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Description : Will rain water damage a building under construction?

Last Answer : Often, yes, if you do it wrong. It's usually not a problem if the bones of the building get a bit wet before the roof goes on; things dry out easily before you install insulation and ... buildings are all metal, glass and concrete until the exterior is done, so even less problems with water.

Description : With regard to the Florida condo that collapsed yesterday - what are the chances that at least part of the cause will be tied to the Mafia?

Last Answer : It was determined before the building fell that it was sinking from one to three millimeters per year since it was built in the 1980’s. I suspect they may find faulty concrete. It may have also been a bit of sinkhole below the structure. Maybe. Sinkholes are known to exist in Florida.

Description : Which building would you say is the most important in the world?

Last Answer : Giza pyramids.

Description : When Disneyland or Disneyworld decides to build a new ride or a new castle, do they have to go to the County and pull a building permit for that?

Last Answer : I'm thinking yes. I believe Disney World crosses two counties, and I assume it does need city or county approval for development, and also state approval for compliance with state level water management. ... . However, like The Villages, I'm assuming Disney pays a lot to local and state politicians.

Description : Is it OK to walk on a composition shingle roof?

Last Answer : Wear soft soled shoes like sneakers and wait until the roof is cool to the touch, like early morning.

Description : Can a house really be built to survive hurricanes?

Last Answer : Yes, buildings (houses) can withstand even Cat 5 hurricane winds. Where they run into problems, though, is often the placement that gets affected by the storm surge or flooding from the deluge ... substantial amount. That's why North Carolina is facing such a huge problem recovering from Florence.

Description : How thick do you make the exterior and interior walls of a residence if you are using Post and Beam construction instead of standard Timber Frame?

Last Answer : Post and Beam is historically 10 to 12 inches by the same. . . so wall thickness of up to 12 inches. I owned a 1720’s center chimney with post and beam.

Description : What is the difference between cement and concrete?

Last Answer : Cement is the stuff that when mixed with water forms concrete. Concrete is a structure formed from cement.

Description : What kind of concrete is best for fence posts?

Last Answer : answer:I don't have a specific answer for your site and its wind issues. I have heard over and over that people regret quick-crete shortly after they have the job done. I have also heard it's ... badly. Will you be doing your own mixing, or having a concrete company do it? Moisture is everything.

Description : How long have construction workers been laying sheet of plastic on the ground before laying the foundation?

Last Answer :

Description : Why is it better to have a basement?

Last Answer : that is where you store the coal for the ovens.

Description : Anti mist and ultra violet ray glass coating?

Last Answer : answer:Most glass by it's very nature blocks ~90% of UV B but only ~10% of UV A. A special coating can block a little more UV B and a lot more UV A, but there is a big difference between UV ... to keep condensation from forming on the glass. Anti-mist? Do you mean anti-fog? Think of it as Rain-X.

Description : The glass used in museum displays?

Last Answer : I don’t know brand names or specifics, but I know that several museums have hardened (double baked) glass. Some others have small metallic wire – very narrow – for strength.

Description : How much does asphalt cost?

Last Answer : In my neighborhood, mid Atlantic USA, figure $5.00 per square foot. So figure something NORTH of $400,000. Maybe a half a million dollars with prep and engineering the curves

Description : How do construction cranes rise up?

Last Answer : Look at rough terrain mobile crane to see if that’s what you mean.

Description : Electrical troubleshooting: what's my next step (see details)

Last Answer : You call an electrician.

Description : Can I run a sink drain between the joists in my basement?

Last Answer : answer:I'm trying to visualize from your description, and here's what I have so far: Your kitchen sink drain routes into a concrete floor and from there somewhere through the concrete floor into the main drain ... , then I'd say that you need to abandon your plan or reroute all of the drain lines.

Description : What would you rather choose, asphalt or concrete?

Last Answer : answer:For what? ? Welcome to Fluther! It helps to get answers if your question is specific.

Description : Can you make a gunite pool larger?

Last Answer : answer:From just a quick google image search, it looks like they spray concrete over top of pre formed re-bar, so it would make it difficult to do but I imagine a crew with some heavy duty cutters ... , just ask the company. It will probably be cheaper but you never know what labor will be involved.

Description : Can you replace a support wall in a house with columns and remove the wall?

Last Answer : It takes a lot of structural engineering to remove a load-bearing wall, but it can be done. Usually, there will need to be a beam installed overhead to take the load, and possibly columns to support the ... t a load-bearing wall underneath it) would be less of a problem, but I'm not entirely sure.

Description : How can I punish a grocer for selling outdated pork products?

Last Answer : The best way to get back at them is to write a letter to your local newspaper and/or post on their Facebook page what has happened. No store wants this information publicized.

Description : What would a fruity smell coming from the basement of an old building indicate?

Last Answer : A recently deceased small animal, such as a rat or mouse or squirrel, has just such a smell. It is powerful, noticeable and nasty. However, it will dissipate in several days when the corpus undilecti decomposes and the maggots have had their fill.

Description : What items are just not made as well today as they were in the past?

Last Answer : Wrist watches. Mine last about 6 years. When they break I use the one made in 1920. It’s not as accurate, but good enough till I get a new one.

Description : What material are the cabinets on the left made of?

Last Answer : Possibly MDF or a laminate. If it’s MDF it probably is finished with two pack paint (spray paint with a hardener).

Description : Can anyone help me with a moisture problem in my old house?

Last Answer : answer:This is kinda like asking about blood in your stool. You really need to ask someone that can give everything a good look. From what you say I hope you have deep pockets.

Description : I can't figure out how to open the spray paint can lid! Help?

Last Answer : Squeeze both sides at the same time and pull up. When that doesn’t work for me I pry it off with a screw driver.

Description : How do I build this type of wall?

Last Answer : Sorry, but if you aren’t a mason and know how to do these, you might need to hire a mason.

Description : What are some good ideas for a slingshot?

Last Answer : Attach your elastic material to some kind of “pocket” so that you can more easily launch your ammo. Why are you making a slingshot?

Description : Do we have the right to assemble and petition our government?

Last Answer : It’s only the First Amendment, and we all know that the US Constitution is the biggest enemy to our freedom. What were those Socialists thinking when they wrote that?

Description : Help with very basic construction, generalized building code info?

Last Answer : It seems to me she should have obtained a building permit before beginning, posted in full view. She should have submitted a set of plans to the appropriate engineering dept to get an approval to ... on what unbalanced fill is.

Description : How much does it cost to lift a house?

Last Answer : Wouldn’t it be easier to dig up the basement floor and lay a new slab down?

Description : What would you add to the 10K Mansion?

Last Answer : A bidet.

Description : What is being constructed? (See details).

Last Answer : Area for water runoff or drainage testing?

Description : Any tips for building a bike trailer?

Last Answer : answer:A local guy built his own pedicab without welding and using recycled materials whenever he could to keep costs and complexity down. It’s not an exact match for what you’re doing, but might answer some of your questions.

Description : How can a person improve at the job of construction?

Last Answer : Just build things. The more you do it the better you get. The internet is full of every how-to imaginable. Also go to the clinics at Home Depot. They are constantly demonstrating tools and techniques.

Description : How did standard 2x4 wall stud length become eight feet?

Last Answer : answer:Fascinating question! I've taken a couple of building inspection classes and we went over all the minutiae of what the measurements were, but very little on why they were that way. Of course, the ... of most common 48 sheet goods. No one seems to have settled on a correct answer, though!

Description : What angle do I cut?

Last Answer : Are you just cutting the trim boards that face the window or what?

Description : Do I need to install a gable vent on every gable?

Last Answer : Vent the highest point of the house. No need to do every gable if the roof is open (attic). If you ever re-roof then consider ridge vents. Can’t get any higher than ridge vents.

Description : Awning see-through material?

Last Answer : There is a material called Sunbrella Fireresist, it is woven out of fire resistant acrylic fibers, that are then waterproofed with sealer. Another awning fabric that may be a bit see-through, but not plastic, is canvas. And there is also a vinyl laminated polyester, this is used for backlit awnings.

Description : I need advice about presenting my A3 concepts.

Last Answer : You should be able to find a mounting board in a stationery shop. There should be some inexpensive cardbaord types for as common a paper size as A3. They have fold-out tabs on the back that swing out to let the board stand up on a desk or table top for display.

Description : I want to build an igloo and live in it.

Last Answer : Well the Inuit still live in Igloo. I don’t know how to build an Igloo but I know a common house is much more comfortable.

Description : Any tips and techniques for using metal studs when framing a basement?

Last Answer : Try these and see if they have what you are looking for.

Description : Can you tell me what to use to "seal" the weep holes on my house?

Last Answer : Could you find an old screen (sometimes you can buy it on the roll by the sqft) and cut it to size? Cut it a bit bigger and use removeable caulk to adhere it to the hole perhaps.

Description : How can I mount speakers on drywall?

Last Answer : You need drywall mollies.

Description : Have you ever been in a building where the 13th floor is actually marked with the number 13?

Last Answer : My building was completed in 1974. It has a 13th Floor. I wasn’t aware that that was still going on in newer buildings. If it is, that’s silly.

Description : Why are electrical outlets installed upside down?

Last Answer : I thought that indicated which outlets were controlled by a nearby wall switch.

Description : What type of insulation should I use?

Last Answer : The vapor barrier goes on the out side wall. Unless money is real type I would replace all of the insulation. Talk to the people wherever you are buying your insulation (Lowes,Home depot or menards) And ... rolls and batts on mine. Is this going to be living space? If not things will be different.

Description : Why do you think so many people are freaked out by the concept of capitalism?

Last Answer : Most political and economic models sound good on paper.

Description : How can I find out about new construction near my land?

Last Answer : i think you go to city hall to get the actual dimensions of your property and your neighbor's property

Description : Metal arrows sticking out of the ground?

Last Answer : Those are likely marking buried gas pipelines, and possibly (I'd need to see a picture) are a vent for the pipeline to keep any minor leaks from becoming explosions.