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Description : What is you favorite glossy clear top coat nail polish?

Last Answer : I don't have a favorite. I picked up one I have on my desk and it's Sally Hansen Hard as Nails XTREME Wear - it's pretty shiny and truly clear, as opposed to some that are yellowish. I also ... ? Like $30-40 a bottle? If so, did you really see a difference between it and the less expensive ones?

Description : Can a woman be beautiful and gorgeous with a color power chain on her braces?

Last Answer : I’ve seen several at hospitals and other workplaces, so I don’t see why it would have any bearing on a woman’s beauty any more than a hair clip or scarf.

Description : Before mirrors were invented, how did people know they were good looking?

Last Answer : Mirrors were around at the very arrival of civilization. But even the blind soon figure out whether or not they’re good looking.

Description : How do you feel about Miss America no longer being a Beauty Contest?

Last Answer : i really don’t give a rat’s ass about it one way or the other.

Description : How much is aesthetics intentionally incorporated into industrial/military design, as opposed to purely being the result of function?

Last Answer : We made and sold parts to an automotive company. They had a specific design requirement that there be no flat surfaces visible when looking at the engine with the hood open. That meant all parts had a ... the parts a tiny bit more resistant to impact damage. I will PM you with the company name.

Description : Where can I search for cosmetics through its ingredients?

Last Answer : You might try a google search separating each ingredient within quotations like this: “ingredient 1” “ingredient 2” “ingredient 3”

Description : How to know my skin type?

Last Answer : If you live near a mall where they have make up stores such as Sephora or Macys you can go in there and they will determine your skin type for free. Of course, they will try to get you to buy their make up, but be strong. Say no.

Description : Do I look like Sloth from The Goonie?

Last Answer : No you don’t. Dress better,get a hair style, and shave the peach fuzz off. Your picture makes you look less than confident. Shoulders back and smile. Welcome to Fluther.

Description : How can I look like a pretty boy?

Last Answer : It’s hard to answer without knowing what you look like.

Description : Do you know someone that is pretty/beautiful, but in the unusual or nonconventional ways?

Last Answer : Well, I don't know her, at least not in this life. And before you call the boys in the white jackets and have me hauled off to Happy Acres, let me explain. I was walking down a crowded street ... get over to talk to her, she got carried away by the crowd. Very weird night, and weird sensation.

Description : Can aloe vera help with acne?

Last Answer : It can according to a lot of home remedy and naturopathic sources. But I don’t see anything positive or negative from a medical source.

Description : Do you think having pretty skin means also being pretty?

Last Answer : Not necessarily, if you have displeasing facial structure underneath the pretty skin you can still be unattractive.

Description : Anybody have any advice for acne scar treatment?

Last Answer : Try a glycolic tonor. Worked wondw s for me

Description : Why am I getting small views in youtube if my content is good?

Last Answer : answer:What is the content of your videos? Do you just sit in one place talking or is there any variety? Can the audience see your face clearly? Do you have a lot of special effects? But to ... make. Also I think 1200 subscribers aren't something to be sneezed at, given how competitive Youtube is.

Description : What are some of the tips or tricks to become popular in a youtube channel?

Last Answer : answer:You should upload as often as possible. If you can manage to do a regular 5 day weekly schedule, than do that. If not? Than 3 days a week will suffice. Decide upon the type of ... make sure you are responding to a status update in which the other YouTuber is promoting their latest video.

Description : How should I fix my hair?

Last Answer : I would cut your hair short and wait for it to grow out before coloring again (for the health of your hair).

Description : Is it possible for a parent to believe their child is not beautiful ?

Last Answer : If they thought that their children are unattractive, they wouldn’t have posted the photos. People only post things that look good to them.

Description : Are celebrities overrated in terms of beauty?

Last Answer : Well as a gay man, I think most male celebrities who are seen as handsome are very attractive. The only male celebrity I would call over rated in terms of looks, would probably be Daniel Craig. I honestly don ... what people see in him. I don't find him attractive at all. Just not my type I suppose.

Description : What do you love about your looks?

Last Answer : I don’t even look anymore and never really did more than what was required to keep well groomed. I haven’t scared anyone away lately, so I guess I look OK. So, I like that about my looks.

Description : What's the most intimate non-medical procedure you've ever had performed on you by a (relative) stranger?

Last Answer : I have had full body massages by both men and women, while nude yet under a sheet, They are marvelous.

Description : Has anyone tried an epilator before?

Last Answer : I got one but couldn’t bring myself to use it because of the pain I imagined it would bring. Just couldn’t bear the thought of it. So it was a complete waste of money.

Description : Favorite mascara?

Last Answer : answer:I've spent decades and fortunes on the same quest ;-) The results of my research are the following: Designer brands (Chanel, Lancome, Este Lauder, etc.) are no better than drugstore brands, and ... Girl's Lash Blast in the orange tube. The Rimmel products are pretty good, too. Good luck!

Description : Can maca root powder make the butt and hips grow?

Last Answer : Here’s WebMD on MACA; It is not listed a action of taking it.

Description : How can I live with being ugly?

Last Answer : answer:Beauty is something very objective. You can never know who will think you are beautiful and who won't. Are you sure the girls who take the praise aren't so beautiful to someone else? You ... ugliness and emphasize the beauty in your appearance. At least you can make yourself less ugly.

Description : Acne scars?

Last Answer : nope, but they give you character. As you age scars become something that says, “I have been there and done that” good especially if you’re a guy.

Description : Is beauty only skin deep?

Last Answer : answer:I don't think it's an either / or question. Yes - one's personality and friendliness are important, no matter what they look like. On the other hand, much of a person's self-image ( ... but there is no set ratio (50/50, 40/60). Every person is different. Every combination is different.

Description : How can I stop comparing myself with others?

Last Answer : answer:There is an old saying about this: don't compare your insides to someone else's outsides. Easy to say, but how to do it? One way is to take the time to truly know another person. Have you ... unless you take the time to really get to know her. And get to know yourself and your own strengths.

Description : Am I ugly?

Last Answer : NO

Description : Do you think that Kim Kardashian looks better with her nose job?

Last Answer : Who cares? I have zero interest in following the stupid escapades of celebrities. I don’t have a clue what the hell her nose looked like to begin with. lol

Description : Are pointy noses generally considered more attractive than bulbous ones?

Last Answer : So Pinocchio was a stud? I think it all depends on how it fits with the rest of the face. Look at Jimmy Durante.

Description : Do you think that Jennifer Connelly is pretty?

Last Answer : She’s very pretty. She’s got great bone structure and that “classic” type of beauty.

Description : Do you think that Emily Rudd is pretty?

Last Answer : answer:She has beautiful eyes, but she looks like she’s twelve. Why do you ask?

Description : Do you believe that someone can be so ugly on the inside that is diminishes their outer beauty?

Last Answer : Oh my goodness yes. : )

Description : Did I get uglier as years passed by?

Last Answer : You might not have that wide-eyed innocent look you used to have. It’s not that you’re uglier, but you may not look as approachable as you once were so people don’t walk up and talk to you at all.

Description : Who do you think is the most beautiful female celebrity/model?

Last Answer : answer:Doesn’t exist. We all have different tastes. The “most beautiful” to YOU may be completely unattractive to me. More importantly, beauty includes personality and intelligence, and you don’t see that on the pages of a magazine.

Description : What color in nature stops your heart?

Last Answer : I’m not sure about the heart-stopping stuff. That sounds awfully dangerous. But I really love when a section of the woods all has leaves that are bright yellow. The sun will shine through them and paint everything in a yellow glow.

Description : What happens if we don't have eye brow?

Last Answer : You appear to own an enormous forehead, like that of Herman Munster. Some idiots even tattoo eyebrows on, silly pluckers.

Description : Ladies: Have you ever...

Last Answer : Hmmm… can’t say I’ve ever ‘been captivated and surprised at how pretty your nude toenails look’. I guess I regard my feet/toes as functional rather than attractive. But I do paint my toenails sometimes:-)

Description : Do you believe that there are people in the world that are actually ugly?

Last Answer : answer:Yes, at least in the eyes of some. Most of us fall in the midrange somewhere, but there are a few at either extreme. My sister had a classmate in nursing school who was pretty far out on the ... afterward, a grateful patient fell for her and married her. Her looks didn't put him off at all.

Description : What do you think of dating sites such as these?

Last Answer : Hmm it says on Darwin Dating that I am 20% chimp… how do you get 100%

Description : Do you ever feel like you are too ugly to go out?

Last Answer : answer:Lets look at the big picture here.. Yes, there are going to be parts of our body that we don't like. I don't like my thighs, they're big and no matter how much work out, they never go down. ... and it really gets on my nerves. But I'd never let anyone get me down because of the way I looked.

Description : Why is beauty such a big deal for most people?

Last Answer : Because we live in a society that constantly barrages us with the message that success, happiness, fame, fortune, health, wealth etc. are directly related to how good looking we are. People who are ... about how often they are treated as a second class citizen based solely on the way they look.

Description : Good facial for mild acne?

Last Answer : How about Dermalogica Prescriptive facial. They are tailored to your skins problems.

Description : Are women with pronounced jaws attractive to men?

Last Answer : It’s just part of the facial structure.

Description : Do you think that most women are prettier than they think they are?

Last Answer : answer:Yes, I Do. I think women are conditioned to be hypersensitive to their looks, to compare themselves with celebrities and fashion models, and to be super hard on themselves. It is a crime.

Description : What physical attributes constitutes physical beauty or attractiveness?

Last Answer : Nope. I dislike the excessively emphasised cheek bones, the underbite, and especially the massively overdone makeup. God I hate that so much.

Description : Why do you color your hair? When is the last time that you saw your natural hair color?

Last Answer : I don’t. My Mom still had much of her natural hair color into her 80s. I seem to have the same sort of genes luckily. Not that I am in my 80s! But my sisters are all gray (or color their hair).

Description : When is it too late to become a model?

Last Answer : It is never too late to become a model, not even when you are already dead.

Description : About a month ago, the Moon was enormous, but only for two hours. Why?

Last Answer : It’s an optical illusion and no one really knows why it happens.

Description : Do concealers have to be lighter than your natural skin tone?

Last Answer : Why would you want to illuminate your under eye bags? The best colors are similar to your skin tone there and with a slight peach tone to it.