What is a good software for burning CD's for the MAC?

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Answer :

To just burn music i would use iTunes. But if you want to burn data, movies, mp3, ISO, VOB then use Toast Titanium by Roxio. Its a very good program for ripping DVD’s copying and generally doing everything that Nero can do. Its not freeware but its well worth the cost (or you can acquire it some other way)

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Description : Anybody got a free software for burning cds and dvds on a mac?

Last Answer : answer:If in fact your MacBook has a Super Drive, you should be able to burn data cd-r and dvd-r on your MB out of the gate, using the Finder application; it's a drag-and-drop procedure, if you ... PM them to you. Otherwise, Audio CDs-use iTunes Video DVDs-use iDVD (if you have iLife 06 or newer)

Description : Why isn't iTunes burning my playlists to CDs?

Last Answer : answer:A lot of people are complaining about this problem on various forums. Lots of solutions suggested (driver updates, iTunes updates, shutting off other power-hungry applications), but the only ones that ... which tweak did the trick. Alternatively, use a different CD burner to get the job done.

Description : Mac help! Why won't CDs insert and stay put?

Last Answer : can you open it using screwdrivers or allen keys ? something may be stuck inside is the CD correctly placed in the drive

Description : Which DVD Burning software is the best?

Last Answer : I really like Nero 8. It burns DVD’s really fast and also allows you to edit menu’s very easily. If you get the whole suite its also a converter and encoder and can rip DVD’s

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Last Answer : d. All of the above

Description : Mac CD burning app that is Lightscribe-enabled, simple and small?

Last Answer : Lightscribe.com has a simple Mac labeller that’s 13mb.

Description : Why isn't my computer recognizing CDs?

Last Answer : You need to take your computer in for repair. Your CD drive might be kaput, or it could just be a loose cable.

Description : Why won't my computer let me burn cds anymore?

Last Answer : Try reinstalling iTunes. Or, you can download the free ImagBurn

Description : How do I fix my pc so that CDs will download onto iTunes?

Last Answer : if you on PC go to edit – preferences – general – and there is option when insert a CD – import CD and some settings

Description : How to burn CDs on an original iMac with no CD-R drive?

Last Answer : you could get an external cd/dvd burner

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Last Answer : I either buy my books or get them from the library. That won't change for me. I love having bookshelves filled with books in my house and being able to share them with friends. That and reading a ... one guy do voices for everyone. That and I tend to zone out during audio books and miss stuff.

Description : I just bought a macbook pro and love it...can I take the install cds, and use it to replace my windows xp os?

Last Answer : This is not possible without a lot of hacking since Mac OS X is made to work on a mac, not a PC. it is legal, but hard

Description : Is most software designed for Windows? Is it hard for Mac users to find what they need?

Last Answer : answer:Not hard at all. I use Word, Excel, VLC, Firefox, and Cinema4D and tons of other software on my Mac. I have never missed a piece of Windows only software.

Description : How do I get old versions of Mac software?

Last Answer : Uninstall them with the application manager, or whatever its called on a mac.

Description : Following my last question, where can I get free antivirus software for a mac (version 10.4.11 or earlier)?

Last Answer : answer:ClamXav. Google it and give them a donation. No up front cost and available from their website.

Description : Do I need to get virus software for my mac?

Last Answer : not really. macs are only a small percent of the computer world.

Description : Anywhere to download the Aiport software for Mac?

Last Answer : answer:It should automatically download using Apple’s Software update. Here’s a list of AirPort Software downloads: http://www.apple.com/downloads/macosx/apple/firmware_hardware/index_abc.html

Description : Free Software to delete multiple files on Mac?

Last Answer : answer:If I remember correctly, there is one called Singular. Be careful though, deleting duplicates could be a headache if you have modified one and delete the newer version accidently. I’d check to make sure there’s a setting that keeps the most current of the two files.

Description : What is a good info management software program like Yojimbo or SOHO Notes on the Mac, but for Windows?

Last Answer : answer:While I don’t know of any myself, I have 3 resources who do. I shall taunt them with the lack of programs. They will then reply with a bunch of PC Based ones for us. Lets watch and see what happens. PS. my compliments on your icon. Love the peeking.

Description : I want to run Windows software on a Mac. What to use? Parallels? VM Ware? Boot Camp?

Last Answer : answer:I’ve had good experiences with Parallels. Boot Camp is a pain (restart to use PC software). Which Windows apps do you need to hang on to? Maybe there are Mac equivalents…

Description : Best disk burning software?

Last Answer : So you want to rip dvds. DVDShrink Don’t do anything illegal now.

Description : Is there a good DVD burning/backup software that is free?

Last Answer : answer:What operating system? For Macs, I'm in love with disco, which is not free, but is cheap-- http://www.discoapp.com/

Description : This part of utility software is used to prevent phosphor burning on computer monitors by blanking the screen with moving images. -Technology

Last Answer : (d) Screensavers fill the computer screen with moving images or patterns, when the computer is not in use.

Description : Why did my computer make a popping sound, smell like it was burning, and then die?”?

Last Answer : answer:Does the machine still work? My first guess is that you may have fried the power supply, or possibly one of your cards (or something else). Sometimes it's just a part that's had enough, though you're ... the drives or the motherboard, you - or the guy at the shop - can swap out the bad bits.

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Last Answer : Try using http://www.dvdvideosoft.com/products/dvd/Free-Audio-CD-Burner.htm and see if you have the same issue.

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Last Answer : answer:With the right transcription software, you should be able to keep a pretty high quality. My two questions to you: - What resolution is their display? Standard TV is 480i, a lot of non-HD LCD ... apropriate disc in HD that will give the gallery a similar-to-dvd interface, and you HD quality.