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Description : What do you think is the sexiest or most romantic song?

Last Answer : “Since I Fell for You” by Lenny Welch. This one is up there on my list!

Description : What are some songs that remind you of summertime for a playlist?

Last Answer : Dancing in the Streets – Martha and the Vandellas Summer in the City – Lovin’ Spoonful Girls in their Summer Clothes- Bruce Springsteen Sandy – Bruce Springsteen Thunder Road – Bruce Springsteen

Description : Who create the song Blood in the Risers?

Last Answer : According to Military Wikia the lyrics were copyrighted by J.H. Knight in 1943. “What a hell of a way to die.”

Description : What is your favrite song?

Last Answer : “Sounds like Teen Spirit”, and the parody “Smells like Nirvana”.

Description : I'm trying to remember a song from the 70's that contained the lyrics "oh the children of Pompeii". It talked about the destruction of Pompeii. Can anyone remember the song?

Last Answer : I looked up lyrics from 1970s “children of pompeii” and got several. This seems the most likely: Pompeii by Peter Hammill from the album: Nadir’s Big Chance.

Description : What happened to, “...boys like a little more booty to hold at night”?

Last Answer : I imagine that it is insulting to women everywhere to know that while boys like a little more booty at night and that is all, minus a true committing relationship. Game players are what ... up with those limericks. Not conducive to a real relationship with values and commitment to the partner.

Description : What are these lyrics trying to say?

Last Answer : I think that “young girl in her prime” is talking about girls in their late teens and early twenties, when they are nubile and most fertile – the traditional peak years of fecundity. “Hold your hammers high” refers (not very subtlely) to erect male penii.

Description : When two people collaborate on a song, which usually comes first, the melody or the lyrics?

Last Answer : When I was involved 50 years ago in writing or rewriting a song; the chord progression and melody went looking for lyrics. Luckily we had a someone to write lyrics. Also rewrote chord progressions for cover work.

Description : What is your favorite sad song?

Last Answer : Ohio Tin soldiers and Nixon coming We’re finally on our own This summer I hear the drumming Four dead in Ohio

Description : What are some of your favorite Disney songs?

Last Answer : This one

Description : What song do you have stuck in your head?

Last Answer : Right now, it is this one.

Description : What makes a song all time classic?

Last Answer : Really hard to pin down. There are some songs I think are classics that I wouldn’t necessarily say I could play over and over again, such as Nina Simone’s “Sinnerman”.

Description : What do you think of this song?

Last Answer : I like it, it’s very catchy…....for a fluoride water filter.

Description : Do you have a favourite cover version of a song?

Last Answer : answer:I have several: The Corrs cover of When the Stars Go Blue. Johnny Winter's cover of Good Morning Little Schoolgirl. and Highway 61 Revisited. Jimi Hendrix: All Along the Watchtower. Candy Dulfer: ... Monday. Linda Ronstadt: You Can Close Your Eyes. Jeff Beck & Rod Stewart: People Get Ready.

Description : I have ideas for parody songs. Look at the list. Do you have any lyric suggestions for any of them?

Last Answer : answer:One suggestion - a parody song is not just appropriating a tune, it means making a joke that relates to the original song. So using the tune of Feliz Navidad but changing to Stop Tickling ... other people can deliver. As to instrumentation, that is what ever you can play or think of.

Description : How often do you sing the alphabet song in your mind?

Last Answer : Haha, Never. I probably haven’t sung it since I was teaching my daughter about 27 years ago now. lol

Description : What little song/ditty thing am I thinking of?

Last Answer : Based only on that little bit, it sounds like “Little Toot”, a story about a small tugboat.

Description : What songs contain what seem to be throw-away, nonsense lines?

Last Answer : answer:What if God was one of us Just a slob like one of us Just a stranger on the bus Trying to make His way home? tryin’ to make His way home Back up to Heaven all alone Nobody callin’ on the phone ‘Cept for the Pope, maybe, in Rome

Description : I am looking for a song that I had heard two years ago and I somehow can't remember it and its hurting me, can somebody help?

Last Answer : Do you remember anything more? Like a memorable word of the song or the general rhythm? Is the song fast or slow?

Description : What song is this?

Last Answer : Could it have been “Ebony Eyes” by the Everly Brothers? (I think so) In the same vein was “Running Bear” by Johnny Preston.

Description : What are a few of your favorite things?

Last Answer : I love to watch the sunrise. I feel it comes to early in the day but maybe that I have to make an effort to see it is part of what makes it special.

Description : Who sang the best version or did the best cover of the classic song "Stormy Weather"?

Last Answer : Im pretty partial to Ella Fitzgerald’s version. To me it’s more ‘bluesy’ but holding to the spirit of the lyrics.

Description : What do you think of this song?

Last Answer : It has a nice melody, but the song is overly layered in my opinion, the orchestral arrangement doesn’t blend very well with the pop/radio sound. And not a fan of her voice, it sounds like she’s straining her vocal chords. Can’t seem to find the English lyrics to the song, which is disappointing,

Description : Where in this singer's website is this song?

Last Answer : I know I can find it in the usual other places by the way.

Description : Help me figure out what song these lyrics are from?

Last Answer : I believe this is it:

Description : Which Elvis song has lyrics about waiting ...7 pm, ...11pm etc.?

Last Answer : answer:I think you are actually talking about Bil Haly's Rock around the clock IT is not Elvis song. Google it on youtube. One, Two, Three O'clock, Four O'clock rock, Five, Six, Seven ... rockin' round the clock again. CHORUS Read more: Bill Haley - Rock Around The Clock Lyrics | MetroLyrics

Description : What song is this? (bleh)

Last Answer : That’s Take On Me by A-ha Love Top Gear.

Description : Help finding a song that is (very) vaguely in my memory?

Last Answer : Also for some reason I feel like dance was a part of it, maybe it was in a movie or the music video, possibly a club of some sort or something. That could be totally random though.

Description : What oldies do you know was favored back before the 80's that wouldn't be politically correct today?

Last Answer : Not that I’m from the 70s or anything but thunder doesn’t only happen when it’s raining.

Description : What is the complete song of "the wheels on the bus go round and round"?

Last Answer : Here are the lyrics.

Description : Based on your feelings, what would your current theme song be?

Last Answer : My Kryptonite.

Description : What song is this?

Last Answer : What station was it?

Description : What songs mean morning to you.

Last Answer : The singing of the birds outside my house.

Description : Can you help me find the pop song I'm thinking of?

Last Answer : Is it Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke?

Description : What is this song?

Last Answer : Low and behold immediately after posting this is when it came on the radio again. The song is Lola Montez by Volbeat.

Description : 70's/80's song with the lyrics "do you remember"?

Last Answer : Oh yeah from what I remember the voice sounded more like it would be a black/african american/your politically correct term here singer, not a white guy

Description : What's your favorite nostalgic song?

Last Answer : The Third Man by Anton Karas Lili Marleen sung by Marlene Dietrich

Description : Someone explain to me what this song is about?

Last Answer : It lost me at “cobwebs consume the postal code….”

Description : What do these lyrics mean?

Last Answer : It means the songwriter could use a visit with a mental health professional and a script for an SSRI…

Description : Do you know this song?

Last Answer : Do you remember any of the lyrics? What does the Italian part sound like? Is it a solo rapper (male or female) or a group with different vocalists?

Description : Need help figuring out the singer and title for this 80s song?

Last Answer : .

Description : Is there a sad or emotional song that makes you cry every time you hear it?

Last Answer : The Beatles’ “Long and Winding Road” doesn’t make me cry but comes awfully close. For me, it has a lot of meaning.

Description : What are some more songs like Queen dot kong?

Last Answer : answer:I love you . I have been looking for this song for so friggin long now. I knew I heard it in a video game but I just couldn't place which one and I couldn't remember any of the lyrics ... some other music from this band. None of it sounds even close, the rest is kinda down tempo indie stuff.

Description : Have you ever hated a half of a song, but loved the other half?

Last Answer : Yes! I love Damien Rice’s ‘Volcano’ but absolutely hate the bridge. First half – great. End – great. The middle is awful.

Description : What is this song (well, clip of one?)

Last Answer : Are you refering to wacky sax?

Description : Do we need to update some songs for modern days?

Last Answer : I found this online in YouTube

Description : How do you characterize the song "Movin' Out" by Billy Joel?

Last Answer : answer:Happy Birthday, Billy Joel! I always thought the song addressed the working-class ideal of having a house in the suburbs and a new car as measures of success.

Description : What 5 songs would you want played at your funeral or memorial service?

Last Answer : answer:Processional ‘By the Rising of the Moon’ At the service He is Risen Abide With Me At the burial I would want ‘Ghosts of Culloden’ on the bagpipes. Can’t remember the 5th.

Description : What does "but it's more than one and one makes two" mean?

Last Answer : It means that something is not as simple/straightforward/black & white as it may appear, in this instance, relationships.

Description : How much is your shave and a haircut?

Last Answer : 2 bits, which is a quarter. Mine only costs electricity, since I do both myself.