Suppose there is a one world government. Where would the Capitol be?

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Answer :

Moon base 3

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Description : There is a women's protest march on the state Capitol in Austin planned tommorow. Do you think it could have an effect?

Last Answer : No.

Description : Did you watch the testimony by Capitol Officers?

Last Answer : No. I’ll wait until this evening for the TV network news organizations to hash out the finer details.

Description : When Trump was behind glass to address the crowd before the attack on the Capitol was that another clue that even he knew those people were dangerous?

Last Answer : No. The glass might have been there to cut down on feedback in the sound system.

Description : Should Trump be held responsible for the deaths caused by the rioting mob which he refused to call off during its attack on Capitol Hill?

Last Answer : Hell yes!

Description : If you were Mike Pence, what would you have said to Trump after Trump's rioters went looking for you in that Capitol Hill attack?

Last Answer : I remember a line from the old TV series Simon & Simon, where the P.I. brothers' cop friend Downtown Brown set them up for some kind of trap in order to break a case. One of the brothers shouted at ... voice ever again. But I would no longer be owned by him, in any way, not ever, no matter what.

Description : Would the death of a US Senator during the Trump mob attack in Capitol Hill compel most Republican politicians to support impeaching Trump?

Last Answer : I very much doubt it. 5 people died in this one, and only 10 house republicans voted for impeachment.

Description : Would you have any interest in Hollywood making a movie about the Capitol insurrection?

Last Answer : Ask me after the 20th. There might be a miniseries opportunity.

Description : When Trump dies, will people line up to pay respect to him? Will he be honored under the dome of the Capitol?

Last Answer : Assuming he would lie in state, anything else is just guesswork as he hasn’t finished his first term. Remember, Bush was bashed very hard, too, but in hindsight many Dems no longer find him as offensive.

Description : How would US politicians react when zombies invade Capitol Hill?

Last Answer : answer:If the zombies come bearing donations, the congress critters will surely put out! I dunno about the Supreme Court. Who knows what the hell goes on beneath their robes?

Description : The capitol S in my tweetdeck looks misaligned; what the heck, and can you help please?

Last Answer : That is a bit odd. Has it always done that? I haven’t noticed it in mine?

Description : Does this "welcome message" from the mayor of Reykjavik (capitol city of Iceland) make you want to move there and not just visit?

Last Answer : answer:MOOMINS! Sorry, the article mentioned other things? Reykjavík is a beautiful name. I like it already.

Description : Fun things to do in Seattle (reachable via public transit from Capitol Hill)?

Last Answer : answer:Go for a walk in Ravenna Park. It’s beautiful and sort of stuck in a ravine. Or take the ferry to Bainbridge. I’m not from Seattle but I used to visit three or four times a year, and these are two things I’d do for fun on afternoons without appointments.

Description : (Serious) where were you during the January 6th insurrection at the United States Capitol?

Last Answer : Need Answer.

Description : What is the state capitol of New Jersey?

Last Answer : Trenton

Description : What is the capitol of Morocco?

Last Answer : Rabat

Description : What do Capitol do in the Hunger games?

Last Answer : The Capitol basically picks people to fight in the arena, sendsthe tributes to them, train the tributes, sets up the arena, andwatches them die.

Description : Different between the Capitol and district 12?

Last Answer : district 12 is a poor place and the capitol is a rich place with lots of weird people

Description : is there any truth that Elvis was seen crying at the Capitol insurrection?

Last Answer : He was tear gassed before finishing a song so nobody knows ?

Description : Can anyone tell me who is the best Dog Groomer in Capitol Hill?

Last Answer : If you are looking for the best Dog Grooming in Capitol Hill. Call Floof Pet Grooming for the best assistance. They are giving the best Dog grooming Services at a really sensible worth all over Capitol Hill. For more information don't stop for one second to connect with them at +1 206-586-4087.

Description : Can you get a tour in the capitol

Last Answer : Of course. Here is their site: .

Description : What two large groups of people meet in the capitol building?

Last Answer : The United States Senate and the United States House ofRepresentatives meet in the Capitol Building.

Description : What is the capitol city of Libya?

Last Answer : Tripoli is the capital city and thelargest city of Libya.

Description : What does kat do for ruse as a sign of protest against the capitol?

Last Answer : Need answer

Description : Who does Portia send to the capitol to get news of what Brutus has dome?

Last Answer : Need answer

Description : What large island in western Canada contains the capitol city of British Columbia?

Last Answer : Victoria is the capital city of theCanadian province of British Columbia. Victoria is located onVancouver Island.

Description : What city was the capitol of Charlemagne's empire?

Last Answer : His Imperial capital city was Aachen, although no permanent capital city existed. Aachen was his favourite place, where he built a Palace and a Cathedral

Description : The first architect of the US Capitol is __________ (A) William Thornton. (B) Frank Wright. (C) Frank Gehry. (D) Philip Johnson.

Last Answer : (A) William Thornton. 

Description : The American parliament is called __________ (A) the Senate. (B) the Capitol. (C) the Federal Assembly. (D) the Congress.

Last Answer : (D) the Congress. 

Description : What is the capitol of Morocco

Last Answer : Rabat

Description : Now what? Will the government come to the rescue of Wall street (and I suppose the rest of us) or not?

Last Answer : Some form of emergency aid seems likely. While I deplore the need, I think there must be something in place before a new Administration gets in. If needed, it is devoutly to be hoped that it could be revamped then.

Description : suppose you're studying the forms of city government -General Knowledge

Last Answer : Suppose you're studying the forms of city government. To do that, you visit the old cities of Boston, Massachusetts; New Haven, Connecticut; and Providence, Rhode Island.

Description : Why do you suppose the central government under the Article of Confederation was given such limited powers?

Last Answer : Need answer

Description : Suppose the savings rate is 15 percent. For every dollar the government collects in tax revenue and spends on public goods and infrastructure, the net result will be _____.?

Last Answer : an increase in total investment by 85 cents

Description : Given an initial equilibrium in the money market and foreign exchange market, suppose the Federal Reserve increases the money supply of the United States. Under a floating exchange-rate system, the ... C. Be officially devalued by the government D. Be officially revalued by the government

Last Answer : B. Depreciate in value relative to other currencies

Description : Suppose you are browsing the world wide web using a web browser and trying to access the web servers. What is the underlying protocol and port number that are being used? a. UDP, 80 b. TCP, 80 c. TCP, 25 d. UDP, 25

Last Answer : b. TCP, 80

Description : Consider the following statement and select the correct code stating the nature of the argument involved in it: To suppose that the earth is the only populated world in the infinite space is as absurd ... only one grain will grow. (A) Astronomical (B) Anthropological (C) Deductive (D) Analogical

Last Answer : (D) Analogical