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Description : I'm looking for a fiction book, or books, which talks of alien invasion.

Last Answer : (The Invasion Of) The Body Snatchers

Description : Scientifically, hypothetically, or in plausible fiction, is there any possible fluke of the genetic code or something similar which could cause a person to stop aging?

Last Answer : Death? You will stop aging on the spot when death happens.

Description : How is it our looks can change over the years and go from looking like one parent to completely looking like another?

Last Answer : My sister was like that: looked like my mother's sister and never resembled my father until suddenly, at about age 30, she did. I think it's a genetic timeline that causes certain traits to kick in ... appear may have a hereditary component. But I'm just theorizing. This isn't my field of study.

Description : Wondering what it take between mom and dad to get blue eyed children?

Last Answer : Could be, but the chance wouldn’t be so high. Blue eye’s gene isn’t a dominant one and it would very likely be crushed by other more dominant genes, as seen from your sons. You can only hope that somehow there is no dominant gene that interfere with the blue gene your children are carrying.

Description : Oops! I sent my Cologard (for colon cancer testing) sample to instead of my DNA sample. What results will I get about my genetic make-up?

Last Answer : They’ll find out what kind of an ass you really are. DNA is DNA – they should be able to extract it from your fecal matter.

Description : Why does Neymar have green eyes?

Last Answer : I have no idea who you are talking about, but genes are complicated. Skin tone does not determine eye color. The two are highly correlated, but correlation is not causation. So while some combinations ... that way or not, and racial mixing is the most common way to end up with unusual combinations.

Description : Question about DNA and genetic inheritance (details inside)

Last Answer : answer:That kind of testing has a certain level of speculation. The algorithm that comes up with those percentages is not perfect. It's like when you see a temperature reading carried out ... of this speculation on your reports. Then there is another alternative that could be rather uncomfortable .

Description : Have you had your DNA tested?

Last Answer : Yes. I had it done thru It was regularly $100 but I got a cyber Monday sale – $70 I think. I liked it and from what I know about my relatives, it was accurate.

Description : What do you know about Eugenics?

Last Answer : It has been some time but I remember hearing about, then reading about it over thirty years ago. Among other things, it was used as a reason for maintaining racial purity if I recall correctly.

Description : Are you for or against 'Designer Babies'?

Last Answer : It is inevitable. Also, that is what mate selection is all about. To get the best genes for your offspring. Genetic modification is just a more direct and controlled way of doing the same thing. In any case, it is still better than supporting torture and drone terrorism.

Description : Do traits influence the values that we create or appeal to us?

Last Answer : I disagree. I’m a type A personality asshole who always has to be right… But I live to help others.

Description : Why does it seem so important to some people that children resemble each other or a parent?

Last Answer : answer:Validation. Validation that my gene pool survived, the closest I can get to typical ideals of immortality. And validation that my Ever Lovin’ didn’t spoon with the mailman.

Description : If we fiddle with the genes of chimps and give them human level sentience and speech, would they believe they suddenly have a soul?

Last Answer : answer:I think the sentience would lead to a belief system not that far off from what many people believe, that all sentient beings have a connection to their creator, whether they consider it a ... thought would not look at humans as their creator, but as a separate creation by a common Creator.

Description : Do you think transsexualism is a choice or genetic?‎?

Last Answer : I believe it’s genetic as I personally known 2 people that were transsexual. The depth of their struggles and emotional pain tells me that they would otherwise not choose to be that way.

Description : Can being gay be genetic?

Last Answer : answer:So far, research has shown the strong genetic links in families , they just have not been able to isolate genetics as the only cause or identified a specific gene like they've been able ... choice regardless of genetics. And human sexuality is far too complex to be isolated to a single gene.

Description : How rare are albino polar bears?

Last Answer : Probably not. The polar bear's skin is actually black, as evidenced in the patch on the nose where no hair covers it. With translucent fur, they would be at a distinct disadvantage in hunting, as pink ... . Doing an image search on Google, all I could find were fakes and albino black or brown bears.

Description : If ape chromosomes 2 and 3 were not fused in humans, do you think that humans could genetically interbreed with chimpanzees?

Last Answer : Trying to figure out why they would do that

Description : Is there a term for this?

Last Answer : Isn’t that Asian eyelids with no flap?

Description : If you could become a tetrachromat, would you? (or any other genetic super-ability)

Last Answer : No. I’m good as I am. I already have the super ability to sniff out bullshitters like a bloodhound. Good enough. lol

Description : Can a woman be tested and get accurate Y Dna results?

Last Answer : I assume you mean Y chromosome. The only way I think this is possible is if the woman in question is a post op transexual.

Description : What sort of discussion can we have about species identification regarding human phenotypes?

Last Answer : I think that if you asked a mockingbird, he would say that we all looked alike and would be able to tell the members of his species apart quite easily.

Description : What do you think about an anger gene?

Last Answer : answer:I think it’s a great idea. More seriously, I’m scpetical – how can one gene be present in more men than women? Did they define “gene” on this program, or was it just another opportunity to talk essentialist bollocks about gender?

Description : Has anyone here browsed the human genome on their iPad? Would you alter your genome if you could?

Last Answer : I don't know. My family gene pool is actually a pot of soup that someone has thrown just about everything into. There's some absolutely great genes balance with a decent amount of crap. I'm ... that changing anything might make the whole thing unstable. I don't want to play Jenga with my genome.

Description : I was very surprised to see how many US states ban first cousin marriages. Why is that?

Last Answer : answer:A lot of the states that have them were founded from the midpoint to the end of the U.S. s history. During that time, there was a lot of concern over ensuring healthy families and, unfortunately ... ), and was kept because no one is really stomping their feet in court to get that ban dropped.

Description : Are there benefits to having greater genetic differences between parents?

Last Answer : I don't know about the second part (my mother is Korean and my Dad is predominately Scots-Irish and my brothers and I all look the same), but as for immunity, yeah that is kind of true, ... is that the child is also more unlikely to have any deformities, or any defect arising from a genetic origin.

Description : Is Cancer technically a disease?

Last Answer : Some cancers are linked to viruses (such as cervical cancer caused by HPV), so those would definitely be diseases. I actually believe most cancers have external causes, so they would be diseases as well. Really, it depends on which definition of disease and disorder you look at.

Description : What do we know about genetics and physical traits in the area of athleticism?

Last Answer : answer:Genetics what factors could contribute to this? Breeding. Can someone be trained to do certain tasks from an environmental influence at a young age? Sometimes. If the genetic disposition is there for it. If we are talking about excellence not just getting by.

Description : Can behavior be inherited?

Last Answer : No, Behavior is learned.

Description : Are mixed race children healthier.

Last Answer : I seem to remember my high school biology teacher teaching us that children benefit from being the offspring of different races. Something about getting the best of both sides. Children ... have a greater chance of creating genetic redundancies, for instance, a genetic predisposition for diabetes.

Description : Would you want to have your genome sequenced?

Last Answer : considering how much effort there is in that, i would imagine the price would have to be quite high. and i would be interested in having mine sequenced, however i would not pay for it. i see it as a ... to some discovery that has value in and of its self, and i get my genome sequenced. fair swap.

Description : Would it be ethical to allow an alien race to model their DNA with that of the Human body?

Last Answer : You are making the assumption that this alien race would use DNA as its genetic material. In fact, other molecules (such as RNA) could serve a similar purpose (some viruses are RNA viruses, for example), so it might not really work.

Description : Are those terrorists genetically defective, under the influence of a virus, or what?

Last Answer : They are just very angry, very misguided people, some of whom believe so strongly in an after-life and that what they are doing is right that they truly believe blowing themselves will reward them in the next life. Fucking losers, lol

Description : What determines hair color and skin color?

Last Answer : They are both polygenetic traits, meaning more than one gene is associated with each. For that reason they do not necessarily follow the classic Mendellian pattern of predictible outcomes.

Description : Are men really about to go away?

Last Answer : Men aren’t going anywhere and if they do become extinct, women will soon follow.

Description : Does a genotype have to display a phenotype?

Last Answer : I am no genetic expert, but I believe this can happen. For example, two humans can have brown eyes. This would be their phenotype. One person could have an allele for brown eyes and ... so obviously this is the phenotype that would be expressed. They have the same phenotype and different genotypes.

Description : Would you do the genetic testing?

Last Answer : It depends. Do you want children? Does it concern you that if you are at higher risk you can develop ovarian cancer and possibly not know until it might be too late? These are genuine questions and I am in no ... I'm kind of 50/50 on the subject. I have not entirely been able to make up my mind.

Description : Does the fruit fall far from the tree?

Last Answer : You are going to need a bit more context.

Description : If you were allergic to cats and are unable to live without a cat, would you consider buying an allergy-free cat for $4000 a piece?

Last Answer : I am allergic to cats and was unable to live without one. I did not consider spending $4000 on a non-allergenic cat, but spent about that much on the best allergy specialist I could find. Not only did he alter my ... to nuzzle under my chin, and if I get too much of her on my neck, I can get sick.

Description : Surprisingly all men and women are only 10% human but 90% microbial - What is your view on the Human Microbiome Project?

Last Answer : I don't fully get the 10-90 % reference, but I do know that we will die or badly function without the micro-organisms. It's a little bit what I've asked myself. Is the human body to ... to ignore. It's quite possible and likely that we will be treating cancer with engineered viruses in the future.

Description : Are clones people too?

Last Answer : answer:Well, if you're talking about genetic clones, explore the nature vs. nurture question, as well as the fact that if I were to clone you, your clone would start out as an infant. That ... on twins who were separated at birth-- a surprising number of things seem to have some genetic basis)

Description : Do most people think they are good looking?

Last Answer : I know plenty of people who think that they look like crap. I know that I am not the most attractive guy around, but I am reasonably good looking.

Description : What is your opinion of human genetic engineering?

Last Answer : its good if they can make you fly

Description : If they dug up some person who was buried a couple of hundred years ago and could get a DNA sample, would it be possible to tell whether I am related to him or her?

Last Answer : answer:At most, they could tell you that you share a relation to the corps. DNA is pretty definitive. Whether or not the deceased is the same person as the headstone implicates is subject to more scrutiny than DNA results. but I’m no scientist.

Description : What are the three germline tissues developed by an embryo?

Last Answer : Endoderm, mesoderm, ectoderm.

Description : Is it possible that some races are more skilled at certain tasks?

Last Answer : answer:Africans are a hell lot better at standing in the sun for long periods of time, then say, and Irish man. One will burn severely and perhaps have to be hospitalized while the other ... this we are falling behind on the technology and scientific factors compared to many other 1st world nations.

Description : Twisted small toe?

Last Answer : My wife does. It’s rather cute.

Description : What is sickle cell Anemia ?

Last Answer : In this genetic disorder, the human RBCs loose their characteristic biconvex shape and distort to form a sickle like shape. This reduces the oxygen carrying capacity of these cells thereby, raising a fatal condition for the humans.

Description : What are the characteristic traits of the stem cells ?

Last Answer : Stem cells are the immature, embryonic cells found in the earlier stages of fetus development that are characterized by the capability to renew themselves in the process of mitotic cell division. ... they can differentiate into a miscellaneous range of cells; in short they are totipotent cells.

Description : Describe a few potential harms of genetic engineering ?

Last Answer : The development of unsafe chemical products like insecticides, pesticide and various drugs, the involuntary elevation food toxicity levels due to the application of recent food preservation technology, ... to artificial breeding etc. are some of the visible negative effects of Genetics.

Description : How can the genetic farming be advantageous for the farmers ?

Last Answer : Genetic farming basically deals with the development of genetically modified seeds, plants and fertilizers in order to yield more harvest. It also involves the application of higher technology for ... pattern. It simplifies the process of agriculture thereby resulting in the increase of profits.