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Description : Am I mentally ill?

Last Answer : Nobody could tell you, over the internet, or from an internet post. No professional could or would even make any diagnosis from two issues that you outline above. If you think it's a problem, or ... in a negative way, seek out a therapist or a psychologist or a psychiatrist and speak with them.

Description : I don't feel anything but rage.

Last Answer : I think you know the answer to that question. You are here asking for help. I suggest you ask someone that can actually help you.

Description : Which books study the personality of human beings and include the following key words?

Last Answer : Ok, I have so many things to say that I don't even know where to start. I'm not familiar which those personality class system stuff, but from what I managed to find with Google, all of these ... take any of that seriously. Research as you will, but be aware that you are in a controversial territory.

Description : If you have children, how old were you when your first child was born?

Last Answer : In a way, I wish I had my act together when I was younger and had my kids then. My first child was born when I was 30.. I was 36 when my youngest was born. Now, I feel that’s almost too old, but who knows.

Description : Do you think there is too much societal emphasis on trauma?

Last Answer : No, I think there is too much trauma in society.

Description : What are the possibilities of me having ASPD when I turn 18?

Last Answer : I'm really sorry to hear you're struggling. Unfortunately, nobody here can tell you whether your diagnosis is correct. Misdiagnoses are common, maybe especially in young people. But that doesn't ... you trust? Having a professional in your corner might help you make sense of different opinions.

Description : What is the difference between delusional disorder, and dissociative disorder?

Last Answer : I’ve never heard of delusional disorder. Delusions are a symptom of other disorders. Dissociative disorder is one in which a person has a break with reality and also loses a grip on their own sense of self.

Description : Is it better to know you're terminally ill and be given an estimate of how many more months you could expect to live? or to die suddenly?

Last Answer : A sudden death, without any preparation, wreaks havoc, emotionally and logistically on the families and survivors of the people I know who have experienced it. I would rather have some time, for the sake of my loved ones, even if it meant I suffered a bit more.

Description : Is there a cure for the wintertime blues?

Last Answer : I recommend a warm drink and any Discworld book by Terry Pratchett, called the best satirist of the late 20th century. He wrote comedy for thinkers. It’s a fantasy world, but it’s done intelligently and with British humor.

Description : How many people would say they are influenced by advertising?

Last Answer : Interesting wording of your Q. I know a lot of who claim that they are not influenced by advertising at all, but I think they have missed the mark by a mile. We are influenced by everything. ... , a color combo, they got you. It takes an astonishingly aware person to resist altogether the influence.

Description : If a child falls into a coma, and wakes up decades later as an adult, will it still have the same childish personality?

Last Answer : Yes.

Description : Parents of adult children, do you have any expectations of their behavior towards you?

Last Answer : Expectations? Yes, no, maybe. We have established patterns, my daughter and I, and we communicate our feelings freely. I hope that we can maintain this level of affection and connection, but I don't make ... a huge plus, and not taken for granted. I expect civility, I enjoy and revel in friendship.

Description : Coping Mechanisms to Feel Better?

Last Answer : Think back of a moment, or event, that made you feel good, or grateful. Play with a pet (if you have). Know that however bad you feel now, it'll always go over (soon). We are good ... bad (thinking being the keyword here); you can use the thinking also to make you feel good/better/positive.

Description : How do you know when not to give up hope?

Last Answer : Never give up hope. That doesn’t mean there’s no time to quit. Sometimes you do have to quit. You quit and do something else instead. But that’s not giving up hope. It’s a change of direction.

Description : If you live alone, what are some of the best parts of it?

Last Answer : I love the absolute autonomy. I can use my space any way that I please. I love being able to see people or not as I choose, when I choose. After so many years in hospitality and retail, the sitting around in sweats with weird snacks to hand and nerdy TV on is lovely.

Description : Is it normal to become slightly psychotic after binge listening to Evenesence?

Last Answer : Psychotic as in?

Description : What do girls and women who consume entertainment media identify and sympathize with?

Last Answer : I don’t care for gender. I identify with any characters who are well-written.

Description : What states of mind should you not be in, when you are shopping/online-shopping?

Last Answer : Too cold, too hot, depressed, excited…all of them.

Description : What would you think of if your Sister says that you have “offended” her but won’t say why?

Last Answer : It sounds like she is ignoring your committment to your club and thinks you should be at the wedding. $12k is a pretty hefty wedding gift, so she sounds a little unreasonable. But the sibling dynamic is foreign to me, maybe call and talk it out?

Description : How does someone like the people in this picture, possibly believe that they are a "patriot"?

Last Answer : This is one of those cases where I am purely grateful not to understand it because to understand it I would have to be able to think like them. I just wish that what they're playing at and toying ... baby alligator in the bathtub isn't going to grow up. They should only get eaten in their sleep.

Description : Is Sadism considered normal?

Last Answer : Just think what a world that would be. It isn’t normal and we should probably resist the temptation to inflict suffering on others whatever the circumstances.

Description : Does anyone know what happened to psychoneuroimmunology, and why we don't hear so much about it these days?

Last Answer : There is an active research center for psychoneuroimmunology where I work. I don't think it has gone anywhere. If you look at the pubmed timeline, it seems to have been well-studied in ... with a larger resurgence in recent years:

Description : Have you ever had phantom remote condition?

Last Answer : My TV channel has been changed when someone picks up a key chain with numerous keys on it. We also used to get conversations from next door on our intercom.

Description : Which of these scenarios would you be okay with and why? (or why not)

Last Answer : I wouldn't care about cute females at all. As far as little children go, I've been to Mexico and made the mistake of giving money to children, and they didn't leave me alone after that. It was wrong ... to choose from as far as the two types of videos. None of the two choices are appealing to me.

Description : Can you please list as many of the different personality, belief or other, tests as you can?

Last Answer : Holland codes. I.Q. tests. Multiple intelligences, Emotional intelligence E.Q.. McDonald’s restaurants job placement test.

Description : Do hair stylists and bartenders take interpersonal skills in school?

Last Answer : They do not take classes for it. They learn interpersonal skills in everyday life. Most importantly, they learn it on the job.

Description : To what extent can someone be blamed for someone else's suicide?

Last Answer : Coercion and bullying are the two main sources of third-party driven suicide - they can be related. Ultimately, though, the suicidee makes the decision based on his/her own feelings. I don't ... blame' - although you can't stop people from making assumptions and drawing conclusions for themselves.

Description : If you are fully vaccinated and emerging from your cocoon, do you feel a bit like Rip Van Winkle?

Last Answer : Oh, yeah. Still really cautious as awful reports come in from other places.

Description : Do psychological traumas change a person's interests?

Last Answer : We need details. The question is too vague. I can imagine scenarios where a person’s interest is changed and where it’s not.

Description : What positive changes have you made during the pandemic and will you keep them in the After Time?

Last Answer : My outrigger canoe club and canoe races shut down last year. So my wife and I started paddling our two man canoe a lot more. We're a good team. She steers in the back and I control the outrigger and ... 16 sailing last summer and fall. I plan on continuing that for as long as I can. Such a blast!

Description : How frequently is it to confuse psychopaths with psychotics?

Last Answer : Yes, you are correct. It is totally different.

Description : How do you (or, 'how does one') overcome the severe effects of a panic attack or phobia?

Last Answer : I'm confused. You mention panic attacks and phobias in the question, but sharp pain and nausea in the description. I realize you don't want to go into the details of your situation, but I ... . Regardless, I wish you well and hope you can find a solution to your ongoing medical conditions.

Description : Why do people pay more attention to a girl's looks than boy's?

Last Answer : For what it is worth , here is a review of the naturalist Desmond Morris’ take on this subject. Basically, he thinks that viewing women as sexual objects is a result of male cultural domination, which, though it is not stated explicitly, seems to be a result of the Agricultural Revolution.

Description : How would Dr. Phil help Hannibal Lecter in therapy?

Last Answer : Who is the most deranged guest on the Dr. Phil show so far? Does that guest come close to Hannibal Lecter?

Description : Why wouldn't someone share his alcoholism and depression?

Last Answer : Shame. Privacy. He didn’t want your concern or sympathy. He was under no obligation to do so. Private is private.

Description : Which is greater, Love or Altruism?

Last Answer : I suppose altruism then, as I am able to help a lot more people than I know/ love. Still working on the whole ‘loving thine enemies’....

Description : What is the difference between grief and trauma?

Last Answer : Grief is a response to a loss. Trauma is an extreme fright. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is when the extreme fright causes the victim to remain in a heightened state of vigilance to defend ... becomes used to the loss. PTSD can be effectively managed through therapies designed to help with it.

Description : Do you think society ignores problems facing men and boys?

Last Answer : I thought feminism was addressing all that~

Description : When was the first time you encountered, or discovered an internet troll?

Last Answer : On AnswerBag, in 2009, most likely. Only the nice people can answer. Might have been my first experience with a troll.

Description : What do you do If you meet someone who Is arguing with themselves?

Last Answer : As a layman, I suggest you leave them alone. If you must talk to them, make sure they understand you do not share their experience of who they are talking to. Ask them bluntly who they’re talking to.

Description : Do you get mad easily?

Last Answer : You’ve got some nerve asking me that! Actually, I am famously slow to anger, but stick my face in shit long enough and I am slow to calm down.

Description : What can I do to make my cousin happy, or should I just ignore him?

Last Answer : Is his reason he can't finish college because of academics, or finances, or maybe this family issue? Maybe talking with you could help him, but it would depend a bit on the reason, and whether you ... I think it would be good for you to mend that bond you had which has grown apart since childhood.

Description : Does your favorite extinct animal choice say something very basic about your personality?

Last Answer : I always liked Steller’s sea cows (and their living cousins, manatees). And passenger pigeons – I always thought they were pretty cool.

Description : Is it still considered "invalidation" of a person's feelings if you tell or assure them not to be afraid, to not worry, or not be embarrassed?

Last Answer : Well, stated as such, at the very least is unhelpful. Instead of a statement, a question would be more compassionate, and possibly helpful. “Is there some way we can make this less frightening/embarrassing/upsetting? I’m on your side, does that help?”

Description : How many hours do you need when you meet a friend?

Last Answer : Well, I can see their point about distance traveled and time together. Maybe they would rather more than a couple beers together. Is there something else the three of you could enjoy together to do for a couple of hours before you stop for drinks?

Description : What book is on your night table right now?

Last Answer : Homo Deus Noah Harari’s second book Have to read Sapiens first

Description : Who is the political scientist in the study that says that Finland is the happiest country?

Last Answer : There is a link to the World Happiness Report in your article. The authors will be listed in the report.

Description : What are different religions and/or philosophical theories into becoming a god?

Last Answer : Pretty sure you simply have to be insane enough to believe you’re a god, and then your certainty and insanity and passion will get you some followers like Charles Mansion or Jim Jones or what’s his face at Waco, Texas. And then people die in your name and you are officially a god.

Description : Why aren't people encouraging of each other most of the time?

Last Answer : Good question. Look who was elected President. We live in cynical times. Racist times. The air is electric. A cold war is nigh. People are basically good. The bad ones are louder and scare off the good ones. Survival of the meanest. On that cheery note.

Description : Can people change? Have you?

Last Answer : I think he’s right.