Would it be cool if I asked this blog for a shirt ?

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Answer :

Without a question. Did they use parts of your design on the shirts?

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Description : Would you buy a t-shirt for your kid that had, "Too Cool 4 School" written on it?

Last Answer : Hahah…hell no! Why not just buy them a tee-shirt that says ” Narcissist in the making.”

Description : Cool T-shirt saying or band name. "IT'S NEVER TO LATE TO GET PAID" Got any others?

Last Answer : Do you care about the misspelling?

Description : What would your "Born This Way" t-shirt say?

Last Answer : Feared by the Devil, Damned by God.

Description : Blog recommendations?

Last Answer : I am currently enjoying Reasons My Son is Crying and Texts from Dog for humor. I also get totally lost in Awesome People Hanging out Together. None of them are deep and they are all short ... or interesting. For more serious financial and political stuff I love Matt Taibbi's Blog for Rolling Stone.

Description : Did (do) you have a favorite child? Care to share your thoughts on this Dad's blog?

Last Answer : Didn’t read this blog post, but every parent I have ever known has admitted to having a favorite (once I really got to know them). Before having kids, I would have never guessed this and would have found the concept distasteful. But it seems to be very common – myself included.

Description : What happens to someone's email/blog/website after they die?

Last Answer : answer:Generally, someone is given legal standing to take care of these things, like an executor of an estate. Even if they didn't, e-mail and blogs tend to expire if inactive too long and a website ... and domain registration that has to be paid for. I'd assume they'd be terminated for non-payment.

Description : Why would anyone be cool with labeling oneself as a bitch?

Last Answer : I don’t get that either.

Description : If you could give yourself a 'cool factor' out of 1-10 what would it be?

Last Answer : -10 on a good day. I never was cool, so I don’t even try, these days.

Description : Do you think its "cool" to ask someone out on a date that you don’t find physically attractive and have no plans for a relationship with, if so, should this be known up front?

Last Answer : Then it’s just hanging out, right? Nothing wrong with hanging out if it’s clear that it’s all that’s happening from the get-go for all involved parties. Sounds like friendship to me!

Description : Do you like your tattoo? Where could I find a good website where they have cool design for tattoos? Should I get one?

Last Answer : I dont have a tattoo yet, but i really want one. The reason i dont have one yet is because i've yet to find something that i know is perfect and i wont regret later in life. Whatever it ... to worry about regret. Remember nothing trendy and NO NAMES.(unless its family or a passed away loved one)

Description : Any Cool "Good Samaritan" Stories?

Last Answer : answer:I'll post one of mine. It was an enlightening experience. I'm no saint though: I was driving down the highway and saw an old man sitting by his truck full of all his belongings. I actually ... . I thought that was pretty sweet how the human race can work as a community to help someone out.

Description : Is it tacky for a grown adult child to ask their parents for any type of present without being asked what they want?

Last Answer : I think presumptuous is a better word. Isn’t “adult child” an oxymoron?

Description : Do you think it's unfair that nobody asked you if you wanted to exist?

Last Answer : answer:I don't think it's unfair, because I don't think anyone or anything decided that I, or anyone, should exist. At least not on any religious or spiritual terms, and according to my parents, I ... dealt, and I so consider myself very fortunate for a being that has had no say in its existence.

Description : Were you asked for too much? Did you ask for too much?

Last Answer : answer:What does “Were you asked for too much?” mean? “Did someone expect too much from you?”

Description : I don't think this has been asked in awhile: Older flutherers, what is some of your best life advice?

Last Answer : Always expect to be betrayed and be ever ready to exact bloody vengeance.

Description : What would you say if you asked,"Are you crazy" and the answer was yes?

Last Answer : Yes is a pat answer from 90% of my family and friends…quite normal in fact.

Description : What have you asked for? What have you offered?

Last Answer : Time is what I asked for and offered in return.I got it.It was done out of love :)

Description : What are some of the most difficult questions you have been asked?

Last Answer : Why am I going through all these problems? I’m an analyst in nature and as a profession, but lately things have been rough on me and my family. . . and I’m having a hard time figuring out how to go about things without too much abrassion on everyone.

Description : My boyfriend asked me to get rid of my mustache. how should i feel?

Last Answer : Can he grow facial hair? He might just be bitter that you have a thicker ‘stache than he does….

Description : If you asked yourself the question, "Who would miss me if I were gone/dead?" and you couldn't come up with an answer, what's the point of your life beyond that moment?

Last Answer : Maybe the point would be to remedy the situation and find a person who would miss one. If we accept failure at its first sign, we can never learn from it and learn how to defeat it.

Description : If someone asked you how they could live a happier life, what advice would you give them?

Last Answer : Participate: as much and as often as possible.

Description : If I was homeless and I asked you for some food would you give it to me or just ignore me?

Last Answer : Yeah I would if I had some. I would be much happier to give food to a homeless person than money because i just know that many homeless people would just spend the money on drugs or alcohol rather than looking after themselves.