can voltage exist without current?

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Description : At the ends of a half-wave antenna, what values of current and voltage exist compared to the remainder of the antenna? A. Minimum voltage and minimum current B. Equal voltage and current C. Minimum voltage and maximum current D. Maximum voltage and minimum current.

Last Answer : D. Maximum voltage and minimum current.

Description : Where do the maximum current and minimum voltage values on a resonant Hertz dipole exist? A. Center of the antenna B. Near the end of the antenna C. Near the center of the antenna D. Ends of the antenna

Last Answer : A. Center of the antenna

Description : Indicate the false statement A. The noise generated in a resistance or the resistive component of any impedance is random. B. Random noise power is proportional to the bandwidth over which is measured ... exist D. All formula referring to random noise are applicable only to the value of such noise.

Last Answer : C. A random voltage across the resistor does not exist