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Description : Should we send her to college when she would have or earlier?

Last Answer : There’s a lot of maturing that has to go on during the adolescent years. I would probably hold off and send her at the age that others would be. Perhaps she could do a “gap year” of volunteering if she leaves high school early?

Description : What are your thoughts on the state of public education in our country?

Last Answer : I live in America. Took my child out of the failing public school into a remote only private academy. One of the best decisions we’ve ever made.

Description : What are some magic , or awesome stuff, that one can do with a degree?

Last Answer : MacGyver.

Description : What are some options for children, during the pandemic, other than in-school or remote learning?

Last Answer : Skip these periods of online learning altogether (they last no more than a week or two to six, I guess), and let them play and learn on their own (with guidance and support, if needed). I ... . Children can use some extra play time, is my opinion. Not to mention (team-) sports/fitness/gymnastics

Description : Are you concerned about children "feeling guilty" from learning history?

Last Answer : This is a canard pushed by nationalists and patriots who have attached their identity and meaning to their country. They love all the positive myths and illusions about how noble and virtuous ... for things that happened decades or centuries ago for which they have absolutely nothing to do with.

Description : Why did I fail in life? I did everything that I was supposed to do. I don't understand why I failed?

Last Answer : You have a degree in an area of study that does not generate anything of value. You can go back to school and learn something of value, or go learn a trade to earn a good living. Or get a Masters and then a doctorate in Sociology and teach.

Description : Should schools be closing again because of Omicron?

Last Answer : I don't think they should close down the schools. As much as we know it's just another form of covid19, we as a people has learned to live with it And this Omicron maybe spreading faster then delta, ... and concentration abilities . Well I had to say.. what was on my mind.. It's just my opinion.

Description : Does the existence of QAnon prove that Libertarianism is fatally flawed?

Last Answer : I think we always knew Libertarianism in its extreme form is fatally flawed. It's basically anarchy. People can identify as libertarians and not be extreme though. I think it's the mix of religious ... for example, but most QAnons are pro-life on the abortion issue from what I've encountered.

Description : Have you ever mistaken education for debate?

Last Answer : I do find other people think they’re in a debate when I’m actually trying to educate them.

Description : Do you have any suggestions on improving grade school education?

Last Answer : Increase teacher pay and school funding. Ending steaming is a good thing too. There are probably tweaks that need to be made regularly to cirriculum to keep it globally competitive, ... between the cracks for various reasons. Class biases and stereotyping can strongly affect individual outcomes.

Description : How should history be taught in schools?

Last Answer : It is common in Germany to have school trips to concentration camps, to teach children how the German State and their ancestors, murdered people by the millions. An essential part of the adage Never Again ... in it are elevated to a level of adulation, that is only rivalled by the Gods themselves.

Description : Have you ever known someone who did not know the rules for adding and multiplying even and odd numbers?

Last Answer : Just about anybody in Afghanistan, or Wahabis in Saudi Arabia. They think that is Satanic influence. Plus just about any student in American urban schools

Description : Targeting Mid-Tier B Schools, is my profile good enough? Should I give GMAT again and aim for a higher score?

Last Answer : I don't even remember my GMAT score but it was in that range and I did not bother to retest. B-line business schools here in the U.S. seem to care more about your work experience. Most ... a project manager a PMP certification is the preferred qualification here and it's easier to get than an MBA.

Description : How would an education system benefit from a rote memory-centric teaching method?

Last Answer : Just for entry level jobs. Eventually they would lead to creating new knowledge and expertise; as they master the skill. Fast food restaurants who would like to standardize menu items would like your style of learning.

Description : MSc In Information and Communication Technology From Anglia Ruskin University?

Last Answer : Hello anyone ?

Description : What were your educational expectations as a child?

Last Answer : I thought that I would have a masters in psychology and have my own practice by now. Some of my family threatened me that If I didn’t have good grades that I would end up managing a McDonalds for the rest of my life.

Description : What color combination is best for reading on a sheet of paper?

Last Answer : Whenever I write a note in my Google Keep app I don't think I've ever found a pleasant color combination (the paper' is colored, the text is in black. In Instagram Stories, where you can choose from ... think hey, that's easy on the eyes . Black and white is not common for nothing, I think.

Description : Should I just go to the job interview tomorrow?

Last Answer : Welcome to the incompetence of a typical HR department. At least if you show up you’ll get some answers. A second interview is not uncommon and actually telling you to do a background check usually means they’re interested. What’s bad is to not tell you about it.

Description : How do schools in America or any Western country choose textbooks for their curriculum?

Last Answer : Here’s a start.

Description : What is the difference between CXC, CAPE, and GCE?

Last Answer : Most people on this site probably aren't really sure what your question is about - And that includes me. But I'll make and educated guess: I think you're basically asking about ... cooperating US and Canadian colleges here: Good luck.

Description : Which important names are surprisingly absent household recognition?

Last Answer : I’ll go: Carl Linnaeus, father of taxonomy

Description : Let X(n) represent the measure of one exterior angle of a regular polygon of n sides. What is the domain of this function?

Last Answer : Homework Questions Feel free to ask for help on your subject, but simply posting your homework question verbatim and expecting an answer is rude! We’re not here to do your homework for you. From

Description : Which living Artists would you choose to represent Earth?

Last Answer : Cardi B., Justin Bieber, and the clone of Ötzi.

Description : From "Master of Reality" by Mark Fiorentino, I took this piece of text. Do you think it's true?

Last Answer : No, I doubt it. He makes all sorts of unfounded and glib assumptions - it is a common belief and despite this misconception - and it sounds like he is expecting the reader to accept his ... connected assumptions. I have the impression that this has as much stability as a house built of cards.

Description : Why is critical race theory so controversial?

Last Answer : CRT teaches that the government is designed to work against minorities. America is far from perfect, but we are trying to be what we dream.

Description : Near Asheville, NC: Way to hike while learning about the genocide against the indigenous people?

Last Answer : If you don’t find any local trail markers or interpretive sites, you could also try checking books on the topic (Trail of Tears, North Carolina indigenous people, etc.) to see if they have any maps or details that might be helpful to you.

Description : What did President Biden's State of the Union address speech change to education?

Last Answer : He did not add four more years of free high school. High School is already federally funded for four years, and then one graduates. He proposed free community college (2 years) and two years of pre- ... 5). Also, this was not a State of the Union address He will give a SOTU next February..

Description : When would you prefer to live as a polymath?

Last Answer : I think a true polymath would enjoy himself or herself in any time period. The further back you went, of course, the closer you could have come to mastering multiple disciplines. Now people in ... like a very naive presumption. Nevertheless, I think Aristotle must have had a blast being Aristotle.

Description : What am I supposed to write in "acknowledgements" section of my team's research?

Last Answer : I don’t have the ansswer but have sent this to some of our academic researchers.

Description : Are schools reopening in your area?

Last Answer : Nope. My 6th grader and 9th grader only have 2 days of school per week. @Demosthenes: “For those of you who have school-age children, do you think your kids’ schools should be open (if they are not already)? ” Absolutely.

Description : Please suggest some good fiction books!

Last Answer : Ordinary Grace and/or This Tender Land by William Kent Kreuger are two rich novels that you might enjoy. Another good book that I just finished was Hamnet by Maggie O'Farrell that is a novel about ... London. And The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy is a much deeper novel set in India.

Description : Based on the last time you used integral calculus would you say there is too much emphasis on teaching certain subjects at school?

Last Answer : If all that matters are work and life related issues, why teach history, art, science or algebra? There would not be any need for high school.

Description : What do you think of the way grade school math is taught in Singapore, as explained in this article?

Last Answer : I have lived in school districts that have adopted the Singapore math method, and I thought it was a nightmare. I was unable to help my kids, and my kids seemed so frustrated because they were quite capable of math, but couldn’t get their head around the new way of thinking of numbers.

Description : What, for you, are the most important areas of history to learn?

Last Answer : WW2, Holocaust, and what led to both.

Description : Do you know how to calculate a weighted average?

Last Answer : Your scenario is easy to do in one's head, because it is a simple average weighting of only two scores. The difference between the two scores is 10 points; weighting that difference would mean the lower ... is still easy to calculate the average, but takes a bit more than doing it in one's head.

Description : How is high school funded?

Last Answer : They do in some places, for the first two years of college (junior college) are free or almost free.

Description : College admissions. What law is broken?

Last Answer : The parents, including Loughlin and her husband, Mossimo Giannulli, were charged today in Boston in a second superseding indictment with conspiring to commit fraud and money laundering in ... story/life/2019/04/09/lori-loughlin-indicted-grand-jury-money-laundering-charge-added/3412874002/

Description : What was your most memorable school field trip?

Last Answer : When I came home to an empty flat, because my parents decided to move without telling me.

Description : Should self defense classes be taught in public schools?

Last Answer : I think it’s a great idea as part of gym class. Maybe in junior high.

Description : Should survival classes be taught in public schools?

Last Answer : We had a camp week in 6th grade. We learned how to use a compass, light a fire, all sorts of stuff. I think it was good.

Description : How has the Endrew F case affected the way IEPs are created or formulated for autistic children?

Last Answer : Is this really a question? Seems more like a new article or a persuasive essay. Or maybe a harangue. But not really a question that is answerable.

Description : Should or could Bill Gates finish his ph.d.?

Last Answer : Why should he? What could finishing it possibly do for him, career-wise? Help him get a better paying job? The only reason to complete a PHD for Bill Gates is for pride, and I don’t see that as a motivating factor for him./

Description : Would a university study any and every ridiculous notion out there like "the five second rule"?

Last Answer : I have thought about the issue of weird university studies a few times. I believe the purpose is to give students experience at conducting in depth studies, without the access to findings of others who have ... . So, it is not about the results or topic, but the methods used to reach conclusions.

Description : What does it mean to be named a Carol K. Pforzheimer Professor?

Last Answer : More than likely, the Carol K. Pforheimer Professorship is an endowed chair named for someone who wanted the university to study something in particular related to health.

Description : Was Trump's executive order on college free speech necessary?

Last Answer : It's supposed to already be that way on college campuses. But it isn't. And no executive order will change it. When I was in college in the 1980s, Reagan was hated 3/5ths as much as ... Accusations of racism, homophobia, etc are allowed to stand since no one is permitted to speak the opposing view.

Description : Are legacy admissions fair?

Last Answer : No, it's not fair. Nothing about college is fair - especially who can afford to go to college. Of course people whose parents attended a university should not be given preference. For ... both went to college, it's likely you have advantages that should be offset in admissions considerations.

Description : If you had the energy of youth along with the wisdom of age, how do you think your life would (or will) be different?

Last Answer : I would make a different set of choices at important junctures in my life. I don't think I would ever have left New England, for one thing. And I wouldn't have got involved with that one guy, for another. ... seemed like a good idea at the time. (This is why they say Youth is wasted on the young. )

Description : Should I report a class to the Provost's Office?

Last Answer : The provost's office will want evidence, which means (a) more than one person complaining, (b) people have to be willing to give their names and show their test scores, and© be prepared for retribution ... complaint. But you will be more successful if you go as a group and can make a general case.

Description : How can we be an ally without the opposition thinking we are being hateful?

Last Answer : Facts often come across as challenges. You are calling the same people allies and the opposition I think. Which is interesting from the start. In my opinion you have to build rapport, trust, and show ... sure about that. I don't think most Christians ignore health and just toss it back in God.

Description : Are there are any incriminating/shameful photos in your yearbooks?

Last Answer : Is incriminating being seated on the ground at a high soccer with a paper cup held up with someone pouring cider into the cup? ? ? Just asking ! ! – - The cider was local fresh crushed and squeezed three weeks earlier (guess it was about 5% alcohol).