What is your favorite pastime?

1 Answer

Answer :

I like to read because it's reassuring

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Description : I like to push my Roma partner together to watch SpongeBob in love with a mug of cocoa in our hands.

Last Answer : I'm surprising myself with a hot chocolate

Description : What is your favorite pastime?

Last Answer : Drawing :) if I had free time: D but it's not the same. I love drawing fairy tales and "feelings"

Description : Is Demolition derby strictly an American pastime?

Last Answer : From Wikipedia: Demolition derbies originated in the United States and quickly spread to other western nations. In Europe, this type of event is called banger racing, although in a demolition derby, ... to destroy the other cars. The first Demolition derby in Australia took place in January 1963.

Description : What is the pastime you wish you had the time to do more of?

Last Answer : Hiking. I would love to spend a good 2–3 hours per hike, at least a few days a week for a good hike in the woods.

Description : Has ripping on Americans become the new American pastime?

Last Answer : I am very proud to be an American! I try to only surround myself with like minded people.

Description : Has Farmville become a North American pastime?

Last Answer : I get those lost turkey messages too and I don’t even play farmville! I hate it. With a passion.

Description : Are you ever embarrased to admit you love watching television? Do you feel that society judges this pastime?

Last Answer : Watching television isn't something people are ashamed to admit. I think it would depend on the show, really. You should be embarrassed about watching Daisy Of Love . You should not be embarrassed ... . And society will judge a pastime that is out of the norm for that particular society.

Description : Would you consider lacrosse or baseball Americas pastime?

Last Answer : I never even thought of lacrosse as a choice for this question, so baseball haha

Description : What enjoyable pastime would you hate to do for a living?

Last Answer : Drinking

Description : What is Pastime ?

Last Answer : Pastime means leisure entertainment.

Description : Why is baseball called America's pastime?

Last Answer : Baseball is considered a development from an older game called rounders that was made popular in Great Britain and Ireland. It became an extremely popular sport during and just after the American ... and the general splintering of American culture, baseball was probably one of the few things t