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Power System - 2 Paperback – 2009

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Last Answer : Bangladesh Central Education Society

Description : The best evidence of the professional status of teaching is the Options: A) Publication of journal B) Fixing of salary schedules C) Enforcement of high standards D) Establishment of retirement systems

Last Answer : C) Enforcement of high standards 

Description : .The __________ addresses the technical challenges involved in enabling heterogeneous cloud computing systems to interoperate seamlessly a) Logical and Operational Level b) Infrastructure Level c) None of the above d) Conceptual Level

Last Answer : Infrastructure Level

Description : Change X requires a higher level of authority than Change Y in which of the following pairs? Change X Change Y A. Code in development Code in production B. Specifications during requirements ... Documents requested by customers D. A product distributed to several sites A product with a single user

Last Answer : D. A product distributed to several sites A product with a single user

Description : Which of the following are the foundation of all the technical security issues in your information systems? a. Network Infrastructure vulnerabilities b. Information vulnerabilities c. System Infrastructure vulnerabilities d. Network Information vulnerabilities

Last Answer : a. Network Infrastructure vulnerabilities

Last Answer : Technical losses: i) Copper losses ii) Unbalance loading iii) Long length of distribution lines iv) Conductor of inadequate size v) Various losses in transformer vi) Long distance between transformer and ... be the season behind this which is due to less interest of the line men in their work.

Description : Define: (i) Resolution, (ii) Calibration, with reference to electrical measuring systems.

Last Answer : Resolution The smallest increment in input (the quantity being measured) which can be detected with certainty by an instrument is called its resolution or discrimination.  OR It is ... the measuring instrument with standard instrument to find out the error in the instrument under test.

Description : What is the meaning of Publication/Event and Company Representative Signature/Date in Copyright Transfer Agreement?

Last Answer : Though you're not giving us a lot to go on here, I would assume that the copyright transfer agreement is for a specific publication (document, film or other recording) OR a particular performance (event), ... isn't my form or my specialty), and all legal agreements are dated as a matter of record.

Description : I need peers to review my manuscript before I submit it for publication to journals. Where is the best place to find this service?

Last Answer : What sort of manuscript are you submitting to what publications? You should have a system of review at your university.

Description : Why didn't Charles Darwin use the word "evolution" in his original publication of On the Origin of Species?

Last Answer : According to this, Darwin preferred descent with modification', in part because evolution already had been used in the 18c. homunculus theory of embryological development (first proposed under this name by Bonnet, ... in part because it carried a sense of progress' not found in Darwin's idea.

Description : When was the last time you bought a book on its first day of publication?

Last Answer : I’ve preordered books from Amazon and received them on their day of release. That happened for several of the Harry Potter books, delivered by owl post, of course (and not a moment too soon). The most recent such was Neil Gaiman’s The Ocean at the End of the Lane.

Description : What is a "life-cycle" of a magazine publication?

Last Answer : Birth to death?

Description : Can anyone direct me to a kindle publication that is truly beautiful?

Last Answer : I find some of the iPad publications truly beautiful but haven’t seen much of anything attractive on the black and white Kindle. Don’t know how specifically Kindle-esque you are looking for.

Description : Where to send short stories for publication?

Last Answer : Probably the easiest way to publish these days is with Amazon and Kindle

Description : Would there ever be a publication of collected 'best' answers from Fluther?

Last Answer : I think it would only be ethical if permission were sought from each contributor that one wished to include. Although our answers are now in the public domain - so to speak - we might be willing to have them out ... not as part of a book. It's a nice idea in many ways, but that would be my caveat.

Description : In the digital age, should plagiarism matter in academic paper and research publication?

Last Answer : answer:Plagiarism matters, in academic circles at least, because the purpose of being an undergraduate isn't necessarily to learn knowledge, but to develop one's brain to be able to absorb ... are expected to contribute to the body of knowledge, which again requires original work and thought.

Description : If I want to submit a story for publication under a pen name, do I have to do anything legally if I receive payment?

Last Answer : You will want to copyright it under your legal name or an established business entity,

Description : How do you get a "divorce by publication" in the state of California?

Last Answer : answer:From Divorce Wizards: Divorce by Publication using DivorceMart™ If you cannot find your spouse, you can publish the divorce summons in a newspaper. You first must convince the Court you have ... of this package is $995 ($1095 with kids). http://www.divorcewizards.com/divorcemartpetition.html

Description : How can a publication like High Times be okay?

Last Answer : The Anarchist Cookbook is a book that tells you how to make bombs all though I heard they don't work well. My friend has a copy he bought off the internet. Rapper Master P. sings a song on one ... And in some states if you have a medical marijuana card it is legal to grow and use your own herb.

Description : ‘Print not only stimulate the publication of conflicting opinions amongst communities, but it also connected communities and people in different parts of India.’ -SST 10th

Last Answer : (i) Debate on religious, social and economic issues : From the early nineteenth century, there were serious debates on religious, social and economic issues. Different people had ... Ramaswamy wrote extensively on the depressed classes and provided the depressed classes a common platform.

Description : “Print not only stimulated the publication of conflicting opinions amongst communities, but it also connected communities and people in different parts of India. -SST 10th

Last Answer : (i) Religious texts, reached a wide circle of people encouraging discussions, debates and controversies within and among different religions. (ii) Newspapers conveyed news from one place to another ... social reforms and reform movements. (vi) New ideas emerged through the clashes of opinions.

Description : Name at least two softwares that could be used to produce a publication such as brochure or newsletter. Explain each. -Technology

Last Answer : A brochure or newsletter can be produced using1. Word processor2. DTP softwareA Word processor is a general software, which is used for the processing of textual matter and creation of organised ... and a layout artist to produce documents such as newsletters, brochures, leaflets, magazines etc.

Description : Tanya is working as an assistant manager at Arihant publication. -Technology

Last Answer : Mail Merge will help her in printing labels on the bulk of envelopes.

Description : Who is responsible for the collection and publication of monetary and financial information? -Do You Know?

Last Answer : answer:

Description : Anyone who has publication experience with the Open Journal of Genetics (OJGEN) I’ve received their special issue invitation recently. Is it a good choice to publish the academic paper there?

Last Answer : If you do not want to publish your paper on SCI or SCOPUS or WOS journals, this journal can be included into your consideration as I once published a paper successfully and thought the peer review comments are helpful.

Description : What is the process called by which scientist check one another's work before publication in science journals?

Last Answer : Todd is designing an experiment to test the idea that putting a longer barrel on a paintball maker will make it more accurate. He will compare a long barreled maker to a regular maker. He will ... friends will fire 20 paintballs each (60 total). What is the dependant variable in Todd's experiment

Description : What is the last publication of Inimbom Isang?

Last Answer : As of 2021, Inimbom Isang's last publication was "Towards sustainability practices deployment in building construction projects in Nigeria".

Description : Could you introduce your publication experience with Scientific Research Publishing SCIRP journals?

Last Answer : I had ever published two papers in Surgical Science (SS), which is recommended by my supervisor. My papers have been reviewed strictly, and I have revised my papers several times before they ... their editors. Thanks to God, my papers have been finally successfully published in Surgical Science.

Description : An Important Step in Hosting Website Publication - Explain ?

Last Answer : Web hosting is the act of placing web files on a server on the Internet. Web hosting is the space (i.e. server space) where web pages containing text , graphics , audio , and video are stored. Websites without web hosting do not appear so hosting is an important step in website publication.

Description : What is the publication date of 'Langal' magazine edited by Nazrul ?

Last Answer : Nazrul edited 'Langal' published in 1925.

Description : With the publication of which novel did the literary fame of 1st Saratchandra spread ?

Last Answer : The fame of Saratchandra spread through the publication of Baradidi novels.

Description : What is the publication date of Tattvabodhini ?

Last Answer : 1843, the date of publication of Tattvabodhini.

Description : On what date was the publication of the daily Joybangla started ?

Last Answer : 26022

Last Answer : After that, the land records are kept open for public display for 30 days. A notification was also issued from the camp office mentioning its duration. In order to collect the new number ... 10 (ten) rupees. Acting as Tasdik Officer / Draft Publication Officer (Deputy Assistant Settlement Officer).

Description : In response to peer review a scientific journal might choose not to publish a paper submitted by a scientist. is a reason why a paper might be rejected for publication?

Last Answer : Need answer

Description : Why did the publication of uncle tom and cabin infuriated people in the south?

Last Answer : Feel Free to Answer

Description : What is the root word of publication?

Last Answer : publicy publicity

Description : What is the purpose of a pentad to choose a format for publication to assist you in editing your piece to narrow your topic to help revise your work?

Last Answer : What is the answer ?

Description : What is the process by which scientist check each others work before publication?

Last Answer : Peer review

Description : If you were one of the reviewers of a paper submitted for publication what criteria would you use to determinate whether or not the paper should be published?

Last Answer : Need answer

Description : What publication by West Point's Dennis Mahan made him the antebellum expert on fortifications?

Last Answer : In 1836, West Point Professor Dennis Hart Mahan published hisfamous work titled A Complete Treatise on Field Fortifications.This was a masterpiece in tactical defensives and placed him in theforefront of fortifications.

Description : What is the process by which scientist check each others work before publication?

Last Answer : Peer review

Description : I am in New York City and looking at apts for rent, is there a publication that can help me?

Last Answer : There are several publications like New York Newsday that offer apt listings. You can also find several websites that offer apartment listings in New York City.

Description : What is the current publication of Inimbom W. Isang?

Last Answer : Oladokun, M.G., Isang, I.W. and Emuze, F. (2020), "Towards sustainability practices deployment in building construction projects in Nigeria", Smart and Sustainable Built Environment, doi.org/10.1108/SASBE-04-2019-0053

Description : A self-published print publication is known as a?

Last Answer : zine

Description : What was the delay of publication of noli me tangere in berlin?

Last Answer : Noli me tangere published in berlin (1887). idea of writing the novel. Inspired by Harriet Beecher Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin; Proposed on Jan. 2, 1884 during ...

Description : Why can't the government impose a tax on the publication of a newspaper?

Last Answer : it would be a violation of the 1st amendment

Description : Which of these resulted from the 1851 publication of uncle toms cabin?

Last Answer : The book convinced more people to join the abolitionist cause

Description : Which of these resulted from the 1851 publication of uncle toms cabin?

Last Answer : The book convinced more people to join the abolitionist cause