What is that song that goes untis untis untis?

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Answer :

If that’s in the lyrics then I think you’re talking about Bloodhound Gang’s song “Untis-Untis”.

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Last Answer : Get To Me, the live version, Train (Take a ride on the back of a butterfly) or Your Decision, Alice in Chains are two I really like. But long term, My favorite is Sweet Emotion.

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Last Answer : You can try a website called tunefind.com

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Last Answer : answer:I don't know the answer to this, but I can tell you that I've had great success with determining the authorship of many songs by googling the lyrics. I just gogled All my friends keep ... that you look unhappy with your lover but nothing came up. Are you sure those are the exact lyrics?

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Last Answer : Drops of Jupiter from Train?

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Last Answer : I like the original better. It was the 60’s.

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