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Description : Since we all claim to be great drivers, how often do you make sure all the lights on your vehicle are working?

Last Answer : I check mine just about every time I drive it. I have a drawer in the tool box full of spare bulbs for both vehicles.

Description : Is it normal to stop in the middle of traffic for a funeral procession?

Last Answer : No, one should pull to the shoulder to stop. It’s not superstition. It’s respect. If you don’t know the difference, I have no intention of helping you with that.

Description : When you're driving do you chat with passengers in your car?

Last Answer : If there are passengers, how do you avoid it?

Description : In the past, or now, did people need a license to ride a horse?

Last Answer : No, a license was not necessary either in the past or now.

Description : Would it work if a driver can get a special license to drive faster than the speed limit?

Last Answer : You can become a driver of ambulances and fire trucks.

Description : How well do you understand transport trucks?

Last Answer : You just told us all about them. ;-) I think I sort of understand how they drive, but I have never driven one, and I am sure there are many things about them I don't know, and ... from how the stores run out of stuff when even notably irregular weather slows down the trucks. Probably other things

Description : Why do people claim to be the best driver ever, and yet keep making the same stupid mistakes?

Last Answer : I learn and never do it again. I got two speeding tickets in the same week when I was in my early 20’s, after that I have never had any issues since.

Description : Have any countries ever switched driving from one side of the road to another?

Last Answer : Doubtful. Too many cars have the controls on the wrong side.

Description : Do you have a dash-cam for your vehicle?

Last Answer : I don’t and probably won’t. As many camera’s are around us everywhere now, I just don’t see the need.

Description : When you get into your car to drive, do you strap the seat belt and then turn the key, or do you turn the car on first and then strap in?

Last Answer : The vehicles that I use for transportation have no seatbelts.

Description : Can we have drone assisted driverless cars?

Last Answer : Sounds over complicating what is not that difficult a concept.I can’t think of what info a drone could see before the properly equipped car would see.

Description : In your opinion has rubbernecking in traffic situations gotten worse over the years?

Last Answer : Probably about the same, maybe a little worse. The problem, as I see it, is that a law against rubbernecking is stupid and unenforceable. The police are working the wreck; no police force is ... problem, then outlaw the actions that causes accidents in the first place. (Texting while driving, etc.)

Description : Do you know anyone who thinks yellow light means floor it?

Last Answer : My friend used to say, Yellow light means go faster, and she did. Zoom. Used to scare me when I was riding with her. I was also privileged to see her make a U-turn once in the middle of a busy ... who won't go a mile over the speed limit. Yellow light? She'll stop way back there just to be sure.

Description : Do you expext truck drivers to swerve (probably killing themselves), or do you believe most would stay on course no matter what?

Last Answer : Here is a video , this is sorta what I am trying to say Let me tell you from my view,I would be standing on the brakes,but I would be driving through them I ... the 2 in the video. Did you notice that idiot never even stuck around to see if those drivers were alright.

Description : What are your thoughts and opinions on dash cams?

Last Answer : I can understand why you endorse them. If someone handed me one, I would probably use it, but so far, I feel no compulsion to buy one.

Description : Would you rather drive a four lane divided highway, or a two lane curvy highway?

Last Answer : If time isn’t an issue I would prefer the two lane curvy road though not so much at night.

Description : Do you really have to shoulder check every 5 seconds?

Last Answer : Uh NO! Just shoulder check when changing lanes. constantly checking the road. mirrors, and other things but just shoulder check when changing lanes.

Description : Wondering, what do you call your vehicle?

Last Answer : Example, you are with a bunch of friends and decide to go some where, do you say let’s all jump in my Blazer and head out? Do you say let’s all pile in my suv and get going? Do you say let’s take the rocket and blast out there?

Description : What gadget did your vehicle come with that you like the most?

Last Answer : Not a gadget, but I appreciate the dark almost black windows. It’s a great boon in hot summers.

Description : At highway speeds do you feel safer with a transport truck in front of you, or behind you?

Last Answer : Behind me. If it is in front of me, the truck is blocking my view of what is ahead of me that I might miss such as a caution sign, or a road sign that I need to read. Also, he could lose ... other day there was a truck in front and beside me carrying machinery and a piece came off and hit my car.

Description : What should I know about buying and maintaining a motocycle?

Last Answer : Here’s is Link for e-bikes. Not sure same will be available in your country.

Description : Why do people find traffic accidents so fascinating?

Last Answer : So why the need to stare?

Description : Would you merge on to a busy freeway doing less than half the posted speed limit?

Last Answer : I have been told chill out don't judge, give these people a break, but in that same breath these people go freaking insane if a coma isn't spaced properly, oh OMG you use quotation marks wrong the ... the same, if I have to chill when bad fucking drivers are risking my life with their poor driving.

Description : When was the last time you drove a vehicle that had three on the tree?

Last Answer : Yes, we know what “three on the tree” is. It’s a pretentious way of referring to a three-speed manual transmission with the gearshift lever mounted on the steering column. And no, I’ve never driven one. Just four-on-the-floor for me.

Description : What makes "you" a safe driver?

Last Answer : No one's vehicle is always in top condition because usage necessarily leads to degradation. Upkeep is a matter of keeping a vehicle in good condition, not top condition. No, I don't turn my cellphone ... of someone's life you've experienced defines them. It might make you less of a broken record.

Description : Where can I find overhead videos of specific highway through out the United States?

Last Answer : Google earth?

Description : How often do you check to make sure all the lights on your vehicle are working properly?

Last Answer : Well, let’s see…..I last made that effort in…...1978, I think. So I guess that means (if I check tomorrow) that my answer will be…...(‘88….‘98…..2008…..2017) Every 39 years…. On the upside, I DO come to complete stops (well….OK….most of the time, I mean….)

Description : Don't you ever wish, you could simply ask someone why they did something stupid and get an honest answer?

Last Answer : One example I can think of , when we were kids Mom would say NO cookies before supper,and then catch us stealing a cookie, she would scream I told you no ,why did you take a cookie? All we could mumble ... don't know, the honest answer was gee Mom I thought I could get away with it but ya caught me.

Description : When coming up on a very slow vehicle, or stopped traffic, do you ever think to put your four way flashers on?

Last Answer : I always do. And I appreciate it when the driver in front of me does so.

Description : What is the largest vehicle you ever drove?

Last Answer : Gasoline powered 48 passenger front engine rear wheel drive school bus. It was a standard transmission and I only moved it far enough that the bus driver, who left the bus running to go into the high school office ... no one told him who moved. I have also driven a one ton pick-up with a snow plow.

Description : What emotions would you have had in this situation?

Last Answer : Same as yours. Same reason everybody should take a defensive driving course, because just knowing how to operate a car isn’t enough.

Description : How can I hire someone to drive me to work?

Last Answer : Talk to co-workers say you’re will to pay for fuel. Put an add in the local paper. Put an add on craigs list. Find a local bulletin board and post an add on it.

Description : Pet peeve #822: Why don't some drivers turn on their headlights at dawn and dusk?

Last Answer : answer:They may have things on their mind and haven’t really noticed how dark it is getting. Not right, but it happens. I remember driving home one night. I was severely overworked at the time. The freeway was well lit and I suddenly realized I hadn’t turned my lights on!

Description : Can I hire Uber to teach me how to drive?

Last Answer : No – that is not their function. Hire a driving school.

Description : Have the crazies hit the highways where you live?

Last Answer : answer:Fellow Atlantan here: Leaving in about an hour for Sarasota, FL. I’m looking forward to that bottleneck where 675 meets 75. Then, where lane discipline goes out the window at the Florida state line.

Description : Is there one, particular, traffic light in your area that drives you nuts with it's unwavering predictability?

Last Answer : answer:There's one at the end of my neighborhood that is triggered by weight. It is a tiny, 35 mph road that faces a 6-lane section of US41. If you're travelling 41, and someone stops at that red ... fast yellow light and go red on you. If traffic is heavy, it can happen twice while you're waiting.

Description : Why for the most part are people so distracted when it comes to driving?

Last Answer : answer:Because 99.9% of the time it is mindless and thoughtless work, just going with the flow of traffic, little to stimulate the mind. So people listen to the radio, they check the phone, they read a ... cigarette lighter to light a smoke. Looked up and the pick up in front of me had stopped. Bam.

Description : Should people driving extra large motor homes or long camping trailers be required to have a special license?

Last Answer : Here in B.C they are not required to have any such license, but there is talk of it.

Description : Why is it that bicyclists don't like to cycle in the bicycle lane?

Last Answer : Do you mean the so called bicycle lane? :-)

Description : What do other drivers do that you find very annoying?

Last Answer : Change lanes and/or make turns without using a blinker.

Description : Why for the most part does the average driver think the rules of the road are for everyone but them?

Last Answer : Because people overestimate their abilities. It’s called the Dunning-Kruger effect.

Description : Are transport trucks hard to see from the drivers seat of the average car?

Last Answer : No.

Description : How many total miles (kilometres) do you drive a month?

Last Answer : answer:Minimum is about 200 miles per month. Max is about 400.

Description : Need your opinion about a driving question?

Last Answer : answer:If they are likely to hold back, expecting you to grab the chance, nobody is going to get to pass. You’re the pro and would know the odds of that better than I would. Meanwhile, my friend, I don’t want to see you texting while driving.

Description : Are there any services that provide drivers who have learning permits with passengers who have driver licenses?

Last Answer : Interesting question. Well, if you already know how to drive, and know the rules, how about you skip that part and just take the test? You can get a pamphlet at the DMV that covers everything they may ask on the test.

Description : Why does MADD Canada say to take a taxi when you drink, when taxis don't want them?

Last Answer : It is because MADD doesn’t want you to even think about the possibility of driving after having anything to drink. Taxi drivers be damned, if they don’t like driving drunks home, they can turn in their medallion and give up government regulated fares.

Description : Can you get a prescription windshield for your car?

Last Answer : No. The closest you can get is plain (untinted, unshaded), tinted, shaded, tinted and shaded.

Description : When driving, when your lane is ending or merging, do you usually change lanes and get over as soon as possible or wait until the last minute?

Last Answer : I do both just depending on traffic patterns and how much time I have. Usually, I’m somewhere in the middle.

Description : Are there ways in which you control the movements of drivers around you?

Last Answer : Turn signals? Brake lights? Swervin’ in my Lane?

Description : This is mainly for males; do you expect women to follow your unsolicited directions?

Last Answer : answer:Thank god for modern GPS. Shut up and just give me the address with zip code. No more. “Then your going to come to a big tree. Don’t stop there, keep going…” People just adore the sound of their own voice. (sigh).