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Description : Can it be ITBS if it isn't worse when running downhill?

Last Answer : Talk to your doctor.

Description : How does a strong head wind effect runners of various body weights?

Last Answer : It’s not about body weight but area presented to the wind for it to catch and provide resistance.

Description : What is the longest that you have run in your life?

Last Answer : Back in high school we were running 2–3 miles /class period during gym class. But that’s 50 years ago. I doubt I could do a quarter mile today.

Description : Do people run a lot in Kenya? (Details)

Last Answer : You mean marathon right? They’re good at of the best.

Description : What animal scares you the most?

Last Answer : Irrational as it may sound, I have a phobia for cockroaches, only because it is associated with a bad childhood memory: a cockroach almost slipped into my mouth in the dark. I know it's irrational but ... myself to enter any place with a cockroach. They don't know aside from that I fear no animal.

Description : Do short breaks in the middle of runs ruin the workout?

Last Answer : Are you training outside?

Description : Tips for running on period?

Last Answer : I pretty much always used tampons. I did gymnastics and cheerleading so pretty much needed to. Wear the smallest practical one I guess and change often.

Description : Running Jellies: Sock Advice, Please?

Last Answer : I think your socks are too small or your shoes are too large.

Description : Running Jellies: what is an "ugly" mile?

Last Answer : Over 29 years I've complete 59 full marathons. I ran them all as fast as I could (the fastest 2:36:10 or average sub 6 minutes/mile pace). I've made some big mistakes and I can assure you ... it can also be the a truly beautiful experience. And I suppose that's what long distance runners are after.

Description : What things are important to marathon runners?

Last Answer : answer:Diet Favorite/least favorite courses Runner’s high and hitting ‘The Wall’

Description : Runners, joggers, walkers, when do you look?

Last Answer : If it’s a pretty woman, then no eye contact, i’m too busy watching the bounce & sway of their perfect breasts.

Description : Do Nike shoes run really small?

Last Answer : Not mine. I’m about a size 10 and I have pairs ranging from 9.5 all the way to 11 and they all fit me.

Description : Do you ever get the random urge to run?

Last Answer : Nope its not just you. I get that overwhelming feeling a lot. What holds me back from doing just that is the weather and bad timing. Too cold for me to get outside and run now. I miss that invigorating high of running in the fresh air.

Description : A few questions for walkers/joggers?

Last Answer : About ¼ mile three to four times a day with Frodo. Anywhere between 6 and 19 miles (once) a week aside from that with friends or my walking group. Various times of day but usually not really early in the morning.

Description : Can you recommend me a GPS watch?

Last Answer : Here’s an article comparing them

Description : I just lost a big dose of motivation what should I do (details)

Last Answer : Go at your own pace and save the cartilage in your knees. I learned how to run fast by being chased by bullies so I had a good reason to push myself… my life.

Description : Can you explain to me good running form?

Last Answer : No back pedaling, push off with balls of feet, shoulders straight and square, face forward, eyes level with ground, relaxed hands and face.

Description : Do you believe people naturally know how to run?

Last Answer : After learning how to walk, running would come easily.

Description : Worth "fighting" for or just stick with regular socks?

Last Answer : LDRSHIP Do you need them for a specific reason? Have you been injured or have weak ankles? If not, why spend the extra money?

Description : For those that run, or did run how much did you think about your overall form?

Last Answer : I experienced a striking epiphanic moment around this years ago when I was running every day. One morning I was jogging on a school track a few yards behind a guy whose running style I thought looked ... been successful at following that lesson in other areas of my life, but I've never forgotten it.

Description : Did my Mom's smoking affect my endurance as an adult?

Last Answer : answer:I think it’s more likely that secondhand smoke exposure throughout your life has had some influence on your breathing… but your own smoking certainly doesn’t help your lung tissue heal. I suggest you talk to your primary care physician and request a referral to a pulmonologist.

Description : Questions/Suggestions for new running shoes and can you share some input?

Last Answer : I love my Newtons.

Description : Is 25 minutes for a 5K a decent time?

Last Answer : Yes. Won’t win you many medals but it is a respectable time for a beginner or re-beginner.

Description : Care to recommend good quality shoes for cross country running?

Last Answer : My wife swears by Asics. I used to wear New Balance when Adidas quit making my favorite running shoe. Others like Nike but I always found them too narrow and uncomfortable. Bottom line, go try some ... a lot of running. They are your major expense and also the first line of defense against injury.

Description : Insanity work outs not feeling effective, suggestions?

Last Answer : answer:Good cardio exercise is good cardio, period. What label it comes under is more about the latest push to make money marketing something that's been around at least since mankind built the pyramids as ... (the BS) used to marketi them. That, in truth, does keep getting piled higher and deeper.

Description : What's the best wearable light for a 5k runner?

Last Answer : answer:LL Bean sellsn my favorite, which I wear when the power is out,but it would work fine for a runner. I find it comfortable; the straps can be adjusted and I do have a lot of a ... .com/llb/shop/76207?feat=507967-GN2&page=trailblazer-4-led-headlamp The four LEDs give you a very bright light.

Description : What is the best way to train for "combatives"?

Last Answer : Join a gym that focuses on boxing or martial arts, that can train you on moves and find sparring partners.

Description : Exercise-induced bronchoconstriction (EIB)

Last Answer : I have exercise induced asthma, which I think is what you’re talking about. Using an inhaler is the way to go. When you had to use one when you were a kid, you were probably sick with something like bronchitis…I have to use my inhaler when I get that, too.

Description : Is there something I can do to condition myself to be able to run uphill ?

Last Answer : stairsteps work great! I was between jobs and took a security guard job at a plant where I had to do an hourly route. There were many steps on this route. I worked up the speed and eventually was able ... take an hour down to 15 minutes. That was how I trained to take a group of boys to Philmont.

Description : I need advice from experienced runners/joggers. (is this normal ?)

Last Answer : I think that you have discovered the cooldown period.

Description : Is there something I can take for nausea after a long distance run ?

Last Answer : Take an aspirin. You are putting a strain on your heart, I know every time I try to push myself to run longer than before I will at the very least feel like throwing up as soon as I stop running, ... chest pain too. Actually some of the symptoms of a heart attack match what I feel like after a run.

Description : How can I run longer without cramps?

Last Answer : I’m not a runner, but I find I get cramps in my legs and chest from working out (cycling) if I am low on potassium. Eat at least one banana every day!

Description : What would happen if all the labour in the world refused to do the work of the rich?

Last Answer : I think labor needs to start doing this more in the US again, I have no idea about other countries. If we don't do something to quell some of the extreme and unreasonable demands of employers in the ... am hoping the stores decided after trying it last year that it was not worth it, we'll see.

Description : My knee hurts (details inside) - is it worth going to the doctor?

Last Answer : This may be an unpopular opinion, but running isn't good for you in the long term Try brisk walking!, and it's because of issues like this. You should see an osteopath who specializes in sports ... s not painful anymore. And don't listen to those misguided people who tell you your pain is normal.

Description : Have you ever participated in a Color Run?

Last Answer : That looks like fun! I’d have done it when I was younger, and didn’t have fibro. Make your dad do the laundry, though. ;)

Description : What kind of brake pad is best for my road bike?

Last Answer : You can also buy them online here

Description : Best active shoe with lots of shock absorbtion? Cavus feet...

Last Answer : This might sound odd. But you might want to go to a place that sells shoes for skateboarders. I buy Etnies and they have a high arch and designed to have people jump off a roof. Seriously, they are made to absorb a lot more shock than normal shoes.

Description : What do you cold weather runners wear? Do you have special winter shoes, socks, etc?

Last Answer : All the major athletic clothing companies (ie Puma, Nike, Under Armour, etc) make clothing appropriate to the climate. They have the technology to make lightweight clothing that keeps you warm, wicks ... better-than-naked-cool-s_s.html

Description : What kind of shoes are ideal for hiking and running?

Last Answer : If you want one pair of shoes, you might try trail runners. Something like this. (Note that I don’t have any connection to these shoes at all. I just googled trail runners)

Description : Another question about working out...maybe too much? (Details inside)

Last Answer : answer:Your legs are killing you because you're working them out everyday. To properly work them you're supposed to give them a day off in between to recoup. This recoup period is arguably more ... that muscle group to be particularly sore and B)Slow the rate at which that muscle group strengthens.

Description : For all you PTs and CSCSs, how did you prepare for the NSCA certification test?

Last Answer : Have you tried a forum were more PTs and CSCSs participate? I’m not familiar with that test. Sorry. Good luck!

Description : Curious - do you have an qualms about exercising (jogging) in the rain?

Last Answer : answer:I like jogging in light rain. It’s nice. Do make sure though that you have a rain jacked that covers your head cause rain water running down your next isn’t nice.

Description : Where to find running shoes?

Last Answer : Road Runner Sports gets good reviews.

Description : Light headedness while running?

Last Answer : That could happen for numerous reasons (lack of oxygen, low blood pressure, low blood sugar just to name a few. It’s probably best if you see your doctor to see what they think and see if they want to do any testing.

Description : What is the purpose of a running strap?

Last Answer : heart rate monitors is my guess

Description : What can I do to end my running pain?

Last Answer : answer:What I did to break the length I could run further is I would take one or two steps extra steps past the point of the day before. What you are doing is slowly adding distance to your ... tendons or soft tissue along the shin bone so you want to do things to keep that swelling from occurring.

Description : Running and feeling "off" on some days - why is that?

Last Answer : answer:I get the same thing with anything that makes me do work. I was that way with going to school, and I'm that way with going to work, and I'm that way with walking. I think the physical ... it could be that you ate more wheat or dairy on those days, or it could just be an attitude thing.

Description : Why do my hands go weak & toes turn blue sometimes after a long run/workout?

Last Answer : As you said. Poor circulation or possibly you are exhaling harder than your inhaling, giving you less oxygen in you blood. See if taking slower breaths deeper breaths improves your condition. If not than ... to your feet if you have poor circulation but you should also notice swelling of the feet.

Description : Bad fall while running. What's this rib injury?

Last Answer : answer:I'm so sorry, @ETpro! All it takes is one little slip like that to change our plans in a big way. You must be a sight. I hope you don't have to report in to some office tomorrow, where you are ... . It hurt like hell for a few days and then eased up, and he's ok now, about 4 weeks out.

Description : How many miles does your body log per week?

Last Answer : Officially, on the treadmill, 10/week. But I do a lot of old-fashioned walking (one foot in front of another) for the chores of daily life.