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Description : Does anyone use or have experience using adderall which is now used off label for bipolar disorder?

Last Answer : answer:I haven't, but I know people who have. I think it's like any other drug regimen. All of our bodies respond to the different drugs in different ways. We are experimenting to see if there is a ... so, unless the side effects are horrible, it's good to hang with it for a while. Good luck!

Description : What happens when a person with bipolar disorder is off their meds?

Last Answer : Even if you do send them to segregation, wouldn't you also want to send them to medical? I'd assume you'd want to find out if they're really bipolar, and if they are, get them back on meds ... sakes as the jail staff, if nothing else. Why deal with someone manifesting bipolar if you don't have to?

Description : Does Bipolar Disorder Ever Get Easier, Or Progressively Worse?

Last Answer : Get to a mental health professional. Now. In the meantime, call someone you can really talk to, like your mother or your best friend. Get off the internet, quit talking to us jackasses on fluther and ... then get to your health care provider as soon as possible. This shit is not to be messed with.

Description : Has anyone used a bright light therapy regime for treating depression or bipolar disorder?

Last Answer : My uncle uses it. Only in the winter. I guess it seems to work. He says he doesn’t really use it that often though, but I’ve heard good stuff about it.

Description : Do you have bipolar disorder? How do you treat it in your case?

Last Answer : answer:We had a Great question about this recently. It might behoove you to look over it. :)

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