Does the Android or Google "personal assistant" have a name?

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Answer :

No. It’s boring. It’s just called Google Assistant.

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Last Answer : It has all been put under the Apps icon. Clicking on it will bring up links to some of the more popular applications and then a “more” option for the ones that are not on the short list.

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Last Answer : Try this> press Ctrl+Shift+T (or Command+Shift+T on a Mac) and the last tab you closed will reopen in a new tab page. Just to let you know I Googled it for you.

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Last Answer : I clicked on the magnifying glass, and a search bar appeared across the top o sth page. I typed :happiness” in the space and clicked, and it produced a list of article summaries and the link to go to the article. It is working just as it is supposed to.

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Last Answer : It can’t on your end. It’s an issue with the site’s server or an invalid URL.

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Last Answer : Yes, under contact and basic info.

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Last Answer : I think pictures, for now at least, while neural net research is still at the current stage. I feel like letters and numbers should be easy for OCR systems.

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Last Answer : It depends on where the receiver is. If they work in an office, getting a fax delivered there could really expose their info to whomever gets it from the fax machine. An email would make more sense ... account. In any case, the question is a bit moot since fax machines are rarely used any more.

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Last Answer : Safari has, under “Edit” tab emojis !

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Last Answer : On a PC keyboard that would be the Windows key, which pressing opens the start menu.

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Last Answer : You can just type =transpose( then highlight your cells

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Last Answer : (Null) was what I thought.

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Last Answer : I’m not quite sure what you’re looking for here. The search box is the site specific search engine – even if it is poorly designed at times.

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Last Answer : answer:You Can Change A Text To Italics Or Change The Font Or Undeline The Whole Text, Etc., But How Do You Change An All Caps Text Into Small Letters (Except The First Letter Of Every Sentence ... CHANGE AN ALL CAPS TEXT INTO SMALL LETTERS (EXCEPT THE FIRST LETTER OF EVERY SENTENCE) OR VICE VERSA?

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Last Answer : I haven’t used it but Diigo seems to have the features you require.

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Last Answer : answer:I guess the script that ask-public uses for the topics, automatically deletes any characters other than letters, commas, and numbers. I just posted a question and I noticed that not only did it drop quotation marks, but also colons.

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Last Answer : ….And what do you do to stop it from doing that?

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Last Answer : Hi, what operating system are you using?

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Last Answer : answer:The Home key will do it, but only if you don’t have Number Lock (Num Lock) on. The End key, rather predictably, will take you to the end of your text.

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