Is there any real difference between a flat computer monitor and a HDTV screen?

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Answer :

A tv has a tuner.A monitor does not.If you have a digital cable box you can hook a monitor up to it and watch tv on it.If your tv has hdmi or vga you can plug it in to your computer and use it as a monitor.

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Description : Where can I buy a flat screen hdtv?

Last Answer : YOu can buy a flat screen HDTV at any mass merchant like Walmart, Target, Best Buy ... or you can even order online from Amazon. It just depends which way you want to go.

Description : What are the picture screen options for a flat-screen HDTV television?

Last Answer : To sum it up, most of the flat screen television sets are basically the same. For an official guide, go to for information on their differences.

Description : How can I wall mount my flat screen computer monitor?

Last Answer : Computer Monitors can be wall mounted by purchasing the appropriate type of wall mount. Make sure the mount is compatible with the spacing of the mounting holes on the back of the monitor before you ... Once complete a longer cord may need to be purchased to run from the computer to the monitor.

Description : My kids need a cheap flat screen monitor for their computer.?

Last Answer : First, are you looking to buy just a flat screen monitor or a whole new computer? If you just need to replace the monitor, you'll find lots of options in stores at Best Buy or Walmart. I ... If you really want a cheap monitor, check used ones at your local

Description : Can I use a HDTV as a computer monitor?

Last Answer : I use the (tv) as a second monitor on my iMac. My imac is 17” and the TV is 19 inches. It looks fine. I haven’t watched TV for about a month. It is torrents and Hulu now.

Description : What does it mean when the computer monitor says it is HDTV ready?

Last Answer : An HDTV ready Computer Monitors indicates that it is capable of accepting an HD video signal and displaying native 720 and/or 1080 resolutions.

Description : 32" Monitor/HDTV with the best refresh rate?

Last Answer : What's the point of having a great refresh rate if you're not going to use it for video viewing? As a PC monitor, what you should be looking for is Screen Resolution the higher the number, the ... to actually use 2 or 4 separate monitors. Again, this is all relative to what you will be doing.

Description : I want to play HDTV on my computer's 22 inch monitor. What do I need to do?

Last Answer : If your cable box has an HDMI out that is all you need for the cable (not over the air HD though). Assuming your LCD does not have HDMI, just get an HDMI to DVI adapter and output the audio ... your computer (you should be if you are running a high resolution)? Specs would help to define your setup

Description : What is the cheapest 32 inch flat hdtv out in the markets?

Last Answer : There are many reasonably priced 32 inch flat screen HDTVs. You can find and compare them here:

Description : What is the cheapest 32 flat hdtv on the market?

Last Answer : The cheapest 32" flat screen currently that I can find is $248.64. It is made by Coby, but then again, you get what you pay for. The review makes me wonder on the quality.;_ylt=AjpXpzjhkIsYfbi8w.Q7aCQbFt0A

Description : Sony Bravia V-Series KDL-40V5100 40 in. 1080p LCD Flat Panel HDTV compatible with a Mac TV?

Last Answer : Assuming you mean an Apple Mac TV, Apple does not make televisions. Otherwise are you looking for Apple TV compatibility, or a Mac TV tuner?

Description : What is the best way to clean the screen of an HDTV?

Last Answer : I use distilled water and paper towel. A softer cloth is usually recommended but I haven’t had any problems.

Description : What is the biggest screen size of the panasonic hdtv?

Last Answer : According to my research from the panasonic website, the largest size HDTV that panasonic currently makes is a 103" screen. This model is a plasma HDTV and is 1920 by 1080 pixels.

Description : How to Clean a Plasma HDTV Screen

Last Answer : How to Clean a Plasma HDTV Screen Plasma screens are becoming common Today, the old box-type TV is being rapidly replaced by high-definition plasma HDTV. These TVs produce crystal-clear pictures and generate good ... once a week to prevent dust from settling on it. (Learn how to get rid of dust)

Description : What is the difference between TV screen and computer monitor?

Last Answer : ANSWER I: Computer monitors are capable of accepting signals only from the central processing unit of a computer. Therefore they are unable to reproduce a colour image from a composite video signal ... prevent flicker. This requires electronics that operate twice the speed as that of a television.

Description : Can I use a flat samsung tv as a computer monitor?

Last Answer : Yes, most newer televisions can be hooked up to be used as a monitor. You will have to look at your video card and display, to make sure these are adequate.

Description : A Flat-Panel LCD is the Best Computer Monitor ?

Last Answer : When looking for the best computer monitor, choose a flat-panel LCD (liquid crystal display) computer monitor. It will offer better performance when running in its native resolution and will provide faster ... of desk space. This makes it a good choice when searching for the best computer monitor.

Description : A ___________________ monitor looks like a television and are normally used with non-portable computer systems. a) CRT b) LCD c) LED d) Flat Panel Monitors

Last Answer : Answer: a Explanation: A CRT (or the Cathode Ray Tube) Monitor looks like a television ideally. The flat panel monitors are thinner and lighter in comparison

Description : Can hdtv be real without hdmi inputs

Last Answer : Need Answer

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Last Answer : Need Answer

Description : How do I care for and clean a touch screen computer monitor?

Last Answer : To care for a touch screen computer monitor, never use ammonia based cleaners such as windex. Warm water and soap is the best option for cleaning.

Description : Do you still need a mouse and keyboard with a touch screen computer monitor?

Last Answer : No but you should have them incase something goes wrong and it can help the creen to not wear out as fast to use them more.

Description : In a 14" TV or computer monitor, the dimension of 14" stands for (1) the length of the screen (2) the breadth of the screen (3) the diagonal of the screen (4) the maximum length of the screen

Last Answer : the diagonal of the screen

Description : Which of the following monitor types most closely resembles a television: a) flat panel b) cathode ray tube c) e - book reader d) data projector e) None of The Above

Last Answer : b) cathode ray tube

Description : What's the difference between wide screen and flat panel HDTVs?

Last Answer : I don’t think there’s a distinction between those two. They are independent. All LDC TVs are flat screen. Most are wide screen too. One has nothing to do with the other.

Description : What store sell flat screen computer monitors with surround sound?

Last Answer : There are a lot of stores that sell Computer Monitors like this. Most stores that sell computer equipment will sell these kind of monitors. So futureshop, BestBuy, TigerDirect, etc. are all stores that you could buy them at.

Description : What's the difference in HDTV, LED, and LCD televisions?

Last Answer : answer:I have absolutely no freakin clue. However, this might help you. I've heard that LED is better than LCD, as it allows for more detail to be viewed on the screen and is better for resolution, but I ... TV, which is pretty much all the modern TV's you can have. LED, LCD, Plasma. I think

Description : For 32" HDTV, is there a big difference between 60Hz and 120Hz?

Last Answer : refresh rate should not be relevant for any flat screen monitor. Hz values are only relevant for the old cathode ray tubes.

Description : What is the difference between the Panasonic Viera LCD HDTV and the Panasonic Viera Plasma HDTV?

Last Answer : The display technology, plasma gets hotter, is heavier but brighter and color warmth is greater then lcd.

Description : Does the Sony Bravia S Series 32 in. 1080p LCD HDTV have ports for computer?

Last Answer : Yes,it has the option for use as a computer monitor and has Video Interface, Component, composite, HDMI, S-Video. HDMI Ports , 3 ports

Description : Is it possible to connect an iPhone or iPad to a TV screen or monitor using only one cable?

Last Answer : Mac has those adapters your talking about,either from any retailer that sells apple stuff,or on line.

Description : How can you use PC speakers hooked up to a PC monitor that is being used as a screen for a PS3?

Last Answer : From what I can think of, there is no way due to the monitor not having a way to install drivers for the speakers. The only thing you could do would be to get a monitor with speakers built in and that uses an HDMI cable.

Description : Broken iMac screen: need to mirror to external monitor.

Last Answer : What kind of cable are you using? Mini-dvi on the mac side but what about the LCD? If the LCD is VGA maybe you need a mini-dvi to VGA connection?

Description : Why does my work monitor buzz when there's a lot of black on the screen?

Last Answer : Try turning the brightness down on the monitor and see if it goes away.

Description : Could I make my TV show my Macbook screen as clear as a monitor?

Last Answer : a) Is the TV Full HD, 1080i, 720p, etc b) S-Video isn't the best at displaying clear pictures as the max resolution is lower than what a HDMI cable can display, you'd be better using ... preferences in OS X try changing the resolutions that the MacBook is putting out to see if it gets clearer.

Description : Is it easy/possible to connect the iphone to a big screen like a tv or a pc monitor and use all its functions like that, including the apps and games...

Last Answer : absolutely not unless you have a touch screen tv even then-no you might be able to watch movies on it on a tv. but that’s about it.

Description : Other than a pen or marker, what would cause a "pen mark" to appear on my laptop monitor screen?

Last Answer : Do you have a cat? I have seen cats scratches on screens that sound kinda like this. Are you sure glass is the right word? I’m not sure of any screens by sony that are covered in glass. Apple seems to be the only one I know of that does glass covered screens.

Description : An LCD monitor allows the user to input information, by touching the icons on the screen. -Technology

Last Answer : FalseBecause most of the LCD monitors do not come with touch facility where information is provided by touching the icons.

Description : I want to dedust and remove dirt. What does not damage the picture tube or monitor?

Last Answer : 70% alcohol is very good. This is also included with most LCD cleaning wipes. It removes everything and does not harm the screen. Or dust against a dry cloth that collects the dust.

Description : What's the solution?

Last Answer : I've heard of such a problem on laptops, not so much because of a monitor. In any case, there may be a driver or player problem. I recommend the VLC player and maybe a video card driver update to see if it helps. 

Last Answer : Ma a nema actually I have it set so that if I'm not at the PC for more than ... 30 minutes ... my computer sleeps on the disk then I just start it and thanks to that I have my work ... quick start and the computer is actually turned off .... . the radiolucent ☠ ☣ ☠ ☣ ☠ ☣ ☠ the radiolucent

Description : how do i use rear prjection big screen tv as monitor for lap top

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Description : How to repair a broken LED screen of a monitor?

Last Answer : There are three main ways to repair a broken screen. The first is to repair it yourself and to purchase a new screen to replace the new one but before trying to repair the screen you first need ... call an expert, this is when the screen has more serious problems that only a professional can solve.

Description : How to Fix a Stuck or Dead Pixel on an LCD Screen (Monitor, Television)?

Last Answer : Unfortunately, stuck and dead pixels are somewhat commonplace when dealing with LCD Computer Monitors and televisions. Fortunately, there are several easy solutions that may help you fix your problem for ... in several free varieties (the most popular two being JscreenFix and UDPixel), these pro

Description : What causes a computer's monitor screen to flicker?

Last Answer : There are a few things that can cause your computer screen to flicker. One being other electronic devices being placed into close proximity of the computer. Also, the rate at which your computer refreshes can also cause the screen to flicker.

Description : Can I buy something to convert my LCD monitor to a touch screen?

Last Answer : Unfortunately, LCD monitors cannot readily be converted to touch screens.

Description : Does an LCD or a plasma screen monitor run hotter than the other?

Last Answer : Plasma screen monitors run much hotter than an LCD monitor, because they use technology based on light bulbs to run.

Description : I would use a laptop primarily outdoors for work. What is the screen resolution and is there any anti-glare feature for the monitor?

Last Answer : This laptop's display has a 1600 x 900 native resolution and comes with BrightView technology, which should help make the screen visible outdoors in daylight.

Description : What are the advantages to having a touch screen monitor?

Last Answer : Touch screen monitors are advantageous because they eliminate the need for peripheral items such as a keyboard or mouse to utilize a computer interface. A touch screen monitor will save space on your desk. You may also find it easier to set-up this type of computer monitor.

Description : Benefits of a Large Screen Monitor?

Last Answer : When looking to purchase a new computer, most people will also want to get a new monitor for their home office as well. When looking for monitors, most people should consider spending a ... large screen monitor could be ideal. These monitors will give a much more impressive display and experience.