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Description : What do you think of US Americans?

Last Answer : ~Excellent marbling, but I could not finish a whole one. I worked the midnight shift at a convenience store for tourists all around the world, and noticed that Americans had excellent self confidence.

Description : What do other people think about where you live?

Last Answer : What other people? I own my own home and don’t worry about what other’s may think since my existence is my own.

Description : Have you had eperiences in life, where people cover for you when they certainly should NOT be?

Last Answer : Just one of many examples, when I was a teen in Explorer Scouts, I swiped a bottle of whiskey from my dad and took it on a camp out. On the way home on the bus, I spilled what was left and it was ... . I have always seemed to get a break when I didn't deserve it. But it is what it is I guess.

Description : Can someone who lives in another state file your tax returns?

Last Answer : If they have your permission and you signed off on it, then yeah if you are filing a simple federal form. As for state taxes, you may want to have some who knows your state taxes rules for deductions ... on top of state and federal. But a simple form that you fill at home is usually not an issue.

Description : Do you feel you have to add your input on questions that have been asked a million times?

Last Answer : Like dogs with fire hydrants, some folks. Or this: I know, sometimes I get sucked in too, but I do try not to. What bugs me more than this is the guys who, instead of ... dared to ask them personally that question. Hey, you can just skip a question if it's not to your liking.

Description : What do people get out of commiting acts of vandalism?

Last Answer : Marking ones territory. A thrill to some. Breaking a taboo, to like vandalism, gets some people off. Like murdering a fry mascot in Nintendo MacDonald’s game.

Description : Have you become more tolerant or understanding of anything recently?

Last Answer : Good question. I think.we become more tolerant when we experience whatever ourselves. I can’t say I’ve become.more tolerant of any thing lately, especially not my sister who I haven seen in 15 years and just spent a week with in Florida. AHHHHHHH!!!!

Description : How to deal with this type of person?

Last Answer : Ignore them. They’re not going to change their mind about anything.

Description : Where does your self-worth come from?

Last Answer : I haven’t a clue. Maybe success in having more? More food, more money, more Lurve? Constantly more, and more.

Description : Who's the happiest person in the world right now?

Last Answer : Melania trump

Description : In your opinion do you think people anger quicker today than say 20 years ago?

Last Answer : They sure seem more entitled and less cooperative than in the past.

Description : Depending on where you live what is most likely going to affect you, a natural disaster, or a man made disaster?

Last Answer : Man made. Seismic zones can trigger man made events too. We put potential energy up all over the place in the form of said hydro dams, buildings, bridges etc an earthquake out in a pasture ... inhabit. That's not to downplay the role that some human activity does to prevent some natural disasters.

Description : Could you answer these two questions about friendship for me?

Last Answer : WHY would you ask a friend to do something you know they shouldn’t do, or you know they don’t want to do? I can’t imagine doing that, except in some extreme situation. But if I did ask and they said, “No.” I’d say, “That’s what I thought,” and not give it another thought.

Description : Especially when driving, but in general do you think people today anger quicker then say 10 years ago?

Last Answer : Yes. I think it’s something in the water.

Description : What have you changed your mind about lately?

Last Answer : Buying a 100% blackout curtian and eye masks. I’ve had deep sleep by trying to stay up all night. I don’t need them any more.

Description : Why do some people get offended SO easily?

Last Answer : How dare you…

Description : How can cities like San Francisco solve their homeless problem?

Last Answer : Affordable housing and mental health facilities would probably take care of the lion’s share.

Description : Shouldn't it be acceptable to act natural instead of acting in a professional way?

Last Answer : I don't agree with you on this one. If a meeting is called, its usually important to listen and focus on the meeting. Painting your nails is for a time you are not being paid for your time imo. ... often do like you to act natural but there are rules, like you dont talk politics or religion, etc..

Description : Is Shounen a justification to give female characters poor treatment?

Last Answer : Shounen is a genre (which I had to search to learn what it is just now), not a justification. It sounds like there is a circular justification you have seen some people using. Much Western ... I imagine amongst the countless works of anime and former anime creators there is some less sexist stuff.

Description : Does Chinese New Year have any significance in your life?

Last Answer : Well…. Happy New Year!

Description : Do you feel that white people generally have dry reaction/less expressive compared to black people?

Last Answer : In my experience, culture is the determining factor in such comparisons.

Description : Why do so many Christians refer to people as "men"?

Last Answer : Because women are an afterthought in that so-called religion. It is right there in Genesis.

Description : Have you ever freaked people out?

Last Answer : haha, good story! I only freak people out with my extreme happiness at times, and I can be a little loud when I’m excited.

Description : Other than Utopia, what should Utopia be named?

Last Answer : Paradise.

Description : Do you think when people say men are supposed to have certain qualities they mean the other way around for women?

Last Answer : I don't think they are necessarily saying it's the other way around for women. I think in the case of a man's word, I think it harkens back to when women had no power, couldn't own property, couldn't ... like a man. Of course, this is all changing in modern day. The doors are more mixed up now.

Description : Is there anything wrong with not wanting your culture to die out?

Last Answer : How do YOU define culture?

Description : Is true honesty a thing of the past?

Last Answer : Money

Description : I get this feeling from people, please tell me if I am wrong(rest in details)?

Last Answer : You're wrong. @SQUEEKY2: If you don't want to have children people automatically think you dislike children. I believe you when you say that you have experienced some pushback about not having kids. ... firearm enthusiasts - but none of them have much to do with being against gun control laws.

Description : When people or someone makes you angry, what stops you from doing them harm?

Last Answer : I talk to family and friends. I try to show mercy and grace. I internalize blame in my self and take responsibility for my beliefs and walk away.

Description : Do you believe what someone tell you easily?

Last Answer : I'm the most trusting (OK, naive) person in the world, mainly because I am a bad liar, and I assume that everyone else is, too. I look like I am lying even when I am telling the truth. It's ... say something completely bonkers for me to catch on (like, And then I got abducted by aliens . . . ).

Description : Are most criminals generally good people who turn situationally bad? Or are there people that are just born bad?

Last Answer : You're assuming, I think, that nonviolent criminals always know that what they're doing is illegal. I would not be entirely surprised to learn that I had committed a nonviolent crime in the past week or ... settled without mass executions, by the way - and that was a violent conflict, as I recall.)

Description : If I think it, but don't say it, is it still body shaming?

Last Answer : Yes. And thinking about traveling requires a passport.

Description : How could a person who has everything still be jealous of another?

Last Answer : Because material things, and treating other people as a commodity, is not fulfilling. The person who supposedly has it all is comparing his own inner being with the other person's external ... worth, and will never find contentment until they come to value people for their intrinsic worthiness.

Description : Not that I really care, but is this rude?

Last Answer : Well, she is being rude. The tricky part is to not be rude in return. And it can be a tightrope in these instances. If I were in your situation, I would plead my own slowness (rather than her ... it really quickly, just interject, hold on, let me make sure I understand this and ask a question.

Description : With automation eliminating jobs, and the price of everything going through the roof, why are people still encouraged to breed like rabbits?

Last Answer : They are not. You are presenting a false premise. There are not specific don't have more than two children messages being baldly promoted, but the awareness of overpopulation is high, and most of ... live in a fairly rural area, this doesn't apply as much, but families are definitely shrinking.

Description : Have you ever gotten a private message from another user on Fluther that was rather unpleasant?

Last Answer : If it’s really offensive, contact the mods. Otherwise, delete and ignore. It can be unnerving. If they contact you again like this, tell them not to, then ask the mods to step in and prevent it. I’m sorry that someone has been so unpleasant to you, I hope you work this out.

Description : What percentage of people are absolutley not afraid of snakes spiders etc.

Last Answer : I reeely like spiders and snakes, and dangerous critters in general. But that doesn’t mean I’m happy to have a venomous spider (for example) in my yard or home (unless I’m absolutely sure it can’t get out of its cage. Does that make sense to you? I have no idea of the percentage.

Description : Do you guys know the hobbies and interests from Joseph Kony (Leader off the LRA)?

Last Answer : [Mod Says] While we are happy to help you with your homework, please don’t ask us to do it for you. Perhaps you could tell us what you have so far and then ask for guidance or corrections.

Description : What do you think of people who do name calling online?

Last Answer : It means that they lost the argument.

Description : Would you be willing to accept advice from someone who was not exactly like you?

Last Answer : Depends on the advice, and in what exact ways is the said adviser same or different than me.

Description : Are you peeps as tired of all this end of the world crap as I am?

Last Answer : I mean, the End has been in sight since Caesar was knee high to a frogs ass, and it hasn’t happened yet.

Description : Blog Idea?

Last Answer : That sounds interesting. Great way to learn new skills and is a good motivator if you have other people expecting you to learn something.

Description : Have you ever had fun with someone you are trying to talk to that you know is down right not listening?

Last Answer : NSFW if my penis was a pogo stick robin williams

Description : What is the most complimentary thing, that anyone has ever said about you?

Last Answer : I was backing my super train (2 trailer, 30wheel, 83feet long) unit in beside the loading dock and another driver who I have no idea was stopped and came up to me and said You are very good at backing that unit up. It just put a smile on my face from ear to ear.

Description : I am wondering ,if we are supposed to look a person in their eyes when we meet them then how in details?

Last Answer : Because we don’t do staring matches if we talk/meet with people. We look them in the eyes, for a second, then we look at their shoes, then at the door, then the eyes again, etc. It gets a bit weird if you keep staring, I feel.

Description : Can I deposit a check for someone else without their signature on the back?

Last Answer : I just faced this situation and wasn’t able to. I suspect it will depend on what your teller says but I imagine they will have had to endorse it.

Description : What are some peoples's names that sound similar but spelled differently?

Last Answer : My name is Rachel, but some people spell it Rachael. There’s also Kayley/Caylee/Kayleigh/Kaley/whatever the fuck other spellings there are for that name.

Description : Has anyone else been asked for proof of identity from facebook?

Last Answer : They are absolutely strict about using your real name. I've heard old accounts that have been opened for years have been closed because of using false names. It can also happen suddenly apparently. I also ... don't seemed concerned about Twitter, which to my mind if you dig a bit, is a cesspool.

Description : Top comments is selected so some comments may have been filtered out. What's the purpose of this on facebook?

Last Answer : I’m reading on my tablet so don’t know if that makes a difference.

Description : Why in this day and age do we still shoot the messenger ?

Last Answer : And a darn good question that is!!! I figure we are all so anxious to place blame that we care little about the actual source, and pile on the messenger instead for our instant satisfaction.