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Description : What if I told you that global warming is not caused by man (not alone, at least) but it's a global natural (maybe even cosmic) cycle which happens every 62 million years?

Last Answer : I would answer then “what do we do?” ” What is the next step?”

Description : Shouldn't just all global warming believers quit convincing refusers and let whatever happens happen?

Last Answer : Done.

Description : Have you read about this Indian girl taking on US President on Twitter?

Last Answer : Big deal. There is NO chance that President T will have seen it. And worse yet, I am sure he doesn’t care. Give the girl credit for speaking up, but this is basically meaningless. Oh, and now she will never be approved for a visa to the US.

Description : Do you think Global warming (climate change) is a real problem that the world needs to address ,or just a hoax as Trump claims?

Last Answer : Yes.

Description : What is your personal "informed" opinion on climate change?

Last Answer : answer:This, @Cruiser. Think of how much greenhouse gases we pour into our atmosphere. It would be impossible for that NOT to change things. Regardless, we still have to find different sources of energy, because fossil fuels will run out.

Description : Happy Winter the Tide Pool frozen over by uze?

Last Answer : answer:It is 24º here.. And your first tag is stupid. If you don’t know how the climate works you shouldn’t talk about it unless you are asking a question.

Description : Do you believe, as I do, that the scientific consensus on global warming is itself evidence of global warming?

Last Answer : It’s a good argument that global warming is a real phenomenon, because scientists have the skills and knowledge needed to assess the evidence. But it’s not evidence per se, no. The studies that they base their conclusion on are the evidence.

Description : Why change the terminology from Global Warming, to Climate Change?

Last Answer : Because everything isn’t just about “warming”. It’s about drastic changes, like hurricanes, odd weather patters, hotter summers and harsher winters. Hope this helps! -Cassandra xoxo

Description : What is the correct environmental term?

Last Answer : answer:IMO opinion neither are correct and entirely speculative on a historically minute sampling of data scientific or otherwise. Global warming got kicked to the curb a few years back when the US started to ... all this and just call it what it is .climate trends and quit with all the hysteria.

Description : How does one profit from global warming?

Last Answer : You wont have to spend as much on heating costs. The ones that have really profited are the ones that moved their manufacturing plants to third world countries, to get around pollution and labor laws, while ... while at it, cool huh, sure glad we chose NOT to bring kids into this fucked up planet.

Description : Aren't the humanity haters getting their wish with Global Warming?

Last Answer : Global warming is obsolete. It is global climate change now.

Description : How much of the Pope's recent letter do you agree with, and how much do you disagree with, and why?

Last Answer : Your logic would serve you well but it doesn't address the other logic, or lack of it (and plain common sense), to some others. And all it takes is a few bone-heads to screw things up for ... is beyond me! Yes, technology cannot save us. We must save ourselves if there is any saving to do.

Description : Won't Global Warming mean a shift in wealth and power? Isn't that arguably a good thing?

Last Answer : Trickle down economics doesn’t work.

Description : When will we know that we have reversed Global Warming?

Last Answer : I doubt that any of us will be around to see that. (But, as my brother says, we’ll all have great tans when we die.)

Description : When did Global Warming start?

Last Answer : It started during the industrial age that began around 1760 in Great Britain. However, up up until the 1900’s I’d say the footprint was small.

Description : Does the NOAA hurricane forecast for 2015 mean that Americans have finally started to get global warming under control?

Last Answer : No.

Description : Do people really believe that they can control nature?

Last Answer : answer:Well, of course we can influence nature. We do this on a continual basis. However, I wouldn't guess that sacrificing the Bourgeoisie would do much in that effort, except for whatever effects might ... for other species. We affect nature in many such ways; the effects are not always bad .

Description : Isn't global warming, in truth, a question of context?

Last Answer : The term “global warming” is a question of context since the correct term is “climate change.”

Description : Can I get other opinions on the following report?

Last Answer : answer:You could hunt down the sources listed here. I haven’t looked at his research at all, which would be a good thing to do before posting it to your friend. I found this link via “I Fucking Love Science”, who posted it some time ago.

Description : What is your opinion on global warming?

Last Answer : answer:Until I see a shaven polar bear & penguins in sunglasses, I remain unconvinced. Thank you from the bottom of my fart.

Description : Why did Gina McCarthy find it hard to answer a basic question about global warming?

Last Answer : This smacks of agenda. This question will be removed by mods per the new rules.

Description : Is "Polar Vortex" a new term to stoke up weather hysteria?

Last Answer : 20 years from now it will be called a “Solar Ice Stream”.

Description : How will we know when humanity has "cured" global warming?

Last Answer : answer:When the mean CO2 level gets back to where it was in the 1960s. That's when you'll know we've cured it. And I think you are a bit wrong with the term Human Haters . I' ... flooding to occur, for dramatic shifts in weather, for weather extremes to be occurring right as we debate on Fluther.

Description : Is there a pre-Global Warming temperature conversion formula?

Last Answer : It is always baffling to me that the ignoramuses, despite having it explained to them many times, somehow are incapable of understanding the simple concept of average global temperature. Global warming ... can wreak havoc in different parts of the world and cause local spikes in either direction.

Description : By interrupting oceanic streams like the Gulf Stream, Global Warming could very well cause another Ice Age. What would be the effects of a new Ice Age on human civilisation?

Last Answer : answer:Well, we really are all doomed. Even if we learn to live forever, it leaves us in a Universe facing heat death from entropy. Here's some good data about the accuracy of current ... are a good bet, that does noting to mitigate the continually increasing greenhouse effect of human activity.

Description : Where should you move when Global Warming really kicks into high gear?

Last Answer : answer:Disclaimerl; I live an hour north of Poughkeepsie. Once you get out of the city limits, the area is really nice, all things considered. However two nights ago we had a frost; on Friday we're expecting ... it is. I am staying put and hoping that I will say Adieu before things get too bad.

Description : As it pertains to global warming, what do you think about this statement (inside for details)

Last Answer : answer:It's total bunk. If an agency like NASA was in denial of global warming, you'd hear a lot more about it. What that says is something we've known for a long time: CO2 takes in solar ... fact that the upper atmosphere's CO2 happens to radiate off some heat from space is a drop in the bucket.

Description : Is what happened today evidence of Global Warming?

Last Answer : answer:What you are describing is not at all evidence of global warming. However, it does sound nice.

Description : Did anyone hear on the radio yesterday (Jan 3, 2013) a scientist talking about global warming?

Last Answer : answer:The scientist in question is probably James Hansen. The award he won was the Stephen Schneider Award for Climate Science Communication, given by Climate One. James Hansen himself works at NASA.

Description : Can we expect more storms like Sandy thanks to global warming?

Last Answer : I think that we can expect more storms like Hurricane Sandy & more drought conditions & even greater snow falls. We may not be able to directly link the devastation wrought by Hurricane Sandy to ... food shortages & the submerging of our coast lines & the submerging of the various island nations.

Description : Could adding pollution to the oceans let us keep polluting the air without causing global climate change?

Last Answer : I think that we should have learned by now that screwing around with something so large and so complex is a recipe for disaster.

Description : Aren't worries about Global Warming in the proverbial eye of the beholder?

Last Answer : I get what you are saying. I worry about unanticipated consequences, perhaps ocean currents changing or methane below frost lines being released.

Description : If people work excessively hard at preventing global warming, isn't there a risk of going too far and causing global cooling?

Last Answer : It is too late to prevent global warming; the current cycle has been in progress for some time. The concern is that unless action is taken now to reduce the rate at which the atmospheric ... the atmospheric conditions are known to evolve in a nonlinear fashion (e.g., The Butterfly effect).

Description : Was Global Warming an "Idea Bubble" in a similar fashion to economic circumstances causing a "Housing Bubble" or "Technology Bubble" ? What will be the next "Idea Bubble"?

Last Answer : Let's say for a moment that there were no political/financial implications of climate science. Do you feel that you'd be particularly interested in this topic? Are you currently in ... that there is no scientific controversy? Or do you interpret political controversy as scientific controversy?

Description : Can Global Warming Deniers Ignore this?

Last Answer : GQ. My guess would be the same usual bs line we hear so many times. “The earths climate fluctuates through out history, this is the earth just going through another one of those changes.” Problem is these people total neglect charts like this

Description : What's your favorite way for saving electricity or gas with minimal impact on quality of life?

Last Answer : Laundry off-peak. I’m a big night owl so I’m always doing laundry over night… yes it’s loud but earplugs go a long way ;)

Description : Are humans one of the main causes of Global Warming?

Last Answer : We produce massive amounts of carbon dioxide, which is a green house gas, for one.

Description : How much evidence do we need that Polluters and Anti-Environmentalists are funding scientists who will deny human activity is causing global warming?

Last Answer : answer:None. Actually, the way I see it, such arguments could even be considered to be beside the point. Even if global warming continues to be significantly confused to prevent clear action I've ... and independent analysis of conflicts of interest would go a long way in this and other areas.

Description : Aren't global warming Cassandras (like, say, Al Gore) just a little bit creepy in a sort of narcissistic way?

Last Answer : I just don’t like the look of the man. Reminds me of the kid at school who ate his snots & then wrote a thesus on the subject of all things mucus related. I just bet he wears Superman pj’s to bed as well.

Description : Regarding global warming-When was the global temperature "just right"?

Last Answer : I think it was between the time in the 70's when Carl Sagan testified before Congress about the impending Ice Age and Al Gore's recent bullshit. My guess is it was the day Tom Cruise was jumping on ... couch.People were just too fascinated to notice that it was 75F, sunny,with no chance of rain. ;)

Description : If you could change anything in the world, what would it be?

Last Answer : Inaccessibility to potable water.

Description : The ozone is failing; the world is going to fry, would you try to get on the work list to a subterranean community?

Last Answer : Nope, I would move to Coober Pedy and mine opals. They already live underground there.

Description : Should sheep, cashmeres, alpacas etc. be happy about global warming?

Last Answer : Well,if one sheep is happy about it,the rest will be as well. That’s all it takes,you know

Description : What has become of Al Gore?

Last Answer : He is still searching for MANBEARPIG

Description : Considering the ongoing events in Japan, where do you sit on the nuclear power issue?

Last Answer : answer:I see your question as a comparative to two other situations. First, when you compare auto crashes to airplane crashes, it's much safer to fly than it is to drive. Second, how many incidents of ... for fifty years. If you weigh the benefits, compared to the safety involved, it's a no-brainer.

Description : How are there still people who believe global warming is a myth?

Last Answer : I would refer you to the thread on critical thinking. This is a case of a lot of people who don’t have the skill.

Description : Global Warming deniers, what would it take to convince you warming is real and due to human activity?

Last Answer : I believe the climate of the world is changing. Only a fool would deny that. I agree we should cut back on CO2 emissions. There is nothing wrong with keeping it clean, and picking up after ourselves. ... This may just be a part of the Earths cycle, and that cycle takes thousands of years, or more.

Description : Do you believe global warming is manmade and a threat to our future?

Last Answer : Is it really any more a matter of belief at this point? Do you believe in gravity? Or the Ford Escort?

Description : Climategate' scientists cleared. Should there be consequences for the 'Deniers' who cried hoax without evidence of wrongdoing?

Last Answer : answer:The deniers should be held accountable but they won't. No one holds Glenn Beck or Rush accountable for some of their nonsense. It is up to the voice of reason (us) to spread the word. . (By the ... Obama was born on a alien space ship.) That will keep a few birthers happy for a week or two.

Description : Should the development of wind farms really be up to community vote?

Last Answer : Alternative energies should be mandatory.