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Description : Would I be a bad person for not confronting my aunt about her use of a pronged collar on her dog?

Last Answer : Are the prongs facing outward, or digging into the dog’s neck?

Description : Should I take my dog to the vet?

Last Answer : I’d automatically say yes but I’m not a vet. My dogs have streams. I think we have a vet tech here, hopefully she see’s this soon. :)

Description : When encountering a dog for the first time, is it a good idea to extend your palm?

Last Answer : It is better to extend your hand palm down, so the dog is not feeling threateend by your open palm and can snoff the back of your hand. If you offer your palm, the dog does not know if you might slap them.

Description : Does the fact that my dog, Cato, has a saggital crest suggest he has some pit bull in him?

Last Answer : Reading that article, Cato is part orangutang. No wonder he was mad when you started playing with that cute dog down teh street. p.s. I thought the Sagittal Crest was a ridgeline in the Sierra Nevada.

Description : Why does my dog, Cato, start shivering,almost violently, when he realizes that we're going to leave him in the house, or the camper, when we go to eat?

Last Answer : Sounds like anxiety.

Description : What are Shiba Inus like as pets?

Last Answer : They’re very independent and aloof toward strangers. I have been told they have a lot of cat like qualities.

Description : Why don't dogs have dew claws on their back feet?

Last Answer : Because they don’t. I doubt it was a determining survival trait.

Description : When a dog gets sprayed by a skunk do they learn to stay away from them?

Last Answer : I think it depends on the dog. I used to have a goofy Chesapeake who never really got the hang of leaving skunks alone. I should have bought stock in tomato juice companies. All my other dogs have been pretty canny about skunks. Ugh ugh ugh, sorry you have to deal with this.

Description : What are your thoughts on cropping dog's ears and docking their tails?

Last Answer : No to both.

Description : Are raised hackles on a dog always a sign of agression?

Last Answer : That’s what I have always heard, hence that old expression “Don’t get your shackles up”. But it’s a new environment and new people for him. Possibly he thought the lady was a threat. Just speculating.

Description : Do dogs have to actively sniff to smell?

Last Answer : No more than you do. Their nose being wet has nothing to do with their sense of smell.

Description : What should I do with an escape artist dog?

Last Answer : My dog was a very powerful German Shepherd. If I tried to chain him with a large, heavy duty guard dog choke chain, he would just pull on it until the large rings on the end elongated, ... be more difficult because the dog can get tangled on more stuff. I would suggest the buried concrete block.

Description : If you had / have dogs, and were designing a house, would you design stairways a certain way to accommodate them? And how would you do it?

Last Answer : In my experience, dogs learn to manage stairs even if it takes a little while and they get pretty adept at scrambling where they want to go. I wouldn’t worry about designing stairs particularly for them.

Description : Do you like retractable dog leashes?

Last Answer : No I don’t like them. In some jurisdictions there is a maximum length (like 5 feet) that includes retractable leashes with 15 feet cords. No leashes over 5 feet.

Description : What can be done to save this neighbor's dog?

Last Answer : I don’t know, but I sure hope someone can help, at least by suggesting the best search keywords or avenues to local pet rescue agencies. This is a very sad story.

Description : Has anyone ever heard of chocolate labs having trouble with their knees?

Last Answer : Not labs specifically, but many dog breeds have chronic knee issues. I know from experience that basset hounds, maltese, havanese, westies, and yorkies do.

Description : What is your favorite dog breed?

Last Answer : That’s difficult to answer because each breed has their own characteristics that make them special. For me, Jack Russell’s are one of my favorites. Gamey little loves.

Description : Can you help me with this dog training question?

Last Answer : Hire a professional dog trainer.

Description : What is the latest dog breed?

Last Answer : I think that’s a question for Google.

Description : I'll be getting a puppy (bully) 2-3 weeks from now, can you help me name him?

Last Answer : Is he a pit bull? “Steeler”, as in Pittsburgh Steeler. “Finch” as in Bullfinch At least he already has a theme song

Description : How long does it take for a dog with shoes to walk normally?

Last Answer : I don’t know anyone who persisted in upsetting their dogs by leaving them on, true story. My dogs came off within the first three minutes and we never tried again.

Description : Why does my dog's coat keep changing pattern?

Last Answer : Can you post a picture?

Description : How did your dog learn to enjoy water?

Last Answer : I had a cocker who never liked the water. Maybe instead of trying to get them to like water, you can look at the problem as how to keep them cool. Any air-conditioned dog friendly cafes you can ... I would imagine having lots of drinking water available to them would help but I'm sure you do that.

Description : What do you think about people paying super high prices for pets?

Last Answer : That is not super high, many years ago we bought a dog that was AKC Champion lines for $250 (1976 today dollars about $1200 now) There was a dog, one of my friend’s son bought, that was $3500 this past March. Personally now we adopt rescues.

Description : Do drug sniffing dogs get high when they find drugs?

Last Answer : I sure hope so.

Description : Do you feed your dog Hill's Pet Nutrition?

Last Answer : My vet recommended Hill’s Science Diet Senior for my dog but I found it too expensive. So I switched to Gains Cycle 4.

Description : What breed of dog am I looking for?

Last Answer : I hope you don’t mean a Pomeranian. see article(dog) They meet the size and furriness requirements. But they yap terribly, and it is high-pitched and obnoxious to listen to.

Description : What do you do to help your aging dogs?

Last Answer : Check with your vet. You might be able to give your dog a baby aspirin, or larger, depending on how big your dog is. And get a nice fluffy dog bed for the floor. But not too thick! (Might be more padding than comforters.)

Description : Do you have an ethical issue with dog breeders?

Last Answer : California forced pet shops to stop selling dogs and cats from breeders. They must sell only rescue animals. Puppy mills are bad, I’ve bought AKC dogs directly from the breeder.

Description : Is there an equivalent to the Westminster Dog show for mutts? Should there be?

Last Answer : Yeah, every time an animal friend goes to a an animal shelter and has a look at all the residents, and chooses one to share their life with.

Description : What would you do if someone else's pet got hurt in your care?

Last Answer : No way. There is no way on earth to know where he was when he swallowed the plastic, for one thing. For another, it was an accident. Dogs and kids get hurt and it is the responsibility of ... different story. IMO this comes no where near gross negligence even if he did swallow it at your house.

Description : What brand of flea collar do you use for your doggy?

Last Answer : I saw a vet show and they advised NOT to use a flea collar and showed the damage to the dog that it does.

Description : Are humans lacking something that dogs have?

Last Answer : If a dog loves you he or she loves you unconditionally, period. If a dog hates you he or she will kill you and eat you. They're pretty simple that way. It would be nice if ... a documentary on the domestication of dogs once. They made an interesting comment that dogs actually domesticated humans.

Description : How can dogs bounce back from fairly major medical events in a way humans can't?

Last Answer : Are you applying the “dog years” multiplier? Dogs are descended from wolves, who evolved to be tough enough to survive as a wolf. And they are small and have fast metabolisms.

Description : Did your dogs always obey you?

Last Answer : When they see me holding the treats they'll always enthusiastically obey me. Without treats they'll look at me for a moment then decide whether or not they would like to comply. If I want them to obey ... then I'll have to raise my voice and sound angry then they'll do it while looking apologetic.

Description : Can you give me suggestions for the name of my dog?

Last Answer : Rex-male Rose-female

Description : Will a trained guard dog choose loyalty or call of the nature?

Last Answer : Now it’s female dog-as-temptress? What’s going on?

Description : Why won't Dakota stay outside?

Last Answer : Dogs are pack animals.

Description : Have you decided you won't be getting anymore pets and, if so, why?

Last Answer : I tell myself that I won't get anymore pets after one has died, but I always do. They are a lot of company and having a pet is incentive to get up off the couch and take the animal outside or go for a ... and shop or meet up with friends after work. To go on vacation, it's 30.00 a day to board her.

Description : How would you have handled this, and would you have gotten angry with your dog?

Last Answer : Write a complaint to the manufacturer. How shitty has the build quality of that caravan have to be for a dog to be able to punch his head through?

Description : Don't the animal shelters have something in place so they aren't euthanizing the wrong dogs?

Last Answer : It's extremely rare. Veterinary facilities will have different ways of doing things, and it actually varies a lot, from state to state. It's pretty hard to do. The euthanasia drug, is a controlled substance. So. ... say it's their's and try to have it put down Gotta love our fellow human beings ...

Description : When you pet a dog, is that comparable to when they lick you? Are you and they expressing the same sentiment?

Last Answer : Yes, but you could also lick them back to make sure they know you like them.

Description : Can a dog have fleas and not scratch?

Last Answer : If you bathe her with a flea shampoo and there are not dead fleas in the bath tub then; the conclusion would be maybe no. If you give her Frontline Plus or NexGard the answer would NO fleas or ticks.

Description : Do flies think they're dogs?

Last Answer : maybe you should….

Description : [Update] I fed my dog chicken bones and I'm worried of his health?

Last Answer : Thank you for the update. If the dog was diagnosed as having distemper by a vet, then you need to read up on how a dog gets distemper. It is likely that it has nothing to do with eating chicken ... that distemper cannot be cured. Ask the vet are the options and decide what would be best for the dog.

Description : How can I improve the connection with my dog?

Last Answer : I have experienced this type of transition a number of times in my life, most recently when my old boy dies last fall and now I am have only the almost 3 year old. I can sympathize with you, and only tell you ... do this and I know it's hard. Pats and loves to both of you from me and my young boy.

Description : What should be done in this family situation?

Last Answer : That is grounds for having the rental terminated early, and beach communities are very strict about leash laws in the summer. And really, someone is allergic? Why should someone have to take meds so he can ... community laws? Your brother is being selfish and stupid. (Sorry, but that's how it is!)

Description : How do blind people clean up for the guide dog?

Last Answer : Guide dogs are very well trained BEFORE they are placed with their human. IF I remember correct, they will let you know IF they need to go out plus, I think they are put on a ... ability to hold themselves until their next scheduled relief moment. I do remember that they seldom have accidents.

Description : Does it hurt a dog to pet their beaks?

Last Answer : Do you mean their whiskers? Dogs don’t have beaks.

Description : Have you somehow assigned a human voice to your dog?

Last Answer : Sorta like someone who can’t completely close their mouths.