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Description : In our country, large patches of forest are being cleared for cultivation of crops . The environmental impact of such practice lead to a) soil erosion b)soil conservation c)soil pollution d)soil fertility

Last Answer : a) soil erosion

Description : Migratory birds fly to far away during particular time of year. Which of the following conditions present in their habitat during that time are responsible for this behaviour? i) unavailability of food ii) extreme weather conditions iii ... area . a) ii and iii b)i and ii c) i and iv d)ii and iv

Last Answer : d)ii and iv

Description : What do black buck , dodo , elephant and golden cat together represent in a forest . a) fauna b)flora c)ecosystem d)species

Last Answer : a) fauna

Description : Which one of the change may occur due to desertification? a) decrease in atmospheric temperature b) increase in water holding capacity of soil c) increased chances of flood d)conversion of fertile land into a desert

Last Answer : d)conversion of fertile land into a desert

Description : Wild buffalo is an endangered species. a) its population is diminishing c)it has become extinct b) c)it is found exclusively in a particular area d)its poaching is strictly prohibited

Last Answer : a) its population is diminishing

Description : ______ is group of organism which can interbreed under natural conditions . a) species b) flora c) fauna d) genus

Last Answer : a) species

Description : A periodic movement of animals from their home to new area and its subsequent return journey back to the original home is known as___________ . a) migration b)afforestation c)deforestation d)hibernation

Last Answer : a) migration

Description : _____________ is endemic to the Western ghats of south –west India. a) lion tailed macaque b)orange –breasted sunbird c)gaur lion d)turtle

Last Answer : a) lion tailed macaque

Description : _______ is an example of vulnerable species. a) dodo b)African wild dog c)cheetah d)blue whale

Last Answer : c)cheetah

Description : A species is said to be _______ when no member of the species exists or is presumed beyond reasonable doubt to have disappeared. a) extinct b)endangered c)vulnerable d)none

Last Answer : a) extinct

Description : A __________ is officially designated territory marked by government which provides protection and living condition for wild animals. a) wildlife sanctuary b)reserve c)park d)zoo

Last Answer : a) wildlife sanctuary

Description : The ___________ national park has two –thirds of the world’s one horned rhinoceros population. a) Jim-Corbett b) Kaziranga c)Bandipur d)Ranthambore

Last Answer : b) Kaziranga

Description : A reserve of land usually declared and owned by national government which is protected from most human development works and pollution is known as _________. a) National park b)hotspot c )biosphere reserve d)refuge

Last Answer : a) National park

Description : There are _______ Biosphere Reserves in India . a) 18 b)20 c)22 d)16

Last Answer : a) 18

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