and chlorine