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Description : Men: How do you feel about urinals?

Last Answer : answer:I try not to “feel about” them. The worst are urinal troughs. You can find them in ball parks.

Description : What is a restroom?

Last Answer : answer:Women, being considered delicate creatures, often had public bathrooms with a couch or a place to sit for a bit. But mostly it is a euphemism for a public toilet; polite society does not refer to the action of the evacuation of one’s bowels or bladder.

Description : What should we do or not do before flushing the toilet as a routine?

Last Answer : Not wash our hands and then flush. Flush then wash?!

Description : What are your thoughts on the transgender bathroom rights bill that was passed by California lawmakers in 2013?

Last Answer : I think those concerns are beyond moronic and anyone who seriously thinks that is just advertising “hey, look how utterly ignorant I am on the subject!”.

Description : They are doing work for your benefit, should you close off your bathroom to them?

Last Answer : Of course they can use my bathroom. Is this even a question?

Description : Why is the toilet paper almost always mounted on the wall to the left of the toilet?

Last Answer : answer:It’s a secret attempt to create a habit of turning towards the left in an attempt to get people to lean more left in the politics. Honestly, I just sat here trying to identify all of the toilets I visit. I think most of them have the tp mounted on the right.

Description : How far does a shower spray in a big open space?

Last Answer : IMO 6' would be too close. My shower is 6' wide and the opposite wall will still catch splashing off the floor. If you have a low power shower head that rains down on you, you may be able ... lack of circulation to let the towels dry sufficiently and you may be dealing with moldy towels in a hurry.

Description : Would you absolutely freak out if you accidentally got locked in a bathroom?

Last Answer : Yes I would. For one, I am claustrophobic. Secondly, I got locked in a bathroom when I was about 4 years old, so I have deep-seated terror associated with getting locked in a bathroom. I would probably have clawed my way out.

Description : How do blind people know when to stop wiping?

Last Answer : Really? What an inquiring mind you have. Next?

Description : What do you think about Japanese style bathrooms?

Last Answer : That sounds really cool! I think I could go with that! Tubs are boring.

Description : Why do you read while you ahem number 2?

Last Answer : answer:I think you might know the answer to this question! I’m reading Stiff by Mary Roach. I don’t hang around in there. I read a page or more and then it’s time to leave.

Description : I need decoration ideas for a small bathroom with a very high ceiling.

Last Answer : This looks nice.

Description : Locating and turning off hot water valve?

Last Answer : answer:

Description : Any suggestions for a good UV/black light?

Last Answer : Just one thing – blacklight tends to make, er, protein stains show up. Bathroom not exactly the place to be proclaiming where someone marked their territory, if y’know what I mean.

Description : Is it possible to paint a bathtub and shower?

Last Answer : It is possible but it really needs to be done by a professional refinisher, with a product specific for that purpose. In my experience as a property manager trying all sorts of ways to refinish old ... workers comp and liability insurance of any contractor you hire to do it, if they even allow it.

Description : What do you do with your bar of soap when it has dwindled down?

Last Answer : answer:I merge it onto a new bar of soap by wetting them both down and pressing them together. “Waste not, want not”, I always say.

Description : Care to take part in a "locked" room mystery?

Last Answer : Do you know the credit card trick? Slide it in at the strike plate.

Description : How often do you go to the washroom?

Last Answer : I go as often as dictated…sometimes thats 2–3 times a day, sometimes that’s once every 3.

Description : How many times a day is it normal for someone to pee?

Last Answer : I think we’re all different and it also depends on how much fluid you drink. I go a lot. I have never made a 2 hour drive without suffering by the end!

Description : What are unwritten bathroom rules?

Last Answer : Flush when you are done!

Description : Why do people announce it when they have to go to the bathroom?

Last Answer : Wait, you announce you have to go to the bathroom when you’re alone?

Description : How do you stop 'stuff' from coming out of bathtub faucet?

Last Answer : They should try flushing out their hot water heater. If that doesn’t work, a water softening system may help. If the house was sitting empty for awhile, it’s probably the water heater sediment.

Description : How long does silicone sealant take to dry?

Last Answer : It doesn’t really dry, it cures, and it continues to cure for weeks. It is generally usable after 24 hours, but gets better as time goes on.

Description : Tips on preventing bathroom mirror from fogging up?

Last Answer : I’ve heard putting shaving cream on the mirror before the shower works.

Description : What is the optimum height for a bathroom basin?

Last Answer : Here's a good overview of lavatory ergonomics. It makes the following recommendation: Traditionally, the lavatory has been 30 in. to 32 in. high, although recently higher cabinets have become available. Work ... 3 in. from the average female's elbow would place the comfortable height at 36 in.

Description : What have you done in the bathroom (besides the obvious)?

Last Answer : Well, recently, reattach the end of my thumb.

Description : Do you also close the door when no one's home?

Last Answer : I don’t really bother shutting the door, even when someone is home. Numero dos, however, is a whole different story.

Description : Why do we always have to put the seat down for you?

Last Answer : For real. Its your own personal responsibility whether you are man or woman. Check yo’ self before you wreck yo’ self. I dont even pee standing up.

Description : What stall is the least used in the womens bathroom?

Last Answer : The very first or the very last one. The very first because if one really has to go, that’s where it’s happening. The very last because people concerned with germs head there.

Description : Which novelty toilet seat would you recommend?

Last Answer : This one!

Description : When your in the bathroom and someone knocks on the door, what the proper response?

Last Answer : “Would you like to join me?”

Description : Do you ever go 'gargoyle style'?

Last Answer : I do sometimes, but not for long, it becomes a bit uncomfortable. I prefer to just sit in a lounge chair, and just recline backwards.

Description : What's the longest you've had to hold in your pee?

Last Answer : 50 minutes on a puddle-jumper with no restroom. The longest 50 minutes of my life.

Description : Was the toilet really invented by a guy named "John Crapper"?

Last Answer : The legend is that Thomas Crapper invented the flush toilet. That is in fact not true. He was, however an inventor and a colleague of the man that did invent the toilet. Crapper essentially became the pitchman for the toilet, and toured the country selling them.

Description : How do you sit on a toilet while wearing a bathrobe?

Last Answer : You don't. You take it off first!

Description : why is the bathroom referred to as the head by some

Last Answer : It’s a Navy term – mostly used by Navy & Marines. The “head” was the forward, raised section of a boat where sailors would go to use the restroom. Normally a grate was there and was opened up to the ocean so the water would keep it somewhat sanitary.

Description : Great Ideas...

Last Answer : How funny!!!! I often think of things there. Maybe it’s the lack of distractions, a chance to let the mind wander a bit, etc.

Description : How many times a day do you go #1?

Last Answer : answer:Perhaps an explanation of ”#1” is in order? September 3, 2008, 3:16 PM EDT

Description : How to Remove Bathroom Odors

Last Answer : How to Remove Bathroom Odors Putrid odors can appear in your bathroom if left unclean for long periods. Molds and mildew latch onto the walls and tiles, emitting disgusting smells. An unclean toilet ... the Febreze spray. Your bathroom is in safe and fragrant hands with all three solutions present.

Description : Bathroom Fans

Last Answer : You may have a good idea of how life in the bathroom was like before bathroom fans: smelly, moldy, damp and wet that nobody would take a bath in, much less do anything in. The air in ... yesterday's burrito, choosing a good-quality bathroom fan is a sound investment for a clean, odor-free home.

Description : How to restore a bathroom with liquid acrylic?

Last Answer : During operation, a bathtub, like any other piece of furniture, gradually wears out. Mostly, the enamel coating deteriorates: the gloss and shine of whiteness disappear, traces of rust, smudges, ... be suitable (excess acrylic will drain into the prepared container, directly under the drain hole).

Description : What kind of bathroom rugs are there?

Last Answer : A bathroom rug is a very important and necessary accessory. It not only protects the feet from cold and slipping, but also gives the bathroom interior a finished look and creates a cozy atmosphere. ... rubber, silicone or PVC are enough to wipe with a damp cloth with detergent composition and dry.

Description : Renovation in the bathroom. Where to start to finish quickly?

Last Answer : Renovation in the bathroom. Where to start to finish quickly? A bathroom is a room where a person, as a rule, plunges into his thoughts, scrolls through the events of the past day in his head ... tips, you will have a beautiful bathroom. It remains only to wish you success in all your endeavors!

Description : Which ceiling to choose for the bathroom?

Last Answer : Which ceiling to choose for the bathroom? The bathroom is a room with high humidity, it requires special attention when installing ventilation, choosing appropriate furniture, materials for wall and ceiling ... ceiling an ideal solution for your bathroom. But the choice, of course, is yours!

Description : How to choose bathroom tiles?

Last Answer : How to choose bathroom tiles? Ceramic tiles remain in the first place among bathroom cladding materials for many years in a row. The reason is simple - this material not only has a beautiful ... However, high-quality tiles are not only beauty, safety, but also durability. Choose the right one!

Description : Which ceiling is suitable for a bathroom?

Last Answer : Which ceiling is suitable for a bathroom? If you want to make repairs in the bathroom at an affordable price and we are not talking about long-term construction, then a rack suspended ceiling ... colors and shades of such ceilings will allow you to create your own unique design in the premises.

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