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Description : Primary consumers in aquatic system are?

Last Answer : Ans. Zooplanktons

Description : The base of the food chain in the ocean is the

Last Answer : Ans. Phytoplankton

Description : The Heterotrophs, feed on both plants and meats?

Last Answer : Ans. Omnivores

Description : The main constituent of CNG is

Last Answer : Ans. Methane

Description : The Heterotrophs, feed on meats and called secondary consumers?

Last Answer : Ans. Carnivores

Description : The Heterotrophs, feed on plants and called primary consumers?

Last Answer : Ans. Herbivores

Description : The ecosystem component, feed on producer or consumers?

Last Answer : Ans. Heterotrophs

Description : The plants, which produce food themselves through photosynthesis?

Last Answer : Ans. Phototrophs

Description : The group of organisms which convert light into food are called

Last Answer : Ans. Autotrophs

Description : The environment which has been modified by human activities is called

Last Answer : Ans. Anthropogenic environment

Description : Abiotic environment does not include

Last Answer : Ans. Plants

Description : The environment which includes producers, consumers and decomposers?

Last Answer : Ans. Biotic environment

Description : The variety of living organisms (flora and fauna) is called as

Last Answer : Ans. Biodiversity

Description : All the populations of the different species living and inter-acting in the same ecosystem?

Last Answer : Ans. Community

Description : The characteristics of the type of environment where an organism normally lives?

Last Answer : Ans. Habitat

Description : Sphere of Water or 70% of global is occupied by

Last Answer : Ans. Hydrosphere

Description : The earth contains a thin region known as the biosphere, in which life exists. The three parts of the biosphere are

Last Answer : Ans. Atmosphere, hydrosphere and lithosphere

Description : Large portions of the earth with similar climate, soil, plant and animal life community is known as

Last Answer : Ans. Biosphere

Description : The term ecology was introduced by

Last Answer : Ans. Hackel

Description : The study of interactions between living organism and environment is called as

Last Answer : Ans. Ecology

Description : The region existing between two ecosystems which contain species of both ecosystems is

Last Answer : Ans. Ecotone

Description : The word ‘ecosystem’ was coined by

Last Answer : Ans. A.G.Tansley

Description : A self supporting community - plants and animals interacting with each other and the nonliving environment to provide a balanced system is a

Last Answer : Ans. Ecosystem

Description : The sum total condition in which organisms live is called as

Last Answer : Ans. Environment

Description : Full form of ICARF

Last Answer : Ans. International Centre for Research in Agroforestry

Description : The main stem of a tree is called

Last Answer : Ans. Bol

Description : A process in which the branch of a plant is cut off in order to produce a flush of new shoots

Last Answer : Ans. Pollarding

Description : The ratio of height, width and length in shelterbelt system

Last Answer : Ans. 1:25:10 meter

Description : Raising of forests of public or community land

Last Answer : Ans. Community forestry

Description : A protective plantation in a certain area, against strong winds. It is usually comprised of a few rows of trees (or shrubs)

Last Answer : Ans. Wind breaks

Description : A belt of trees and or shrubs maintained for the purpose of shelter from wind, sun, snow drift, etc.

Last Answer : Ans. Shelterbelts

Description : Pollarding is done at

Last Answer : Ans. 2 m height from ground

Description : A forest system which promote commercial tree growing by farmers on their own land

Last Answer : Ans. Farm Forestry

Description : Forestry outside the conventional forests which primarily aim at providing continuous flow of goods and services for the benefit of people

Last Answer : Ans. Social forestry

Description : Tree species suitable for alley cropping

Last Answer : Ans. Cassia siamea, Leucaena and Sesbania

Description : Spacing maintained between hedge row intercropping in alley cropping

Last Answer : Ans. 4-8 meter

Description : Oil percentage in Ratanjot (Jatropha sp.)

Last Answer : Ans. 35%(from seed)

Description : Ratanjot and Karanj are

Last Answer : Ans. Biofuel plants

Description : The most appropriate and effective type of crop cultivation in forests

Last Answer : Ans. Intercropping

Description : Multipurpose tree species

Last Answer : Ans. Albizia lebbeck

Description : Fast growing forest tree species

Last Answer : Ans. Eucalyptus sp.

Description : Miracle forest tree (as it provides fodder, fuel, pulpwood and timber)

Last Answer : Ans. Subabul

Description : Shifting cultivation causes

Last Answer : Ans. Deforestation

Description : Green manuring tree

Last Answer : Ans. Thespesia populnea

Description : Fuel wood tree

Last Answer : Ans. Albizia lebbeck

Description : Fodder producing tree

Last Answer : Ans. Prosopis cineraria

Description : Most suitable woodlot trees in India

Last Answer : Ans. Casuarina and Leucaena

Description : Bio-drainage plant

Last Answer : Ans. Eucalyptus tereticornis

Description : Non leguminous nitrogen fixing trees

Last Answer : Ans. Alnus nepalensis

Description : Nitrogen fixing tree

Last Answer : Ans. Leucaena leucocephala