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Description : How heat flow affects the Earth's magnetic field ?

Last Answer : Heat flow does not have a direct effect on the Earth's magnetic field, but it can affect the Earth's interior, which in turn can affect the magnetic field. The Earth's magnetic field is ... in order to better understand the dynamics of the Earth's interior and the behavior of its magnetic field.

Description : Could you go to the beach and enter the water safely billions of years ago here on earth? In the sense that there used to be different species of marine animals and fish that could be dangerous to humans.

Last Answer : Just going back 1 billion yeas will put you in the Protozoic Era. It would be pretty safe for humans. There were harmless sponges and single cell animals at that time. No fish, reptiles or marine mammals.

Description : How would you feel if interplanetary visitors came to Earth, visited us, and then said "Too weird for us"?

Last Answer : Better than if they came here and said: “Oooh, they look so tasty!”

Description : What are some real first contact situations in Earth?

Last Answer : Sentinelese tribe’s first contact with modern humans. I don’t think our first meet with extraterrestrials will be that simple tho. Maybe, they are already in contact

Description : Can we remove all traces of humanity?

Last Answer : No. No.

Description : How near does a black hole has to be to affect our planet?

Last Answer : Well it entirely depends upon its mass. In case of the black hole that was just imaged:

Description : Would we find more exoplantets if the galaxy Is flat?

Last Answer : We currently find most exoplanets based on how they affect the light around them, (known as Transit Photometry), so revolving around a sun helps, but there are also rouge planets that are not ... types of galaxies we have identified (three main types).

Description : According to you, microexpressions could be used to endanger the humans on Earth?

Last Answer : Microexpressions can be used to annoy humans on Earth:

Description : Extraterrestrials colonizing but not eliminating mankind, what would humans do?

Last Answer : Do not be silly. Of course we would be exterminating you.

Description : Does the north pole have a hole in it that leads to a sun? The Irish Times thinks so.

Last Answer : Gosh, in 1914 Edgar Rice Burroughs posited exactly that!

Description : If the Earth has over 80 times the mass of the moon, why does it only have about 6 times as much gravity?

Last Answer : The equation for gravitational attractive force is F = G * m1 * m2 / r^2. m2 is your mass. You got the mass ratio right: m1 for Earth is 80x m1 for the Moon. But when you stand on the surface, r ... Earth is 6370 km. if you take the square of the distance ratio you get 0.075. Multiply by 80 => 6

Description : What is the terminal velocity of the moon crashing into Earth?

Last Answer : answer:The Newtonian equation is F = G x (m1.m2)/r^2. It's hard to write equations on here, so see's_law_of_universal_gravitation if that is unclear. ... mass of both objects, the gravitational force between the Earth and the Moon is dependent on both masses.

Description : Does Earth have a flag and anthem?

Last Answer : UN..flag, yes. Anthem, no.

Description : You've just been given a life sentence. The twist? You have to choose your own cellmate.

Last Answer : ~I would pick someone who knows how to escape prisons…

Description : What other Marvel or DC characters would be a match for the Beyonders powers.

Last Answer : answer:If you read the secret wars, the marvel heroes end up turning to Dr. Doom to assist them in fighting the Beyonder which results in a victory (for a while) Phoenix probably (as she has gone ... and no one, NO ONE, say Captain Universe, that monstrosity of fiction doesn't exist and never did.

Description : What's the main cause for climate change?

Last Answer : I agree with your conclusions as do all serious scientists.

Description : How concerned and prepared should we be about an Asteroid hitting Earth?

Last Answer : I see zero point in being concerned. It will either destroy us or not, and there little to nothing we can do about it.

Description : If all gravity on earth ceased to be, what would be the outcome?

Last Answer : Everything that wasn’t tied down would be flung into space by centrifugal force, including the oceans and the atmosphere.

Description : You're the last human on Earth. What do you do to keep yourself sane?

Last Answer : Holy smokes! Hmmm, first of all I would probably strip down naked since nobody is there. Secondly, I would love to drive all the $$$$ cars out there… Jee where can i start. The list goes on….

Description : How can I figure out what point is exactly halfway around the world from another point?

Last Answer : Hope this is what you’re looking for Now I’m gonna check… the opposite of where I am is… water.

Description : If you could get rid of one thing on this earth, what would it be?

Last Answer : Religion.

Description : Do you think that we could... Take over the world?

Last Answer : All we need is the orange tree.

Description : Where did the Moon come from?

Last Answer : The moon was basically a meteor that got sucked into earth’s gravitational pull. The moon is pretty old, so I cant really tell you exactly though.

Description : If within your power, what would you do that would change the world drastically?

Last Answer : I would vaporize every weapon on earth, from the smallest pistol to the biggest bomb. Can’t wait to see how many people disagree with me on this one.

Description : Question on velocity of an object orbiting a planet.

Last Answer : I’m pretty sure the answer is 1m but I wanted to know if it was more complex than that or that I was flat out wrong.

Description : Who are the meek and what will be left of the earth they inherit?

Last Answer : The meek are those people who have all those footprints on their butts. They will inherit nothing.

Description : If you had the ability to create your own planet, how would it differ from earth?

Last Answer : No gender norms, no sexuality labels, no religion.

Description : End of the World Scenario: What happens to us if there's no moon?

Last Answer : The tides would stop, then the wind, then the world. Funnily enough, our moon is floating away from us slowly but surely, and the tides it causes are slowing the earth’s rotation slightly over time. So we can’t win, can we?

Description : How fast is the earth traveling through space in MPH?

Last Answer : I’m far from a scientist. But from what I know, we’re rotating. We’re orbiting. The solar system is moving. The galaxy is stretching. The universe is expanding. We’re going fast, dude.

Description : What practices of Earth etiquette do you think will prove most helpful in the fight against environmental degradation?

Last Answer : I would say the overall decrease in carbon emissions and pollution (making companies green and making more fuel efficient cars) is going to help the most. The recycling idea is nice but the truth ... coolest looking thing ever! if I do say so myself Being green can be cost efficient and stylish.

Description : Okay, you have the attention of all the ears on Earth. What will you say?

Last Answer : Hello

Description : how can I pin point my location on the opposite side of the world without sticking a needle through a globe?

Last Answer : answer:From Wikipedia: The antipodes of any place on the Earth is the place which is diametrically opposite it - so situated that a line drawn from the one to the other passes through the ... antipodes, this being a consequence of most land being in the northern hemisphere. Find your antipode here

Description : who was the first person to say the earth is round

Last Answer : The concept of a spherical Earth dates back to around the 6th century BC in ancient Greek philosophy and Indian philosophy. In Greece, the concept was espoused by Pythagoras, apparently on ... concept of a spherical Earth was recognized in the Shatapatha Brahmana and Aitareya Brahmana. Wikipedia

Description : How do you think the Earth, will come to a end. Or will human being's come to a end long before the Earth.

Last Answer : As you know, in a couple billion years, the sun will have a super nova and may turn into a black hole. Think about it—as the sun is destroyed, will humans be able to live without sunlight? Probably not, unless we make some sort of sun like contraption. So, I think we wolli

Description : How was the world created in your eyes?

Last Answer : man’s greatest mystery

Description : How did pangea form?

Last Answer : God?

Description : When the human race is gone who or what will take over?

Last Answer : Plant-life is my guess. Animals will eventually devour each other (?) So I guess the only thing that has a chance are weeds and trees.

Last Answer : Earth Only Satellite ' moon '

Last Answer : Earth, The sun Both of them Turn around Earth To the sun Center By Around Turns out , again Own Of the axis On, Turns out. The sun The Milky Way Of the galaxy Around Turns out. The world ... Of the galaxy Towards Going. Then Earth, Next door Of the galaxy Towards Going. But Subject At More Complex.

Last Answer : Earth Volume 51 crore 10 lakhs Square kilometers.

Last Answer : It Is Basically Of gravity For Is. The sun Of the earth In comparison A lot Large. So His Of gravity Amount A lot Of Newton Of gravity In the formula We To know I can No Of the object Size, Of ... No. Rotating So Of the sun Gravity Him His Inside Pull Nit. So Earth Of the sun All around Turning.

Last Answer : Earth The answer Direction From South Towards Turn around

Last Answer : Earth Center From The moon Of the center Average Distance Being 364 , 403 Kilometers ( 236 , 656 ) Miles ) which Of the earth Diameter Almost 30 Multiplication The moon Diameter 3 , 464 Kilometers ( 2, ... Than A little More Of Money Standing , moon Volume Of the earth Of volume 50 Sharing 1 Share.

Last Answer : Earth Average Radius 6361 Kilometers.

Last Answer : Pluto The biggest The moon ' Charon '

Last Answer : of the sun Most The closest Of the stars Name Alpha Or Proxima Sentorai.

Last Answer : Drought Of creation Because Long term Dry The weather, Insufficient Rainfall.

Last Answer : Earth Soil Organic , inorganic Okhniz Substance With Made

Last Answer : Neptune Satellite 14 T.