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Description : What part of the country uses the word kiddo to refer to a child?

Last Answer : I think it’s a new thing and I’m not fond of it.

Description : What is the etymology of these non-words?

Last Answer : uh inarticulate sound, attested from c. 1600; uh-huh, spoken affirmative (often ironic or non-committal) is recorded by 1894; negative uh-uh is attested from 1924. That’s from the Online Etymological Dictionary.

Description : What was a significant event in the novel American war by Omar?

Last Answer : I haven’t read the book, but that does indeed sound like a major event. You can certainly write about that. Good luck.

Description : Can you help me understand this question?

Last Answer : Without seeing the images or reading the text to learn about theme and character, it’s impossible to answer this question.

Description : Is the word pleasant pleasant?

Last Answer : I’ve thought of this before. But can’t pull up any example right now. Will have to come back to this. Though I’ve always thought that pulchritude doesn’t really sound like what it means. Oh! Putrid sounds like its meaning.

Description : Is it not high time for the english language to replace the pronoun "you", with separate words for informal and formal contexts?

Last Answer : Why? As a native English speaker, the difference seems unnecessary and overly complicated. And now that you mention it, classist.

Description : How do you pronounce an English name and the name of a book?

Last Answer : I’ve never heard Maurice pronounced any other way than as Morris. I would pronounce the title of the book the same way as it is the name of a character in the book.

Description : How do you spell the word for someone who pees?

Last Answer : Pisser

Description : Do you enjoy correcting people when they make a mistake in writing, or do you feel it's your duty?

Last Answer : I wouldn't use the word enjoy. There aren't many occasions I correct what people write. I correct my husband if he asks me to read something over that he is sending to someone else. I ... one friend who has mistakes on their websites. All those corrections are to be helpful to the person writing.

Description : Can you help me think of a word please?

Last Answer : Oh, are you thinking about that combination of regressing and that feeling of falling into the past like vertigo? Revertigo? It’s usually used when old friends get together and they revert to childish behaviour of when they were good mates,... like at college or uni.

Description : Would you put the following statement another way, or correct the grammar etc.?

Last Answer : Some of us fail an exam, some Ace it, and the rest are somewhere in between

Description : Is there a single-word verb meaning "to spend time with"?

Last Answer : fraternize?

Description : Can you make the shortest sentence, that would be the first time written in English, ever?

Last Answer : I killed myself.

Description : What does the "rez" in "Rez-de-Chaussee" mean?

Last Answer : Good question. I didn't know either. Here's the etymology: A side note: To remember the word rez-de-chaussée, a bit of etymology might be useful. Une chaussée is another word for road, ... -de-chaussée - Yabla French - Free French Lessons lesson-Le-rez-de-chaussée-258

Description : Is the term "construct" about negative things, and if so, why? See detail.

Last Answer : The Matrix. A completely inescapable prison.

Description : I don't call COVID19 shots "jabs" since that's a slang word, and not vaccine either ..." Fill in the blank, see detail.

Last Answer : Inoculation?

Description : When you use the term “the government” are you thinking of all levels of government?

Last Answer : I am very aware of the differences between local government (municipal), state, and federal. I work for the government. What is amazing to me is that a lot of people don't know the difference. People ... County, etc. As to the second part of your question, I don't know what Republicans are thinking.

Description : What does the term in the psychology related magazine stand for? See detail.

Last Answer : Therapeutic Behavioral Services Short-term behavioral program.

Description : What do swimming, horseback riding, and running, have in common? See detail.

Last Answer : According to commercials, you can do all of them while wearing a tampon.

Description : Please explain "Exercise-Related Transient Abdominal Pain (ETAP)? See detail.

Last Answer : Well. I used to get them in the 60s when I did The Twist. I sometimes got them doing sit ups. They are muscle spasms along your rib cage from excercise.

Description : Why the last part of "You know what they say about assumptions, ..."?

Last Answer : Because the word _ “assume”_ ends in – me. The word is not “assu.”

Description : If the term "external medicine" makes no sense, why the term "internal medicine"?

Last Answer : I guess because medicine just covers all medicine as a whole and to specify you say internal medicine? Saying just medicine automatically means external medicine? Like in sociology we use the terms sanctions ... we say rewards most of the time just the word sanctions has come to mean punishments.

Description : What are some non-leading ways of asking a question regarding any controversial topic?

Last Answer : “How do you feel about XYZ subject?” is pretty neutral.

Description : Does it bother you that Chuck Todd asked Rick Scott what he is doing to reach out to non-white citizens of the state of Florida?

Last Answer : I don’t understand. He should be reaching out to all citizens, right?

Description : Pro-carnivorism versus anti-carnivorism, or is it pro-vegetarianism versus anti-vegetarianism?

Last Answer : It is pro-murder and anti-murder.

Description : When do you use "Anglophone", and when "English speaking"?

Last Answer : I only use the latter, because I operate under the axiom that my opposite has no idea what the former means, and believes I am talking about some sort of obscure musical instrument.

Description : Can someone analyze the poem "A Professional Middle Class Couple" for me? I can't understand it.

Last Answer : We don’t do homework here but I would suggest you can analyze it yourself by looking at what is being contrasted between the couple’s apparel and where it came from. That should give you a place to start.

Description : Is there a software library for an English language dictionary or word list?

Last Answer : I'm pretty sure it's easy to find an English dictionary file as a CSV. Of course you'd have to write the code to pull it into a list and then run operations on that list. With about 200k ... and then iterated through it to find all of the palindromes and didn't recall it taking very long to run.

Description : Do you read poetry? If so, who is your favorite poet?

Last Answer : I like Flavman.

Description : Is "cynical" the opposite of "innocent"? If not what is it?

Last Answer : Open minded.

Description : Why do some people say "it's just an ideology" when referring to a policy, proposal, rule etc., they don't like?

Last Answer : I imagine that is one of innumerable ways to be dismissive.

Description : What does "A tout vent" mean?

Last Answer : It means “to all winds” and the French phrase “Je seme a tout vent” means I sow to all winds or, I spread wisdom.

Description : What are the pros and cons of an adult trying an energy drink?

Last Answer : Pros: An energy boost. B vitamins which can improve your mood. Cons: You crash quickly. It's not good for you. Often, the taste isn't good. Caffeine is addictive. Can keep you up when you don't want ... drink plenty of water and don't drink it too late in the day or it could keep you up all night.

Description : When can using every other be dangerous?

Last Answer : God told Adam and Eve not to eat from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, but they could eat from every every other tree in the garden, It would be difficult, in the second sense of the meaning of ... one tree but not the next-then you could eat from the one after that, but not the next ,,,,

Description : What words or phrases do you find annoying?

Last Answer : I’ve said before & so will say again, “I’m sorry for your loss” bugs the crap out of me.

Description : How would you pronounce this word?

Last Answer : its a combination of apollo and dionysus, a made up word. guess without knowing it ud pronounce it differently

Description : Have you seen the word "object" instead of "sujet" when using email in french?

Last Answer : I’ve seen Sujet and Objet.

Description : Is the word articulate off the table now for complimenting how someone speaks?

Last Answer : People do ascribe all sorts of meaning to a single word. Sometimes they’re merely projecting their own frustrations. Imagine if instead of articulate the word eloquent was used. Lol

Description : How does "what if" answer imagination?

Last Answer : By thinking outside the box.

Description : Are there any words that you are repeatedly unsure of the pronunciation?

Last Answer : Estettiks

Description : Doing English practice. Asking native people for help.

Last Answer : Hi, and welcome to Fluther. I've made the changes that sound better to me: 1, we are the successor of communism. We are the successors of communism 2, please bathe your hands before you eat dinner. Please ... to go fishing a slender rod, a fishing reel and a hook are enough. I hope this is helpful.

Description : Is experience by definition, lived?

Last Answer : No, I can watch another’s experience, read about it, or hear about it.

Description : Is there no French word for the word "chest", other than "poitrine"?

Last Answer : thoracique?

Description : Could you translate this Japanese text (in the description)?

Last Answer : Take it to Google Translate and you’ll see the Japanese. The answer format doesn’t accept it.

Description : Is this sentence punctuated correctly?

Last Answer : I think your ear is telling you subliminally that the wording is awkward. What punctuation marks are going to improve this regardless of where you stick em?

Description : What does being pro pit bull ban_ and anti pitbull ban mean?

Last Answer : It’s misleading language to a degree. Like some ballot language. Havent heard an argument though.

Description : What is the English translation of "patrouille" in context of infrastructure?

Last Answer : Small detachment of soldiers, of people to whom one entrusts a mission of surveillance, of liaison. If you suspect a different meaning is being used, you need to provide the context. I have no idea what you mean by “context of infrastructure.”

Description : Are Republicans now using the term nationalism as a good thing?

Last Answer : Nationalism is patriotism, for some its a feeling our country is superior to others. Hopefully the Google definition isnt too confusing. I assume we fly more flags here, we stand for the Pledge, remove hats and ... and our country on this site. I have never used the word or heard it used in RL.

Description : Please, I need to understand what guy in this audio saying.

Last Answer : English is my native language & it is very difficult to understand what is being said. I'm definitely NOT sure but it sounds like You or your business might be the words. Then again, it might not be anything ... & only 2 seconds to hear, that's the closest I can get!!! BTW, welcome to Fluther!!!

Description : What would the president be called?

Last Answer : Mr. President is the top honorific, and the proper address when talking to a President.