Who are we anyway?

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Answer :

Not so much,no…as I think everyone is Roger Daltry…or wants to be. ;)

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Description : Can we see who modded our answers?

Last Answer : No, there isn’t. We mod as a team, and respond as a team. If you ever have an issue with moderation, you can take it up with any mod. If that doesn’t resolve your concern, you can also PM me.

Description : Is there a mystery you'd like solved relating to you, or the answer to something about you that you'd like to know before you die?

Last Answer : I would like to know what I should have done in 1999/2001 in university. It seems like a no-win situation.

Description : Are Truck Drivers Over Worked?

Last Answer : Not sure if you’ve been paying attention the past 20 years or so….but literally everyone is overworked.

Description : 9 Year old's question "Why do they kidnap children?"?

Last Answer : “They do it so that the parents of that child will pay big money to get the child back.” Simple.

Description : Do you read all answers to your question?

Last Answer : Yes, very much so unless they are extremely long winded ones.

Description : What is your criteria for marking a question / answer as great?

Last Answer : I like questions that are original, thought provoking, creative, funny, or controversial. As far as answers. If it is helpful, funny, or I agree with the comment. In regards to questions I ask, as long as a response is on topic, I usually GA them. Even if I don’t agree with the opinion.

Description : Anyone else notice our farewell to Adirondackwannabe disappeared?

Last Answer : I believe this thread should shed some light on the matter.

Description : Should ask-public consider a separate, independent comment thread for each answer?

Last Answer : answer:Sorry to say, ask-public isn't looking into anything. The two developers moved on years ago, and one of them pays the server fees for strictly nostalgic reasons. If you're Bill Gates ( ... for improving ask-public! Until you meet the rest of the jellies, then your ass is your own.

Description : How can I secure the deck umbrella so it doesn't keep blowing over?

Last Answer : Fold it down so it doesn’t catch the wind.

Description : Mods, how many times can a jelly attack before getting banned?

Last Answer : answer:I think the mods will give you a stern warning you are on your way to being kicked off the site before it actually happens. Depends what it is of course, how bad it was. When they mod your response do you see what you did wrong, or is it confusing to you?

Description : What is the best way to address an answer to a question I have asked?

Last Answer : answer:If you hit the @ sign on your keyboard, you will get a list of all the Jellies who have posted on your thread. If you highlight the one you want to respond to and hit enter, their name ... will know you are responding to them. Hope this is the answer to the question I think you are asking.

Description : Has the amount of time to edit answers changed?

Last Answer : We have always had 10 minutes. I did notice once recently that it seemed like it had been less than 10 minutes and I couldn’t edit but it’s hard to believe that it would have been changed.

Description : Why have jellies left Fluther?

Last Answer : No longer having the time to spend here is sure to be one of them. A new job, a new baby.

Description : Is free advice worth the price you pay?

Last Answer : Sure. We’re social creatures, we learn from one another. Not all advice is useful, but not all advice is useless, either. It’s all really only as valuable as what you choose to do with it, in the long run.

Description : Suppose you had no imagination: Would you answer this question?

Last Answer : There are millions of ways to answer this and yet zero ways to answer this. Stop messing with my brain!

Description : Do you ever get performance anxiety answering a question first?

Last Answer : Nope.

Description : What was your first ever reply, here on Fluther?

Last Answer : answer:‘No way! However, I usually take a bath and get cleaned up… then I put on clean jammies or lounge clothes. :) I also don’t waste a minute getting into my comfortable clothes the second I walk in the door, either. I love being in my pjs.’ Well, it’s still true.

Description : Why won't Fluther let me answer any question even if I use the refresh key?

Last Answer : Sounds to me like you need to reboot.

Description : What's the hightest number of answers a question has received?

Last Answer : answer:Not even close. I believe the Song Title Game has the most at over 2,500. Also, this should be in the Meta section.

Description : Why are my answers being deleted?

Last Answer : answer:This is what you posted: Welcome to the wonderful world of greedy politicians, venal officials, and a Federal Reserve that stinks to high heaven. Brace yourself, cause you ain't seen nuffin yet! : ... you to think we're trying to silence you. I swear, we are not. Moderation is not personal.

Description : How biased are you with your lurve giving?

Last Answer : answer:I'm not as immune from bias as I'd like to think. There are some people from whom I just expect great answers. It's kind of like how when I go to see a new Coen brothers movie, I' ... GA my crushes . But I'll admit that my past experiences with people may predispose me to like their answers.

Description : Who answers these questions ,are there any specialised employees or are they just answered by users of this site?

Last Answer : answer:99.9% of the answers are by other users of the site. But dang, if they gave me an opportunity to do this for money, I would be all over it.

Description : Does it count as spam on Fluther if someone answers the questions but keeps putting their business website at the end of their answer?

Last Answer : I guess they’d just view it as advertising…but if they’re consistently doing it, then I’d class it as spam.

Description : Is there any way to prevent the page jumping around as I write a response?

Last Answer : Do little jumps yourself as you sit, cancel it out. :¬)

Description : What are they looking for in this application question?

Last Answer : Hi @Blonderaven I went on one of those (many many years ago)! Judging by the wording, I would go for the straightforward answer, but obviously give as full an answer as you are able. These exchanges ... exchange, so I believe they want to know that you have a sound knowledge of your own country.

Description : Is there a way to give mass Lurve?

Last Answer : Answer by answer.

Description : How can a member of ask-public say a group thank you to the responders?

Last Answer : I think you just did.

Description : Do you give a serious answer to a question always, sometimes, or almost never? Why?

Last Answer : Since they’ve created the ‘social’ and the ‘general’ section’ it’ll would be easier for me to decide whether or not I should get serious toward a question. Before that,I tend to take it seriously for almost all question that sound serious.

Description : Why does the first answer to a question always seem to get more "Great Answers" than the rest?

Last Answer : Simply because it gets read more than the others. That's my theory, at least. That doesn't mean they're slightly agreeing with it, though. Maybe they thought it was good but didn't compare it to the ... all the other responses had like 5 GAs except for mine. It made me want to cry in a corner

Description : What is a great answer?

Last Answer : Anything that answers the question fully and well or anything that is witty or funny. :) So yes it’s very subjective.

Description : Answerbag.com or Fluther.com or Blurtit.com?

Last Answer : You seriously ask this question here?

Description : Why the Smart Ass Answers ?

Last Answer : It’s my job.

Description : Is fluther the same as Yahoo Answers?

Last Answer : no! we dont suck.

Description : When did the milky way starrt?

Last Answer : A little bit before Snickers and Baby Ruth.

Description : How Do You Add the @replies in an Answer?

Last Answer : Type @name

Description : Why Do Men Even Have Nipples?

Last Answer : Because male breasts are exactly like female breasts, except that female breasts develop naturally. I read somewhere a few years ago that it is possible to manually develop male breasts and produce milk. ... a few years and many computers ago. I'd suggest starting at Wikipedia through. or Google.

Description : Do you avoid answering questions from people who you frequently disagree with?

Last Answer : I refuse to answer questions by people that I know are homophobic.

Description : After how many answers is it no longer worthwhile to add one more?

Last Answer : That’s entirely up to you. It might come down to one of two things. You’re able to articulate a better answer than what has already been posted even though you don’t know it yet or you risk the chance of being redundant. I’ve been guilty of both of these possibilities on more than one occasion.

Description : Why can't I answer question?

Last Answer : Are you using Firefox? If so, do this. Look for TOOLS on the top of Firefox window. Go to CLEAR PRIVATE DATA, check everything off then CLEAR PRIVATE DATA NOW. You’ll have to log on to ask-public again. Let me know. You can thank Mr_M.

Description : Do you read really really long answers?

Last Answer : I don't. The posts you are specifically referring to are argument bait. It's not a constructive mode of discourse, in my opinion. In general, I stop myself and re-approach things if I find ... identity into the answers. And I stop reading when I realize an answer is doing either of those things.

Description : What is one thing you believe to be true?

Last Answer : You already asked this question and received many answers a while ago!!

Description : Do you read answers that quote long text from Wikipedia?

Last Answer : answer:I totally agree. We get plenty of questions here that require one of two things. A search on Wikipedia or a search on Google. Look it up yourself. We also have a few members that, ... , opinions, and expertise are what Ask-public is about. Not a Gooogle/Wikipedia service for the lazy.

Description : Why do some people answer multiple times for every alinea/sentence?

Last Answer : Don’t you think this is really disturbing.

Description : Winifred Cooper.

Last Answer : Who starred in the 1931 silent film “Rich and Strange”? (I feel like I’m on Jeopardy)

Description : The Jeopardy theme.

Last Answer : what is ask-public on this day?

Description : Because her dog is insane.

Last Answer : Papa, why did we have to put Sandy’s dog, Yeller, down?

Description : Because I said so!

Last Answer : Why??

Description : Is it hard to pick "one"?

Last Answer : Usually if one thing doesn’t clearly stick out in my mind I just say something sarcastic.

Description : Human and Robot Sensors Quiz Answers 

Last Answer : 1. How many sensors or senses do humans have? List them. eyes (vision), ears (hearing), nose (smell), tongue (taste), skin (touch) Additional sensors include temperature sensors, body position ...   smell The LEGO NXT robot kit does not have a smell sensor equivalent. taste No robot equivalent.

Description : Final miserable question: Why do we bother to get treatment for terminal illnesses when our final destination is death anyway?

Last Answer : answer:Most terminal illnesses involve a lot of pain. Most of the treatments are to abate the pain. Would you prefer that we simply let someone who has a terminal illness and is gasping to breathe just ... misery so I'm going to take your word for it. Have you considered treatment for depression?