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Description : Do you wash your bowl after you eat?

Last Answer : answer:It will be interesting to see the answers on this Q. Not everyone can be at the sink at once. So, I think you will have a problem there. Also, possibly, the meals that you ... unload a dishwasher. Unloading the dishwasher is my least favorite thing to do in terms of household chores.

Description : How many different styles of everyday drinking glasses are in your cupboard?

Last Answer : Not including all the crazy waterbottles, souvenir, and just plain unique cups I’ve gathered over the years, I counted seven sets. I actually kind of like having all sorts of different mismatched cups in my cupboard, it makes things more interesting, in my opinion.

Description : How do you get Sally Hansen eyebrow wax off a plate?

Last Answer : Did they put that little bottle of azulene oil in it? That takes it off.

Description : Why do dinnerware sets come with so many mugs?

Last Answer : Maybe they expect them to be dropped and broken at some point or, they want to add things to the set to make it cost more.

Description : When I do the dishes, why do the plastics sometimes end up greasy?

Last Answer : answer:I've noticed that too, must have something to do with the grease sticking to the plastic more. I always use tons of soap and rinse really well as I also have a phobia about tasting soap. ... run it for the same reason and because somewhere, deep down, I think it is inferior to hand washing.

Description : I broke a china saucer, and I think I did a bad job supergluing it back together. How can I rebreak it so I can glue it together properly?

Last Answer : Try soaking it in hot water. You might want to also look on e-Bay for a replacement.

Description : What's a talent you wish you had?

Last Answer : Oil painting artist I would like to paint realistic landscapes, but mine look more like abstract art.

Description : Is there a way that you could tell how old this china is?

Last Answer : answer:Will you describe what it looks like? Would you be able to upload a photo? Here is some information on Johnson Brothers.

Description : You have eight bowls, four red and four blue. Aside from the color, they are identical. How do you stack them?

Last Answer : Random, for I am a bowl stacking rebel! ;)

Description : Why do plastic cups and bowls air dry far slower than glass dishes?

Last Answer : I doubt they do. However most plastic containers and cups have some sort of rolled edge on their tops, and that forms a channel which can hold a significant amount of water which pours out when you ... the rolled lip to gravity drain while the cup or bowl does, and this will speed complete drying.

Description : Is it safe to use Comet to clean dishes?

Last Answer : I use comet to clean my pots and pans. Don’t know why you could use them on everyday dishes. Would use it on fine china though.

Description : Why does my back hurt when doing the dishes? How can I alleviate it?

Last Answer : are you hunched over the sink while you do it? it could just be standing in a funny position while holding a little weight for a relatively long period of time. consult a doctor

Description : How much does it cost, approximately, to rent dishes for a 75 person dinner?

Last Answer : Your best bet is going to be to look up a phone number, call, and ask.

Description : How do i get my roomate to do dishes?

Last Answer : Do you do dishes? How are your chores split up? Is it just you two? Do you have separate dishes?

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