My 3rd graders got a collection letter....what will happen???

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Answer :

This had few points of interest and ways to fight the collectors. Good luck to you.

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Description : I have a 'dry socket' and got the medicated dressing, but I'm still in pain?

Last Answer : Get clove tea in a bag, make a cup of tea and enjoy it then bite down on the tea bag being careful not to rupture it. My sister’s father in law was a dentist and he made his own poultice which was mostly cloves that he packed a tooth socket with to calm the pain.

Description : Has anyone else got a phobia of medications?

Last Answer : I would talk it over with your dentist or consider sedation dentistry.

Description : Just got back from the dentist. Is it normal for my tooth to hurt after a big filling?

Last Answer : Scale of 1–10? one being painless and ten you’re screaming on the floor.

Description : I just noticed this last night and it's really bugging me now. I've got a slight overbite. Is there anything I can do to help it, besides going to the dentist?

Last Answer : If I’m not mistaken, you’d have to visit an orthodontist, who would outfit you with braces and headgear. But it wouldn’t hurt to visit your dentist and ask what s/he would suggest. No problem is too small if it’s really bugging you.

Description : Do you feel it's a teacher's place to tell a classroom of 3rd graders that Santa and the Easter Bunny aren't real?

Last Answer : Of course it's not the teacher's place! It's not up to them how the child is raised, and if they are raised to believe in Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny (as many kids are) then it's none ... their beliefs. They don't have to encourage the belief, but that doesn't mean they should ruin it for kids!

Description : Do you have any suggestions for a book selection for a book club for 3rd graders?

Last Answer : Frindle by Andrew Clements - almost anything by Andrew Clements. Farmer Boy by Laura Ingalls-Wilder. Believe it or not, the Little House books are great for boys and girls, Pa is always building something ... almost anything by Jerry Spinelli. I could probably go on and on, but I'll stop there!

Description : Why should 3rd graders have phones?

Last Answer : No child NEEDS a phone in school ! Their parents can phone theschool if necessary - and the school would normally be able tophone a child's parent if required. Phones should be left at homewhile the child is in school !

Description : Do you or someone close to you wear dentures?

Last Answer : How much have you spent, how much has been done, and how much will the rest cost? Then compare with how much dentures will cost. I have never had dentures, but my mom had them since she was 30. She had a gum disease I think. She did very well with them.

Description : Can you answer some questions about dentures?

Last Answer : Sorry that this is happening to you. I don't know anything about dentures. I just have a related suggestion that I hope is helpful to you. If you get dentures then don't get ones that are ... will know that they're denatures. Get them somewhat off-white so they look believable. Good health buddy!

Description : What is with the bad attitude of people who are being paid to help customers?

Last Answer : They do have to deal with idiots every single day, and force themselves to be friendly. At some point, they just crack.

Description : Is it normal two have two sets of baby teeth?

Last Answer : Not normal; not unheard of at the same time.

Description : Do you think that ultra white teeth are atractive?

Last Answer : I agree. Ultra white teeth don’t do a thing for me. It’s distracting if it’s the first thing I notice when I look at someone.

Description : Which dentist would you choose?

Last Answer : I don’t mind driving, or taking many turns. Going to a capable, friendly, and reasonable dentist would be my priority

Description : Why the tooth wires and are they a sign of bad dental work or necessary?

Last Answer : Sounds like what you speculated they are, part of a bridge. Don’t have bad dental habits, so you keep all your teeth or if teeth are pulled; get implants which screw in the jawbone and attaches a replacement Acrylic or Zircon tooth.

Description : What can you tell us about your dental crowns or other dental work?

Last Answer : I had a few crowns fitted at the local dental school many years ago. They are great and have given me no trouble. Theyare almost as good as the original teeth through I have to be careful when biting apples. The only tip I can give you is to use interdental brushes to clean them.

Description : Can someone die from a infected tooth?

Last Answer : answer:First off if I felt my life was on the line I would not be asking for advice here especially in Social. If you want responses as serious as can be afforded here, ask this in General. ... ones health overall. I doubt this will kill you straight away but maybe just a wakeup call for you.

Description : Is this unacceptable for a dentist?

Last Answer : He is either joking or is very unprofessional.

Description : Is this dentist trying to rip me off ? (details inside)

Last Answer : I am facing something similar with my usual dentist. They put a crown on that keeps coming off. Now I am facing an implant because there is not enough tooth there to hold a crown ni suspect that is the same situation for you and why he is suggesting an implant.

Description : So, how white are your pearly whites?

Last Answer : answer:Pretty white for 55 with no enhancing treatments. The bitch is that I’m going to lose one of my 2 front teeth within the week. I have an appointment next week to see about bridgework to replace it.

Description : If my tooth was loose, would I be in pain?

Last Answer : If it’s loose, a dentist will tell you not to move it or mess with it and it will tighten up in about a week. Don’t wiggle it. Just leave it alone. I am sure it’s tempting to wiggle it but try not to.

Description : Why did I feel like I couldn't breathe/was choking after my dentist gave me an anesthetic before my widom tooth surgery today ?

Last Answer : Yes. I hate choking. They should let us control the suction and give a video feed so not to be scared.

Description : Is this unprofessional neglect and have you experienced it ?

Last Answer : Did your friend have prescription painkillers from the dentist? If so, I think the dentist was within bounds. If not, I think the least he could have done was offer to phone in a script to a ... hallucinating from pain and not in possession of prescription grade pain killers, I would go to the ER.

Description : When is the last time you went to the dentist and had your teeth cleaned?

Last Answer : I’m due right about now, but I absolutely hate going to the dentist, it usually takes Mrs Squeaky to really kick my butt to get me to go.

Description : How do you brush your teeth?

Last Answer : I wipe my crowns with a kleenex rinse with water. Floss and just clean my teeth random with a toothbrush and then cup my hands and rinse again. then dry off with a towel.

Description : Do you find yourself going in for dental work more often than you expected?

Last Answer : I’m lucky I have never needed any dental work hope I never will.

Description : Have you had a dentist steal or try to steal a gold crown he or she removed?

Last Answer : Not stealing it exactly. Just him saying that it is a bio hazard and that they (the dental office) will dispose of it for you. I told my dentist that I wanted the 2 gold crowns he pulled and the look on his face was one of great disappointment.

Description : Have you had a dental crown re-cemented after it fell off ?

Last Answer : No, not a permanent one. Usually there is damage/rot under the crown and that is why it fell off. More work to the tooth is required before another crown is put on.

Description : My back crown just came off but there's no pain. Why not? Never had a root canal.

Last Answer : Apparently the nerve must not be exposed but you do need to go see the dentist .

Description : Can tooth pain lead to stomach pain?

Last Answer : answer:The bad teeth and root can be infected and in turn cause distress in the rest of your body. One of my ex- in-laws died from a heart condition cause by his never going to a dentist accept to get teeth pulled. They think his heart valve was inflamed and infected by the bad/infected teeth.

Description : Can anyone recommend a dentist in the Asheville, NC area who will see patients WITHOUT mandatory x rays?

Last Answer : answer:What’s your reason for refusing? Ever had an abess, an infected root nerve, a cavity beneath the gum line or between two teeth that had no space between them that went untreated becasue the dentist couldn’t see it? Hell on earth. Advanced breast and colon cancers are also no day at the beach.

Description : I can't afford a root canal, what do I do?

Last Answer : For heaven’s sake, yes it’s dangerous to leave it. If you don’t trust your dentist, get a second opinion. If you do, work out a payment schedule with him and get the work done.

Description : Is it a good idea to put ones dental work live for the patient to watch on the t.v.

Last Answer : I guess if someone really wants to watch that, then why not? Nobody’s privacy would be violated.

Description : When someone asks "why do so many British people have bad teeth", how on earth do you answer that?

Last Answer : answer:1) “How should I know?” 2) “As a guess, less good or less available dentistr than we have in the US (or Canada)?”

Description : How long does it usually take to heal after having two wisdom teeth extracted?

Last Answer : I went home on a Friday and was back at work on Monday, at the oral surgeon’s office as an out patient. They will usually take the two wisdom teeth on the same side at one time. They took my right side wisdom teeth first and then four months later the left side.

Description : How did people get their wisdom teeth extracted before modern dentistry?

Last Answer : answer: Only at the end of the nineteenth century the use of local anesthesia together with the development of radiology led to the establishment of surgical dentistry. Especially the technique of ... 1950s, highly dangerous infections have become rare, PubMed Before that they were left alone.

Description : What are your best (easiest) tooth removal methods for kids?

Last Answer : answer:I really don't recall my baby teeth being so painful when loose. I used to just wiggle it until it eventually fell out, some need harder pulling. If the gum is so sore, perhaps there is another ... pain she is feeling. If you reassure her there will be no pain it might feel better for her.

Description : Help with an aching tooth?

Last Answer : answer:From experience, it really does desensitize eventually as long as everything else is checking out. It is a bitch and a half to get through that period. I've used a couple techniques 2 Alleve in ... is gone. hurts like a sonofabitch for a few, but kills pain response for a long time after

Description : What is this brown spot near the gumline of my tooth?

Last Answer : Also I do not think it is tartar as it hurts when I poke it. I brush my teeth 2x a day floss and rinse with fluoride rinse. I do all I can for my teeth and I still get problems ... similar problem that was a cavity? And the tooth otherwise looks fine to, no discoloration other than this hard spot.

Description : Are root canals and crowns the norm for dentists now?

Last Answer : answer:I've been lucky and had fillings done when the original diagnosis was a root canal. I guess when the dentist drilled away some of the decay he realized it wasn't as bad as he originally thought. ... , but to charge $800? Sheesh. You haven't been eating anymore of those hot peppers, have you?

Description : When was the last time you went to the dentist?

Last Answer : Too long ago and now I simply have to go but I can’t even handle the thought. I know that it is making things worse but I am PETRIFIED!

Description : Why would a dentist recommend $11K of dental work on an 82 year old?

Last Answer : answer:Well, just because she is elderly and maybe not long for this world does not mean she would not benefit now, and for some time to come from having a healthier mouth. I'd get a second opinion, but ... and her dementia does not seem to be that bad if she knows she has money in the bank. lol

Description : How often do you have your teeth X-rayed?

Last Answer : I hate articles like that. Dental x-rays have been implicated in People who have had dental x-rays have had brain tumors Yes and these people also brushed their teeth, ate eggs, drank water or whatever ... get dental x-rays every six months. I have since I was a child. So far, no brain tumors!

Description : If I say the lower part of an upper tooth do you think I mean the part near the gum or the end of the tooth?

Last Answer : I think of it as being closer to the gum line since that’s closer to the root (bottom) of the tooth. It’s easy to think of when visualizing the bottom teeth since the root is down and the top grows up, but with the upper teeth the root is up, so I can see why it would cause some confusion.

Description : Is anyone here familiar with dental hygiene on a professional level?

Last Answer : answer:Debridement is a deep cleaning, used to help counter gum disease and for those teeth that have deep pockets that normal brushing and flossing do not reach to remove plaque below the gum line. If ... you might want to ramp up your flossing and get a water pic to aide your oral health regime.

Description : Do dentures change the shape of your face?

Last Answer : Yes. Not always, but usually yes.

Description : How much pain should I expect at the dentist tomorrow?

Last Answer : answer:I don’t think it will hurt like hell. You certainly can take some tylenol or ibuprofen if you are nervous. Do not take aspirin it will increase bleeding. Is the reason you have not been for a cleaning because you generally are afraid of the dentist, and it typically is very painful for you?

Description : Have you experienced sedation dentistry?

Last Answer : The gas makes me feel horrible. My dentist insists on using something, because I have a loose tendon in my jaw, and it makes it difficult for him to work on me. I prefer the oral anxiety medication if I'm ... That's not to say it would have the same effect on you, that's just how I feel about it.

Description : My g/f just broke off a piece of her molar. She already had a root canal done on that tooth and had a temporary filling (been there for awhile). If she can't get a crown in the next month of so, is she in trouble?

Last Answer : answer:Would this happen in Canada? Anyway, my (absolutely non-expert) opinion is that a month will not make a difference.

Description : If you have a tooth pulled with a gold crown on it, should they give you the crown?

Last Answer : answer:I always ask for the gold from dental work. There is ever any issue. But no dentist in my memory (past or future) has offered it. Of course, ask someone for it.

Description : My retainer isn't keeping my teeth straight?

Last Answer : Don’t do anything. Wait til monday and let the dentist sort out.