What is personality ?

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Answer :

Personality is the combination of behaviors that adapt to the social environment.

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Description : Which books study the personality of human beings and include the following key words?

Last Answer : Ok, I have so many things to say that I don't even know where to start. I'm not familiar which those personality class system stuff, but from what I managed to find with Google, all of these ... take any of that seriously. Research as you will, but be aware that you are in a controversial territory.

Description : If a child falls into a coma, and wakes up decades later as an adult, will it still have the same childish personality?

Last Answer : Yes.

Description : Can you please list as many of the different personality, belief or other, tests as you can?

Last Answer : Holland codes. I.Q. tests. Multiple intelligences, Emotional intelligence E.Q.. McDonald’s restaurants job placement test.

Description : Does your favorite extinct animal choice say something very basic about your personality?

Last Answer : I always liked Steller’s sea cows (and their living cousins, manatees). And passenger pigeons – I always thought they were pretty cool.

Description : Can a temporary environment temporarily change your personality?

Last Answer : Yer freakin’ me out a little here, Rachel. Let me….um…..get back to you (yeah, that’s it….....uhh…......‘get back to you’....)

Description : What is your Myer Briggs personality type?

Last Answer : Female ENTP not too many us birds out there. I think I have only known one other ENTP a male, once upon a time. I am very true to type, always have been, a comedienne at heart, verbose, ... with anyone, anywhere, I'm pretty bold and fearless but also extremely easy to get along with. :-)

Description : MPQ and BISBAS Personality Scale/Score?

Last Answer : answer:The score analyses are probably not widely available because their availability would enable people to easily game the scoring system - these tests have been monetized after all. If you' ... personality trait each individual question measures and what, therefore, scores for each domain mean.

Description : Does voice of a person say anything to you about his/her personality?

Last Answer : Nope

Description : How do you deal with someone who has Narcissistic Personality Disorder ?

Last Answer : answer:Ooh, that's a tough situation. My mother has a personality disorder (she's Borderline), and it's hard to treat - even if the patient is willing. For this and other reasons, eventually ... . Rely on your own therapy to give you some coping strategies for those times when you must interact.

Description : If intuition is related to psychic powers, then the opposite of intuition is sensing, then what is the opposite flip side come from not intuition, but sensing in regards to personality testing (details inside)?

Last Answer : The ability to decipher questions such as yours asked here?

Description : Public phone personality swap?

Last Answer : answer:You must feel the environment you are standing in at that time requires that? I possibly do modify my responses to suite where I am. Perhaps with so many people on cell phones we do need to be more entertaining!

Description : How to change your personality?

Last Answer : When I think about it, my personality hasn't really changed, but as I matured, I have taught myself not to act on what my personality' wants to do. Example: I'm basically very competitive. ... overreact in anger. You can become more generous (another trait I worked to change). Welcome to Fluther!

Description : What does it imply about personality and psychology when someone routinely refers to themselves in the third person.

Last Answer : I don’t know…but I’m thinking it can mean a variety of things ranging from silliness to disassociation from one self. When The Rock does it, I can’t even listen to it. Same with Cain.

Description : Where does personality end and disorder begin?

Last Answer : When one faces some crisis or unpredictable accidents in life…

Description : Is it common to have trouble describing your personality?

Last Answer : I don’t think that is means necessarily that you don’t know yourself. Perhaps you just haven’t spent much time thinking about it. I’m undecided on whether or not that is good thing. Perhaps it just is, for now.

Description : What is your (or your child's) oldest personality trait?

Last Answer : I would guess a lot. I thought that our personalities were pretty much formed by the time we are 6 years old. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/38599828/ns/health-behavior/

Description : What is your opinion of personality tests such as Myers-Briggs or DISC?

Last Answer : Meh, that’s my opinion. They’re not anything special or magic, I’ve taken them, forgot promptly what type I was and moved on because, just like horoscopes, you read into what you want to read into and these tests should not be taken seriously as any kind of a guide to anything actual life related.

Description : What are some books/blogs/references for obsessive–compulsive personality disorder?

Last Answer : answer:Bashing Perfect – author has OCPD endthegame’s Blog & Journal at Experience Project (spouse of OCPD) A listing of OCPD-related sites Short anecdotes, one and two.

Description : Can a Type A personality switch to being Type B?

Last Answer : answer:I know a head injury can cause this. There’s one way right there. Perhaps others know if this can be done willingly.

Description : What type of personality is this? Is there a scientific name for it?

Last Answer : Lack of perspective? Hypocrisy? Get them a big mirror.

Description : Do you think that a person's car says something about their personality?

Last Answer : I’m not sure what my car would say about me. I have a black 1998 chevy cavalier. Pretty boring. And boring isn’t something I tend to be. But I do notice that many Hummer owners are real douchebags.

Description : What are the things about your past or your personality that you tend not to tell people?

Last Answer : I’d have to get to know you better to tell you that!

Description : Do you think you have a duel personality?

Last Answer : I think everyone has multiple aspects of their personalities that might come through depending on the situation. I know I do. So, yes. If you interrupt me when I’m painting I will open your stomach with a palette knife. I am so not joking.

Description : Do you think those with personality disorders are born or made that way? (or both)

Last Answer : What makes you think there is only on explanation? It could be nature for some people, nurture for others or any combination of the 2.

Description : Could people be trained to change personality traits?

Last Answer : I think it would work. We’re just more complex versions of pavlov’s dogs.

Description : Does music reflect the personality of a person?

Last Answer : Rather than define, I would say that it reflects aspects of a person’s personality.

Description : Omarosa- do you like her or dislike her. What are your thoughts on her personality?

Last Answer : I could give two shits about her!