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Description : As you get older, what sort of battles are you having with the law of gravity?

Last Answer : I don’t know how much older I’ll need to get, but at 45 there’s nothing at all drooping or sagging (except the bits that always did).

Description : Does each person have a natural walking pace?

Last Answer : Of course that is true. What is equally true, is that you can easily adjust that pace to suit yourself. But if the question is about multitasking—walking and chewing gum, surely we all can do it.

Description : Is there a limit to how fast a physical object can spin?

Last Answer : Light speed is the current limit.

Description : A question about Internet plan?

Last Answer : 1 MBPS is deathly slow. Unlimited data at a slow speed is worthless, especially for $20 more/month Go with plan A. Of course, the deciding question is what you’re going to be doing. My answer will be different if you’re surfing the web, versus 24/7 streaming or torrenting.

Description : Do you find that if something, or someone, forces you to type slower you're much more likely to have typos, spelling errors, etc?

Last Answer : More than likely so. I have slowed down alot on this smart phone because the type is so small and I goof more than on my laptop. But at least this doodad spells the words out for me so that helps alot.

Description : If the math was easier then could we have a speed limit on automobile acceleration?

Last Answer : Our test cars had numerous g sensors to measure acceleration. It was fun. It was also possible to calculate it on the fly. You can do it yourself with a cheap, used, mechanical, air craft angle of attack meter. You can get them for $5–10 at army surplus stores. 45 degrees means 1 g.

Description : What would a keyboard built for speed be like?

Last Answer : That would be the Dvorak keyboard, patented in 1936. It has its fans, but it has never caught on.

Description : Should fast acceleration be included in the speed limit?

Last Answer : How?

Description : Are driverless cars equipped for accidents?

Last Answer : It’ll cause accidents to plummet and they’ll be equipped

Description : Can we put speed limits for cars based on a mathematical fourmula?

Last Answer : All roads have a base design speed. We could start with that and adjust up or down depending upon the driver. I’d also put driver’s reaction time into the equation. It’s not practical, but I like it.

Description : Instead of top speed can police ticket for fast acceleration?

Last Answer : answer:Technically, probably not. Realistically? Yes, they could cite you for unsafe driving. For example in the US the yellow speed signs (like on highway ramps) are suggested speeds, not lawfully mandated speeds. ... get a ticket for going 60 in a 45, but you can get a ticket for unsafe driving.

Description : What's the fastest you've gone in your car?

Last Answer : Hubby was driving but when we picked up our BMW in Germany we got it up to 140 MPH in the rain.

Description : What is the top speed of the fastest helicopter?

Last Answer : “The current World Helicopter Speed Record is held by the Westland Lynx at 217.5 Kts (402 km/h) using specially designed high-speed rotor blades.” I just googled that.

Description : Would the cops ever use spikes against a motorbike?

Last Answer : I am sure they would. They have no problem ramming cars off the road or turning them into sieves with bullets, so I do not see why they would have a problem with using spikes on a bike.

Description : What is the maximum speed that human joints can handle?

Last Answer : It’ll be different for everyone within a certain range. Usain Bolt holds the record at 27.44mph

Description : What is the top speed for a space probe now and in the future?

Last Answer : answer:Currently Helios 2 is the fastest spacecraft ever built-the Helios 2 probe, launched in 1976 to monitor the sun-attained a top speed of 157,000 miles an hour. At that rate, a spacecraft ... from National Geograhic's web article. Future sky is the limit maybe approaching the speed of light.

Description : How fast have you ever driven a car on populated public lands/roads?

Last Answer : When I was younger and kinda stupid I had my sportbike up to three digits just for the hell of it. I stopped that real quick, it scared the shit out of me.

Description : PT Test this coming Monday, can you give advice on what to eat and do till then(details)

Last Answer : What is a PT test?

Description : What is functional strength?

Last Answer : Functional strength does not consist only of body weight exercises by any means. Hardly any strength (muscle growth) occurs during body weight exercise or even exercise utilizing light weights. ... deadlifts) as opposed to isolated movements (bicep curls, leg extensions/curls, tricep extensions).

Description : What is the worlds fastest internet connection?

Last Answer : Apparently Sigbritt Löthberg has the worlds fastest internet at 40 Gigabits per second .

Description : What is the speed or velocity of our solar system?

Last Answer : I have an app on my smart phone that gives answers to scientific questions. It’s called Wolfram Alpha. I typed in this question, and it says our solar system is moving at 490,000 mph or 220 km/s.

Description : Why should my Skype connection be fast outgoing and slow incoming.

Last Answer : There’s many different variables that come into play. Is there wireless internet? What kind of internet are both of you using? What is your network card set to, full duplex? It really depends.

Description : Could the calibration of my speedometer be wrong?

Last Answer : Yes. There are a whole number of reasons a speedo could be reporting the wrong speed. The most common cause of errors is when the tyres (or wheels) have been changed to ones with different diameters to ... so in the worst case scenario it could be out by 20%. Probably worth getting it checked out.

Description : Why are download speeds higher than upload speeds?

Last Answer : My best guess is that upload speed and download speed both cost about the same amount of money to provide. In an effort to save money, the service providers probably cut back your upload speed ... more information than they upload, so it is more profitable to sell download speed than upload speed.

Description : WTF? Wile E. Coyote could outrun The Road Runner by almost 2/1. Is anything sacred anymore?

Last Answer : Gun to head. Trigger pulling…....

Description : Does the speed of light change?

Last Answer : There is only one universe that we currently know of. “Uni” means one or whole. In that universe, the speed of light is constant. It does not change.

Description : If two objects fly in opposite directions can they both reach the speed of light relative to the starting point?

Last Answer : answer:Well the speed of light isn't infinite, but it's simple. You can't acheive infinity because it has no value, if you were accelerating you infinite speed you would just go faster and faster for ... something. You can't divide by 0, same as you can't divide by infinity, its not possible.

Description : What can I do to make an older Lowes brand garden tractor go faster?

Last Answer : answer:People race lawn tractors, so I would imagine there are a lot of discussions on how to do it best and probably parts for the job. I don't know if $15-$20 will be enough, but a few internet ... know. Here's one person's build, here's a forum on the subject with thousands of posts. Have fun.

Description : What's the story with these people getting off the train?

Last Answer : answer:There were a number of reptiles on the train this morning - sort of like the movie, but this time on the railroad. One of the snakes has a specific venom that causes people to need to ... so poisoned that the train started moving to the next station even before they last person could get off.

Description : What are your thoughts on a guy getting a speeding ticket for 193 miles an hour on a motorcycle?

Last Answer : I just wonder why he even stopped for the cops at all. Oh and I read the story and it said he did this in the rain!

Description : A Workout Question: rollerblading -- why is my butt getting bigger?

Last Answer : answer:To properly answer your question, it would help if you had some comparison pictures. It's a part of the scientific process of uh determining the lipid distribution to the epidermal ... and glutes will make your butt bigger. There's a difference between losing weight and gaining muscle.

Description : How can I attach a camera to a dog's head without restricting his breathing or causing discomfort?

Last Answer : answer:Surgery? You should take a video of him from your perspective just so we can see this awesome dog in action.

Description : If people could move at the speed of sound, would it have more positive or negative effects in our lives?

Last Answer : I imagine it would be like watching a movie on fast-forward x1000…

Description : How can I tranfer files faster?

Last Answer : What’s the error message? What’s the CPU speed? What type of media are you transfering onto? If it’s USB is it 1.0 or 2.0?

Description : Heard the Latest Neutrino Joke?

Last Answer : I already read that on the Internet two days from now. :-)

Description : Why is our internet so incomprehensibly slow when it didn't used to be?

Last Answer : answer:You’re not on a shared or unsecured wireless network are you? Perhaps someone is just taking all the bandwidth or “clogging the tubes”.

Description : How can we use ever faster communication to build more intimate and more conscious and healthier relationships and communities?

Last Answer : answer:A few thoughts, all of which will be long and rambling (sorry). My friend and I tweet several times a day. And by tweet, I don't mean hey, everyone, this is what I had for lunch today , I ... use hammers to create a nice coffee table, or to bash our ex's brains in. It's all about choices.

Description : How fast will you drive if there is no limit?

Last Answer : I’ve been 130mph and that was amazing.

Description : What could be the fastest running, flying or swimming animal on Earth with a 100 lb human on it's back?

Last Answer : Hammerhead shark….prove to me I am wrong! ;)

Description : Would you consider using LTAs that were capable of speeds near 300mph?

Last Answer : It would depend on the rest of the process. If it was like getting a train, yes. If it was like getting a plane, no. I generally go for trains if the journey is 400-500 miles or less ... had all the disadvantages of planes and a marginal speed advantage, then I don't think I'd be interested.

Description : Will the changes to the earth caused by the earthquake affect GPS accuracy?

Last Answer : Didn’t have the answer off the top of my head, but being a good librarian here you go.

Description : What is the speed of action of quantum entanglement over distance? (Strange Universe series)

Last Answer : It’s instantaneous.

Description : Could I connect to 2 internet connections for downloading?

Last Answer : I don’t think so. I believe that the pathways don’t combine to increase either. You’d simply be downloading the same thing twice simultaneously, using both pathways at their individual speeds.

Description : What should I do about this traffic ticket?

Last Answer : Go to court? Just a thought.

Description : Is there something that you could do quickly but choose to do slowly?

Last Answer : Ummm….. like playing a good round of golf with your friends! Enjoy the moment…nature, friendship, etc. !

Description : What is the fastest possible harddrive I can put in a Macbook Pro?

Last Answer : SSD or Solid State Drives are by far the fastest drives. They are also expensive.

Description : When were you close to embarrassment?

Last Answer : I can’t think of an example of when I came close, but I can share a story or two where I dove into the deep end of embarrassment.

Description : Could you cross a series of moving tracks that get progressively faster and then slower?

Last Answer : answer:We walk around in 600 mph airliners, so I don’t see a problem on the center track. So I vote “sure”.

Description : What is the difference between a ScanDisk SD card and one of a higher price besides the price?

Last Answer : answer:I have regular cheap Costco SD cards in my DSLR and they work just fine. I sort of saw the extra expensive SD cards kind of like buying premium gasoline for your car. It may make a difference with video.

Description : What goes into the algorithm Google Maps uses to calculate the suggested time of a given trip?

Last Answer : see @timtrueman ‘s answer to this thread