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Last Answer : To calculate the flux density in the ring, you need to use the following formula: B = (μ * I * N) / (2 * π * r) where: B is the flux density in the ring (in teslas) μ is the relative permeability ... 2 * π * 0.127 m) = 0.53 T So the flux density in the ring would be approximately 0.53 teslas.

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Last Answer : In manual feed turning, the operator manually controls the feed rate of the cutting tool by turning a handwheel or other manual feed mechanism. This allows the operator to adjust the feed rate ... hand, is generally faster and more consistent, but it requires more complex equipment and programming.

Description : Can a Schizophrenic study Engineering?

Last Answer : You can ask the university’s disability counselor. You might get an accommodation as a special student or take fewer classes, and go part time. Congratulations on improving your situation.

Description : Mechanical engineers: how should one think about using an electric motor actuator vs a hydraulic actuator powered by an electric pump?

Last Answer : Too much wear on gears (and they would have to be huge), much more power advantage with hydraulics. Less parts. And more cost effective. And take up less space.

Description : How long is the longest rope ever manufactured?

Description : Is it clear what a flying car is from the images in the following page?

Last Answer : Yeah. Why? And, I don’t know. If you’ve seen the ‘Blade Runner’, and some other science fictions series and films, it just looks neat. But I doubt we’ll have much of those things until the relatively distant future… if then.

Description : Does anyone have advice about building a new pole barn on my property?

Last Answer : So you intend to keep the current concrete floor?

Description : Do the new digital thermometers stay in your mouth when you use them?

Last Answer : They pop out of my mouth too. Yes, they need redesigned. I went back to the old fashion thermometers with mercury.

Description : Which College is best for Marine Engineering?

Last Answer : The Merchant Marine Academy

Description : Why is engineering so hard to get into?

Last Answer : Because even top students flunk out. If you don’t have “the knack” and good academic discipline then understanding the core curriculum simply will not happen. It’s no picnic, it’s more like the revenant.

Description : Where do you find buildings that are both earthquake proof as well as flood proof?

Last Answer : California.

Description : Fluther engineers, can you reproduce the technology in an food assembly line?

Last Answer : answer:If the world collapses there will be bigger problems than restoring food processing and packaging on assembly lines. One of the bigger problems will be finding people willing to raise food crops ... not going to be one of the first industries to re-emerge from a collapse of civilization.

Description : What is computer engineering like when compared to working at McDonalds?

Last Answer : answer:McDonalds you just take shit from your boss, and from customers while working a shit wage. My buddy describes his engineering job like hanging out in the college library working out a problem. ... those who feel their skills makes them a better human being/deserving of a higher wage.

Description : What types of non-physics/math based engineers are there?

Last Answer : Choo-choo train. You get to choose your scale rather than your degree.

Description : How can I introduce teaching code to my soon to be 2 year old son?

Last Answer : Building with blocks, making mud pies, playing with Thomas the Tank Engine and making the tracks fit. Don’t worry about specific skill preparation; all creative play is good. Your son might decide he wants to be a ballerina!

Description : What is the max square feet or cubic feet for residential air conditioners?

Last Answer : JLeslie This Link seems to keep is simple and I like that it is tabled by temp zones.

Description : What calculator do engineers use?

Last Answer : pen and paper, yeaaaaaah

Description : Why do many people hate on excellence and claim that, without exception, the elevated cost is created artificially for vanity alone?

Last Answer : answer:Do they? Is this a thing? I could take a stab at this, but it would be from a different angle. Some people might see a $1.5M price tag and chuckle - not because they don't think ... data. Instead, it's shit animated graphics and designed for people who apparently do not care about the data.

Description : Calling all engineers! Would it be possible to make a continuous, running loop out of my stream?

Last Answer : Call a pond or water feature pump company. Yes it is possible and could be done with simple switches and floats in the pond. The overflow would be a high level drain (top of water) and pump would shut off on high water. Some ponds at town and large public gardens are set-up that way.

Description : How do you integrate (x-x^2)e^x?

Last Answer : answer:Yep, you'll need integration by parts! Two rounds of it. Lucky you :P Start by choosing one term to be u and one term to be dv. You'll have to take the derivative of u and integrate dv. The important thing is to always choose ... xe^x - x^2e^x - e^x + 2xe^x - 2e^x -x^2e^x + 3xe^x -3e^x Done!

Description : Could someone give a simple high level explanation of what is meant by AM and FM?

Last Answer : Well, have a look at this picture

Description : I need a career change. I really enjoy math. Should I consider engineering?

Last Answer : answer:While math is a big part of engineering, design and insight are a big part of it. Do you have interest in designing things? And what kind of engineering are you thinking of? Civil, ... to keep asking questions and not giving you answers, but these are things you need to think through.

Description : Are all GMO plants bad?

Last Answer : The problem is that No long term studies have been done on how Genetically Altered food will affect us. Our Metabolism slows down to process unknown substances. This promotes a Metabolic Disturbance which can ... contains unnatural substances. You can find more on and Dr Mark Hyman's site.

Description : How to measure volume flow rate?

Last Answer : answer:If it Classified as Confined Space you should a have it marked as such. You need to review OSHA requirements. You cannot prove natural ventilation when it is a confined space . Positive ... company that had three near misses in confined spaces. Dead people don't go home at night!

Description : How is water vapor getting into this process plumbing?

Last Answer : answer:May not be an answer, but 10 psi is less than ambient. Was the leak test for a vacuum or for positive pressure? If it is a vacuum leak it would bring in moisture.

Description : What is biomedical engineering?

Last Answer : answer:Plenty of jobs, yes. Take a look at this and all the subfields: Bioprocess Engineering: Bioprocess Design, Biocatalysis, Bioseparation, Bioinformatics ... favorite is this Google pours millions into this.

Description : Can you help me engineer this leak detection system for organic solvents?

Last Answer : answer:I'm sorry that I may not be qualified to answer this question, but these are my ideas. If argon is what will be leaking, you could have some sort of argon detector, and some sort of ... when there are no leaks. Any drop in pressure would signal a leak. Look up pressure decay leak detection.

Description : My husband is an engineer and looking to switch careers. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Last Answer : Actuary requires a certificate after completing several exams. Explanation

Description : Building with bamboo?

Last Answer : First of, i never worked with bamboo. But i think i would screws over nails, because i fear that bamboo shoots might split quite easily when hammering nails into it. When using screws you can drill holes before you put them in to avoid splitting.

Description : Can somebody recommend any good book on steel structure fabrication?

Last Answer : Bf is a structural engineer. What type of structures are you interested in and are you looking for info re: bolted or welded? You might try asking on forums like (think that’s the right URL, might have ta Google) or also.

Description : What are the benefits of buying a 3D CAD tool like SolidWorks ?

Last Answer : It makes creating technical drawings a lot easier and a lot more accurate than if you were to do it by hand. Solidworks probably has a trial version, so you might want to try it out for yourself to see what the benefits are.

Description : How do I go about getting an engineering internship in Tokyo?

Last Answer : The best place to start when looking for employment or an internship is your own network of family, friends, etc. Think through your connections-there might be someone therein who works in the ... often than not, this will lead you to that perfect summer engineering internship. Best of luck!

Description : Why does my motorcycle sound different (almost like a loud fan or compressed air)

Last Answer : answer:A hissing sound would usually point to a vacuum leak. Vacuum leaks often happen when rubber hoses wear out and crack, or even gaskets for the air intake or manifold start to wear out and weaken. ... leak at the mating flange. Do you smell anything off about the bike when it's running?

Description : How about this solution for the oil spill?

Last Answer : I’m not sure about the merits of your idea, but the product you are describing is called rebar.

Description : Can you help me think of a company name?

Last Answer : Green Footprint?

Description : How different is cost engineering in North America?

Last Answer : answer:Cost engineering? I'm not sure about this one . but accounting practices are different. Asset management and liability listings are different because there are accepted practices in the US ... would be probably language. Terms and general language skills would probably be the biggest hurtle.

Description : Why is my oven dripping a black liquid?

Last Answer : Hehe. Looking at the residue, it might be plastic melting. It must be something melting…

Description : What strength of velcro is needed to adhere a vinyl banner to an outdoor tent?

Last Answer : answer:How big are the banners? What kind of wind loading might they see? Will they have to stay in place in case of rain? Are all surfaces flat? Do you want a stick on or sew on ... manufacturing or sales rep for Velcro™ products (all over the Web) and start with the answers to those questions.

Description : Where can I get FREE training in audio engineering?

Last Answer : TINSTAAFL. :)

Description : Can one learn non-classical physics before classical?

Last Answer : sorry spelt physics wrong

Description : RF Design Question: 40MHz to 10MHz sine wave?

Last Answer : Is the 40 MHz manufacturered digitally? Do you have access to the clock/driver oscillator? Is everything analog? Can you add a 30 MHz signal and filter out the resulting 10 and 70 Mhz beats? You can synthesize a 10 MHz yourself with either a 555 timer or a Statek chip.

Description : In an elevator, if you press the wrong floor number, why can't you "deselect" the errant floor by pressing the same button again?

Last Answer : Man, I was just thinking the exact same thing——okay, I wasn’t…

Description : How to manage a project in oil and gas industry?

Last Answer : I work in the fire protection sector of the oil/gas industry as a Project Manager. My background is in Mechanical Engineering. I would say the #1 lesson I had to learn when I started was how ... project team and the customer as a priority. Good communication can solve a lot of problems. Good luck.

Description : Do you know how a toilet works?

Last Answer : Yes, I know. ;)

Description : What's the purpose of the orange balls attached to (electrical?) wires?

Last Answer : So low flying airplanes can see them for crop dusters

Description : I am thinking about getting into process engineering...

Last Answer : answer:This might be useful. Also, you might want to look in to Six Sigma and Lean techniques. Of course, business and project management are closely related areas, so it wouldn’t be off course to look in to those too.

Description : My uncle said I should look into process engineering, what is the difference?

Last Answer : I found this information for you by googling. I hope it helps.

Description : What is the best university to approach with a reasearch idea involving theoretical solar technology?

Last Answer : M.I.T.?

Description : What are some good examples of process engineering projects?

Last Answer : answer:One example would be taking a process that is done with one or more machine operators and automating it so it can be done with fewer/now machine operators. Another would be the ground up ... machine to streamline a process, reduce scrap, or increase output. (My husband is a process engineer)

Description : Locating buried gas lines?

Last Answer : answer:The call Diggers Hotline…. Tha may only be in Wisconsin, but I know we had similar services in Illinois, Colorado, Maryland…