What can do to recruit part-time work from home workers in the US?

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Last Answer : answer:If it were Star Trek, the commute would take seconds. But if you want to get a clue, look at what oil rig workers get. Or Merchant Marines. Not US Navy though, as military people ... with them on deployment, and separated is separated; three thousand miles is the same as three million miles.

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Last Answer : Show them a short video of patients and kids who might die soon if they don't receive blood. Try contacting a local hospital and talking to a nurse or a doctor or a representative from the ... university, we usually make an awareness campaign few days before the vehicle arrives. I hope this helps.

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Last Answer : @mammal Joining the Marines is definitely screwed up, but not the Air Force. They’re the poshest branch of all.

Description : A recruit gets thrown out of Marine basic training if he's caught shedding a tear. What about in the Basic Training for other branches?

Last Answer : Yes. They all kick wussies out for shedding tears. Or maybe you could visit a recruiter to see if you are suited for military service, instead of asking Fluther.

Description : Would you trust a friend who is trying to recruit you to a job if they get a financial bonus for your hire?

Last Answer : I wouldn't base my decision solely on their recommendation - no matter what - because you are different people and what they think is a great place to work, might not be your ideal. But apart from that, I ... they're lying to you, it'll come back and bite them on the ass when you discover the truth.

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Last Answer : The European employers found it difficult to recruit labour in Africa because historically. Africa had abundant land and a relatively small population. For centuries, land and livestock sustained African ... : Miners were also enclosed in compounds, and were not allowed to move about freely.

Description : Why did the European employers find it difficult to recruit labour in Africa? -SST 10th

Last Answer : (1) European employers found it difficult to recruit labour in Africa because Africa had (i) abundant land and; (ii) a small population. For centuries land and livestock sustained African livelihoods. ... a family was allowed to inherit land. This pushed the rest the others in the labour market.

Description : Why did European employers find it difficult to recruit labour in Africa ? -SST 10th

Last Answer : (i) The Europeans found it difficult to recruit labour in Africa because of shortage of labour willing to work for wages and due to plenty of land and livestock which were available for ... plantations and mines. (b) Inheritance laws were changed so that peasants were displaced from land.

Description : What is the meaning of the word Recruit ?

Last Answer : Recruit new people , rescue again

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Last Answer : Air Force recruiters often operate out of a local recruiting office where interested candidates will come for more information. They will sometimes attend job fairs and conferences to stir up interest.

Description : Workers also work on weekends and holidays or only on weekdays.

Last Answer : The brigade has no official working relationship. Otherwise, we work as needed on holidays, weekends and even at night. According to the work performed.

Description : When you have work done in your home do you have a problem w/ the construction workers using your bathroom?

Last Answer : I prefer they ask first, but I don’t mind so long as they are neat. Now if they pee on the floor or leave grime in the sink, I’d be a little annoyed and mention it.

Description : Doesn't this prove that Obamacare is hurting workers, getting more moved to part time.

Last Answer : Anyone who asks a question with a negative – as in “Doesn’t this prove….” has already closed their mind to reasonable answers.

Description : How are undocumented workers helpful to the US?

Last Answer : The obvious answer are those field workers. Most Americans would not perform such work. It is hard work, and there is no easy-to-get-to restroom. Another I see at work. When we have a telephone ... contractor, and they really hustle. They work so hard and so fast it makes ME tired to watch them.

Description : If the US employment situation worsens, will it spur citizens to take jobs that undocumented workers are doing?

Last Answer : Nope. Unemployment has been bad for 2½ years now, and no one has. Crops went unpicked in Georgia when the state cracked down on undocumented farm workers. They had to get convicts to pick the crops.

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Last Answer : answer:I don't know. Only you can decide but generally, if I have given myself a range, like between 30 to 50 dollars, I would take a place right in the middle, if that works out, with ... gifts, and I have been talking about wedding gifts. Anyway, I think some of the principles are the same.

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Last Answer : Women were represented not only as warriors but also as workers; they were shown with a rifle in one hand and a hammer in the other. Whether young or old, women began to be depicted ... join the struggle in large numbers. They helped in nursing the wounded constructing unground rooms and tunnels.

Description : In 1942 in an effort to solve the problems of labor shortages the US began the bracero program this program brought workers into the country from?

Last Answer : Feel Free to Answer

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Last Answer : What is the answer ?

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Last Answer : The government usually supported owners.

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Last Answer : Stay as fit as possible.

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Last Answer : There are multiple contractors in every city and state. Checking our reviews of different companies can help you find some reliable workers for a home building project.