Has anyone used a bright light therapy regime for treating depression or bipolar disorder?

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Answer :

My uncle uses it. Only in the winter. I guess it seems to work. He says he doesn’t really use it that often though, but I’ve heard good stuff about it.

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Description : Does anyone use or have experience using adderall which is now used off label for bipolar disorder?

Last Answer : answer:I haven't, but I know people who have. I think it's like any other drug regimen. All of our bodies respond to the different drugs in different ways. We are experimenting to see if there is a ... so, unless the side effects are horrible, it's good to hang with it for a while. Good luck!

Description : What happens when a person with bipolar disorder is off their meds?

Last Answer : Even if you do send them to segregation, wouldn't you also want to send them to medical? I'd assume you'd want to find out if they're really bipolar, and if they are, get them back on meds ... sakes as the jail staff, if nothing else. Why deal with someone manifesting bipolar if you don't have to?

Description : Does Bipolar Disorder Ever Get Easier, Or Progressively Worse?

Last Answer : Get to a mental health professional. Now. In the meantime, call someone you can really talk to, like your mother or your best friend. Get off the internet, quit talking to us jackasses on fluther and ... then get to your health care provider as soon as possible. This shit is not to be messed with.

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Last Answer : answer:We had a Great question about this recently. It might behoove you to look over it. :) http://www.ask-public.com/disc/10973/i-was-recently-diagnosed-as-bipolar-and-the-idea-of-taking/

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Last Answer : It's not easy to say, but my gut says, probably depression. Bipolar can have irritability as a symptom, but depression makes people irritable as well. I'd be more suspicious of bipolar if you ... and how it led you to do destructive things because you had trouble connecting with your human limits.

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Last Answer : sorry, I’ve only ever taken Lithium, Lamictal, Seroquel and Zyprexa for bipolar. Good luck!

Description : Does anyone have experience with bipolar disorder?

Last Answer : I've experienced 1st and 2nd hand relationships with bipolar people. My ex took some different medications for it and ended up having some pretty severe effects which don't sound at all like ... to the paranoia than the bipolar, I would say) keeping supportive friends was challenging. Best wishes!

Description : What kinds of conditions can bright light therapy help alleviate?

Last Answer : Bright light therapy can help alleviate or treat two main types of conditions. The first is skin conditions, most notably acne, but it is also used sometimes to treat psoriasis or ... alleviate is mood and sleep disorders, most notably circadian rhythm disorders and seasonal affective disorder.

Description : What are the problems treated by bright light therapy?

Last Answer : Bright Light therapy is used to tread S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder). S.A.D. is a disorder which affects people in the winter, when sunlight is infrequent. Bright light therapy treats ... and Parkinson's disease. The bright light therapy helps people all the way from infants to older adults.

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Last Answer : a) the first five days after the procedure. Photodynamic therapy includes the use of verteporfin, a light-activated dye. The dye within the blood vessels near the surface of the skin could ... days post-treatment. Inadvertent sunlight exposure can lead to severe blistering of the skin and sunburn.

Description : Who has experiance with Bipolar disorder and Merena IUD?

Last Answer : I’m very sorry I cannot help you but I wish you every success in finding a solution to your problem, it sounds like you are grappling with some big decisions.

Description : I think I have Bipolar Disorder for 4 years and just realize it now. What should I do?

Last Answer : Definitely go see a psychiatrist. S/he will help you determine if your mood swings are a “normal” part of growing up or bipolar. If you are bipolar, there are a lot of ways you can be stabilized and balanced but it should be treated. A counselor at your college can help you find a referral.

Description : Bipolar disorder: What clues you in to the difference between legitimate fear/paranoia and symptomatic or imagined attacks?

Last Answer : answer:In my personal experience with bipolar disorder, I can't readily tell the difference until afterwards. That's the problem. I can't recognize the unreasonable, delusional fears from the legitimate ones. ( ... and one mood stabilizer. It all works to keep me on an even keel, more or less.

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Last Answer : False alternative. What’s wrong with Bipolar AND evil?

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Last Answer : I haven’t been through the rapid cycling, but I am bipolar. I posted a long answer here to something similar to this. I hate to just point you to the answer to another question on here, but it really is what works for me.

Description : Are there any people dealing with Bipolar Disorder type 1?

Last Answer : Meditation works though requires discipline, but is better than medication. Sometimes it is good to just sit down for silent time, clear your mind for at least fifteen to twenty minutes and disengage from all ... You could try some relaxing music, if you can afford it going to get a massage, etc.

Description : Help me understand bipolar disorder? PLEASE READ DETAILS?

Last Answer : answer:I don't think you can generalize about how long a manic or a deoressive stage will last, it is so individual, depends on how fast they seek treatment, if they find the right drug off ... and then they might start sliding backwards. I'll forward your question to some jellies who are bipolar.

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Last Answer : My first wife is to my second wife is to my thir…

Description : Have you ever taken tegretol for bipolar disorder?

Last Answer : answer:Don't know about Tegretol. How many different meds have you tried? Have you tried Lithium yet? I know people who have tried a dozen meds and still not got something that really works. So be ... can. No one takes a drug when the side effects are horrible. So the drug is really useless.

Description : Have you ever heard of bipolar autism? Could this be a new disorder on the rise?

Last Answer : answer:You never know, the world’s full of possibilities. :) If you are concerned about this…you can always go check it out with an expert in the field, but as you said, the chances of diagnosis are pretty slim. Best Wishes.

Description : How can someone with bipolar disorder reduce the impact of unavoidable work-related stress?

Last Answer : I don't have bi-polar disorder, but I do have a chronic illness that requires me to keep my stress level low, or minimize the effects of that stress. There are the obvious answers that you mentioned ... about marijuana, or even how it affects people with bi-polar disorder, but it sure helps me out.

Description : Have you ever experienced the manic side of bipolar disorder?

Last Answer : I have no personal experience with it but I do have a mother with bi-polar so I've experienced it from that side of things. It always seemed it was easier for us to detect her ups and downs ... overworks herself during the manic. We are trying to help her make use of the manic without overdoing it.

Description : What advice would you give to a family that is dealing with the mania of a sibling who has bipolar disorder?

Last Answer : Lithium is still a terrific option for treating both poles of the disorder. The problem is compliance: when people feel better, they go off their medications. I would ask a loved one ... her meds, and to continue seeing a competent Cognitive-Behavioral therapist as well as a Psychopharmacologist.

Description : Is bipolar disorder a problem with chemicals in the brain, or a mental illness?

Last Answer : I imagine it would affect insurance policies, but other than that it doesn’t really matter. The last half of your question confused me a bit, could you clarify?

Description : is bipolar disorder genetically transferred to offspring?

Last Answer : It can be. Mental illness, as a whole tends to "run in families". But then you have the family member who is totally sane, in the midst of madness. NAMI.com can give you many answers

Description : Bipolar disorder?

Last Answer : DefinitionBipolar disorder involves periods of elevated or irritable mood (mania), alternating with periods of depression. The "mood swings" between mania and depression can be very abrupt. ... type II have never experienced full-fledged mania. Instead they experience periods of hypomania

Description : What are some common treatment options for bipolar disorder?

Last Answer : There are two main ways to treat Bipolar disorder I can think of. The first way to treat bipolar disorder is through the use of medication go see a doctor to get medicine for any type of ... and learn how to use zen meditation from the internet. Meditation has helped me alot with my depression.

Description : What are the various treatments for bipolar disorder?

Last Answer : There are several medications that will help with the treatment of Bipolar disorder. In addition to medication, it is also helpful to educate yourself about the disorder, have a strong support system, and talk with a therapist.

Description : What's the best way to get free or cheap treatment for bipolar disorder?

Last Answer : Bipolar disorder should not be taken lightly, but there are many ways to help reduce or treat your symptoms that don't cost much or anything at all. Of course, there are medications out there just ... lessen anxiety in your life. This can be done by meditation, listening to music, and working out.

Description : I am wanting to knowif there is someone else out there that i can chat with about bipolar disorder and maybe they might can help me out on how they deal certain situations?

Last Answer : We can try. Anna

Description : What is a possible cause of bipolar disorder?

Last Answer : While there are different opinions on the root causes of bipolar disorder, researchers have found that genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors can significantly increase a person's likeliness of ... Either causing the person to experience his or her first symptoms or making them worse.

Description : Bipolar Disorder: Signs, Symptoms, and Treatment of Manic ... Bipolar Disorder: Signs, Symptoms, and Treatment of Manic ...?

Last Answer : Bipolar disorder is a serious disorder that should be treated immediately after it has been found. There are medical treatments depending on how extensive the disorder has become.

Description : Is it possible to get residential treatment for Bipolar Disorder?

Last Answer : Yes you can in fact go to a treatment center for a bipolar disorder. You will have to see what is available in your area.

Description : Symptoms and Treatment for Bipolar Disorder?

Last Answer : Being diagnosed with Bipolar disorder can be difficult to handle. Bipolar disorder is a disorder of the brain. People who suffer from bipolar disorder often experience shifts in energy levels and mood. ... if it is not controlled. With the right medication and therapy, this disorder can be managed.

Description : Where do I go to learn more about Bipolar Disorder?

Last Answer : Firstly, I'm sorry that your son has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Secondly, your doctor should have given you information, and pamphlets with needed information about Bipolar disorder, if not you should ask him for them.

Description : What type of help can one get for bipolar disorder?

Last Answer : There are a number of treatments including prescription drugs and visiting a psychotherapist. On a day to day basis, the best thing she can do is minimize stress in her life, and try to figure out (and subsequently avoid) things that trigger her "episodes".

Description : Can you explain some of the symptoms for Bipolar Disorder?

Last Answer : Bipolar disorder is a mental disease that makes the person have extreme mood swings. Having bipolar also makes you think about things you wouldn't normally think about or possibly do things that you normally wouldn't do. My sister has a extreme case of bipolar.

Description : What are the syptoms of bipolar disorder?

Last Answer : Bi polar is a very confusing condition in that the symptoms often seem like something else such as ADD or depression. If you truly think she may have it, it would be best to consult a doctor or psychiatrist about her specific behavior.

Description : Is Bipolar disorder genetic?

Last Answer : Yes BiPolar is genetic and it is highly likely that someone who has BiPolar has a family member with the same condition. But not always i mean someone has to be first.

Description : Which one of the followings is used as a mood stabilizer for bipolar disorder and also in certain epileptic convulsions? (A) Phenytoin (B) Lithium (C) Sodium valproate (D) Fluoxetine

Last Answer : (C) Sodium valproate

Description : What is the difference between manic depression and bipolar depression?

Last Answer : Manic depression is the older term for what is now called bipolar disorder.

Description : What is the chance that I will end up becoming bipolar since I have struggled with depression for along time?

Last Answer : answer:Please consider seeing a psychiatrist and getting prescribed meds. They can really help, and new and better meds for depression are coming out all the time. Just be warned, it can take a while to ... from. Tell them what you are afraid of. Tell them what you want to accomplish. Good luck.

Description : Could I ask you guys your experiences with medication on bipolar/depression?

Last Answer : I had the same reaction to Lamictal and when I started Abilify I gained weight like crazy. I finally had to tell my doctor that we needed to try something else. I'm now taking Ativan and Neurontin. ... it seems to be working. All I can suggest is asking your doctor to try something else. Good luck!

Description : In the process of making our childs life better (through treatment of ADD, Bipolar and depression) are we hurting or helping?

Last Answer : As far as bipolar and depression, they must be treated. My sister went undiagnosed and was miserable. She ran away, often. She was in very dangerous situations and just couldn't get a hold on life. The ... therapy routes, would be more beneficial; however, like I said, I'm an outsider on that one.

Description : Are manic depression and bipolar depression the same?

Last Answer : Manic Depression and Bipolar disorder are the same thing. Princeton's worldweb defines both as a disorder in which episode of mania and depression alternate.

Description : The following is correct about antipsychotic drugs except: A. They only control symptoms of schizophrenia without affecting the basic disorder B. Combination of two or more antipsychotic drugs is ... psychosis high potency drugs are preferred over low potency drugs D. They donot produce dependence

Last Answer : B. Combination of two or more antipsychotic drugs is more efficacious than any single drug

Description : The element used in treating manic depression is: w) sulfur x) nitrogen y) calcium z) lithium

Last Answer : ANSWER: Z -- LITHIUM 

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