What are your plans for today and how will you get them done?

1 Answer

Answer :

Relax, there's about 30 minutes left in today for me

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Description : What would be the best website to check for the new health insurance plans that rolled out today?

Last Answer : answer:http://www.coveroregon.com/ seemed to work. It told me to apply for Medicaid. edit.. :: yikes

Description : Today is National Date a Mate Day. what are your plans?

Last Answer : I won’t be snuggling with my husband, but hopefully we’ll get to talk today. Coincidentally I got his new laptop in the mail yesterday and I’m spending the day loading it up with music and pictures for him so I can send it to him either later today or tomorrow.

Description : Today is Corn On The Cob Day. what are your plans?

Last Answer : It’s not going to be on the cob; I’m making gumbo.

Description : Today is national No Diet Day. so, what are your plans in the food department?

Last Answer : answer:National No Diet Day, I’m liking this idea. Tonight it’s going to be from scratch lasagne with homemade sauce and smoked mozzarella and an arugula salad topped with some of last night’s slow-grilled lamb and a nice dry red.

Description : Have you ever done one of those weekly meal prep plans?

Last Answer : No, I haven’t. The closest would be when I planned meals for a month for my daycare. I had to send the menus in the SRS.