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Description : Is senility setting in?

Last Answer : Can you draw the face of a clock without looking at it and put all the numbers on it? Then draw the hands to reflect 2:30.

Description : If you still have all your hair at 40, is there still a chance it might fall out later?

Last Answer : For sure. If you still have your hair at 65, you’re probably in the clear.

Description : If humans became immortal (no biological aging), which age group would have the highest suicide rate?

Last Answer : The “Damn Kids These Days” crowd would have all of us put on the chopping block before we hit 20.

Description : My God! I'm turning 40 soon. Do you have any advice?

Last Answer : answer:My ex was pregnant with our first child, due one month after my fortieth. But the birthday was no big deal. The depressing, what-the-hell, I-am-getting-old birthday was 55.

Description : How do you deal with your aging parents? (details below)

Last Answer : I understand this is a heartbreaking situation. It sounds like their minds are fine, but they are losing their physical abilities, though it isn't clear if your Mom's mind is 100%, due to the stress of ... bottom of the stairs. Let them know your concern is for them. Let them help with a solution.

Description : Still getting a tan despite applying SPF. Am I going to be a leather bag when I'm 40?

Last Answer : I worked outside all the time as a kid, and I still spend a lot of times outdoors. I turn darker in the summer, but my skin has held up well. If you’re using sunscreen you should be okay.

Description : Why am I not typing exactly what I mean to say?

Last Answer : Are you distracted by other matters perhaps?

Description : At what age did you start to think 'man, I'm getting old!'?

Last Answer : When I hit 50,and started thinking I have more life behind me than in front of me now.

Description : How old would you be if you didn't know how old you were?

Last Answer : 12. I looked the same from then to now.

Description : What do these ads on Facebook mean?

Last Answer : It’s just attention getting shite from people who want to see how far their memes will travel.

Description : What causes deep vertical lines on seniors' foreheads?

Last Answer : My case I think it was the coffee table I think.

Description : As you have grown older has your faith in humanity increased or decreased?

Last Answer : When I took a look at humanity through my own eyes instead of what the media feeds us I realized that most of humankind is actually pretty decent.

Description : As you have grown older have you tended to become more militaristic or less?

Last Answer : Less. I was never militaristic and would like to consider myself a pacifist but I acknowledge that at times there doesn’t seem to be an alternative to war. But I have always hated it.

Description : When did you realize you were 'old'?

Last Answer : answer:When I turned 55 I realized I had just jumped to a new demographic, that on on-line dating sites I was beyond the reach of most women in their late 40s. It was hard. But it was worse when I realized that to most women in their thirties and forties I had become invisible.

Description : Are you aging gracefully ?

Last Answer : answer:I look pretty good for a 24-year-old, I think. Seriously though, most people think I look 16. I’m told I’ll be grateful for that around 40.

Description : If you were a superhero, what would you look like when you're old?

Last Answer : Haha…well, I’d look like the St. Pauli girl brew babe only a little rounder but still have great, knock ‘em dead cleavage, Super cleavage! lol

Description : What did you gain in middle age or old age?

Last Answer : I would say I am calmer too.

Description : What ability did you lose in middle age or old age?

Last Answer : To lose weight as easily. Each year, it gets harder

Description : Is it normal to resent young(er) people?

Last Answer : answer:I'm 45 and I don't feel resentment towards young people, what I feel is sadness that I did not seize the moment when I could. I know I am not very old, but I do have some big regrets that ... best I could do at the time when I think about the past, but lately that line is not working for me.

Description : Would you take in your aging parent or put her/him in a home?

Last Answer : I’d take them in most likely. What I mean is, I am completely open to taking them in, but if circumstances were better for them not living with me I would consider having them live somewhere else. My focus would be on their care and “happiness” more than anything.

Description : Can freckles develop with age?

Last Answer : Yes, aka sun damage.

Description : My mom has gotten progressively more morbid these past couple of months - how can I help?

Last Answer : Perhaps remind yourself that you do not have to constantly chivy her. If she wants to be lugubrious, perhaps try not to listen or respond too much.

Description : As you age, what goes first?

Last Answer : For me physical strength, physical speed and physical appearance were my first signs.

Description : Are you scared of getting old and decrepit?

Last Answer : I am getting that way ( one does; it’s inevitable), and I don’t look forward to my future as I see it in my mother (who is 88).

Description : Are you over fifty with absolutely no health problems?

Last Answer : answer:Nope, but my health issues are all weight related. I f I meet the goal I set last year. I'll be as healthy as any other 57 year old, excpet for one issue with my right knee. I broke my ... an orthotic, but I have been walking this way for over 30 years. It sometimes bother my knee if I run.

Description : How old is your mythical, essential self?

Last Answer : I definitely don't feel as though 46 years have passed since my birth. My physical peak was probably in my teens, and I definitely don't feel in my mind as though I still have all those abilities anymore (but ... mind is that my son will be 22 soon. It really does go by in the blink of an eye. sigh

Description : Do you have moments when you feel old?

Last Answer : I used to say I wouldn't be old until my doctor was younger than I am. Then my GP was a year younger. So then I decided that I wouldn't be old until my specialist- I see several- was younger than I am ... or so, but I realized that you're only as old as you feel and decided that I didn't FEEL old.

Description : What are some things your parents said, did or used that you once made fun of but have now adopted?

Last Answer : I remember watching Doctor Who one time & my mam telling me what a load of rubbish it was & that one day i’d agree with her. I remain a fan of the old shows Jon Pertwee/Tom Baker, but the new stuff, well…you were right ma, gawd bless ya!

Description : Is aging a cruel joke or what?

Last Answer : I’m healthy and I have much more knowledge and self-confidence than I had last time I was single so I’m not complaining.

Description : Are you getting more cynical with age?

Last Answer : No. I am an optimistic type and don't burden myself with the woes of humanity. I HAVE become more discriminating in who I choose to spend my time with. We do create our own realities with the ... bad. Complaining and being negative is like eating potato chips, once you start it's hard to stop. lol

Description : If you have chronically achy leg muscles or what's called "restless leg syndrome, have you found relief other than from meds?

Last Answer : A friend of my son’s was taking Ambien for it; this was sonme years ago.

Description : Why are we wasting time on finding out anti-aging mechanisms?

Last Answer : answer:Is your question valid? You assume “we” are “wasting” time. If someone is making money doing it, is that wasting time? If you ever want to make money, take advantage of the insecurities people have one of which is aging.

Description : Do Grey hairs grow faster than normal hair?

Last Answer : answer:“Gray hair actually grows no faster or slower than pigmented hair does. However, when the hair turns gray it can often undergo more changes than merely color, many times changing in texture, porosity and wave pattern.” Hair Finder

Description : Why do some look like a bulldog after sixty and some don't?

Last Answer : Genetics, mostly. Some aging is due to weathering.

Description : What reminds you that you're aging?

Last Answer : Hollywood actors. When I first saw Tom Hanks in the movie Splash as a lanky twenty-something actor, I was a college freshman. Now, Tom obviously looks much, much older. Guess who else is?

Description : What are some ways to slow down aging?

Last Answer : sunscreen, diet and exercise.

Description : If you get to live to 90, what would be the most important things in life to you then?

Last Answer : I imagine staying alive without pain and worrying about my family.

Description : What are some things that you have found yourself doing or thinking that make you ask yourself "I wonder if this means I'm getting old?"

Last Answer : answer:What was the question? LOL Can’t find the keys once a week ( usually on hook for keys ). Go the mailbox twice. I don’t know what you talking about !

Description : What is making you feel young as opposed to what is making you feel old?

Last Answer : I work with a lot of younger people. They make you feel young. Just being around their chatter and optimism and adventurous spirits.

Description : In your opinion, at what age does "middle age" start for humans, and at what age does "elderly" or "old" start?

Last Answer : I have changed my opinion on this as I have aged. I know think that 35 is middle-aged and 70 is elderly.

Description : What made you realize that yes, you are getting old(er) now?

Last Answer : This giant wrinkle across my forehead.

Description : Why do toenails get thicker?

Last Answer : Fungus infections can make them thick.

Description : What would be your ideal age? Why?

Last Answer : answer:I’m pretty happy at 20. I’m the freest, smartest, and most emotionally and financially secure that I have ever been, but I also have the most responsibility. If I had to choose a younger age, I’d choose 7. 1997 was very good to me.

Description : If botox injections were free....would you do it?

Last Answer : Yep. Damn sure would. Then I would enter a poker tournament.

Description : DHEA users - does it work? pros & cons?

Last Answer : from what I understand, it’s used to carry other medicaments into the tissues, it’s an absorptive

Description : How best to enjoy your twenties?

Last Answer : Travel, try new things, and meet lots of different people. And, so you don’t regret your 20’s at a later date, learn how to manage your money.

Description : What will current 20/30-somethings be like as "old folks"?

Last Answer : What will they be like as “old folks”, you ask??????? BROKE!!!!!!

Description : Which classic rock star has aged the most gracefully?

Last Answer : considering how old Tom Petty is, he’s not looking too bad… though I’m well aware that a lot of people would disagree with me. Paul McCartney looks great for his age too. Not exactly classic, but let me tell you… I would not kick James Hetfield out of my bed for eating crackers!

Description : Is there a viable alternative to getting old?

Last Answer : Poor us, creaking towards worse than creaking. I take refuge in literature. For hours at a time I am young, hale, beautiful (which was never true in my youth) and powerful. I have a well-developed capacity to suspend disbelief.

Description : Why do people get wrinkles, gray hair, etc.?

Last Answer : gravity.