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Description : Is this person for real?

Last Answer : No one can cast “spells.” There is no such thing.

Description : Is it true that Donald Trump is starting his own internet service provider or social media website?

Last Answer : So that all of us can speak our minds without being censored. He acquiesced after pressure from all sorts of people. Since making his decision final, he did express a desire to be communicating with people in the moment again.

Description : What internet sites do you miss?

Last Answer : Well, this isn’t an actual site, but my GAWD I miss Flash! I played soooo many games that used it and they’re all gone now.

Description : What should I do to fix my Motorola Smartphone powered by Android?

Last Answer : I suggest you save for a new phone.

Description : Why is my hidden imgur photo getting views?

Last Answer : People might be curious as to what is hidden there?

Description : Where can I find a list of all possible books talking about conspiracy theory/ies?

Last Answer : My favorite is a large book called The Killing Of A President about the JFK assassination.

Description : What forum can I go to to give users MediaInfo file specs so they can compare them and tell me which is the best?

Last Answer : Reddit – there are experts on every possible thing there.

Description : Do you usually browse the internet with your volume off or on?

Last Answer : Off, always. I do not want to be slammed with noise, whether voices or music or sound effects, every time I enter a site or something pops up.. I watch newscasts with the sound off, shop with the sound ... for that and then right back off again. I wish it were as easy IRL as it is on the computer.

Description : What do you think of Vietnam as a country?

Last Answer : I guess it seems prejudicial to say this, but my first response would be that you're more evidence that Vietnam must have many pretty women. My second would be that, although I'm glad I wasn't there during ... questions, I don't think I'd be able to make a judgment until I'd spent some time there.

Description : How do we know Reddit cofounder Aaron Swartz really killed himself?

Last Answer : What evidence out there suggests he didn’t?

Description : If there had been webcams and instantaneous communication like the internet back in 1945, would the US have dropped nukes on Nagasaki and Hiroshima?

Last Answer : I think the nature of war and technology has changed so much since then; if the question is If WW2 had been fought with technology from 2021, what would it have been like Then answer is no, ... the means or the ability to fully understand the thinking of that time in this age of relative peace.

Description : Will human civilization survive if space aliens take away our internet?

Last Answer : Yes, we would survive. Doubt we would survive if they took away our phones…

Description : What is the cheapest Internet provider?

Last Answer : Usually there is only one ISP in an area, like Spectrum or AT&T !

Description : What standards should social media sites use to determine whether something is "misinformation" and deserves to be banned from their site?

Last Answer : I think it’s a mistake for them to get involved with curating truth. The one possible exception would be when there is health-related misinformation that could lead to someone being seriously harmed (e.g. drinking bleach can cure COVID-19).

Description : Why am I not getting any money?

Last Answer : Consider it a life lesson. If you give money to a casino, don’t expect to get any back (I don’t think it matters what they “told” you). Where I live, organized crime is usually involved in a casino.

Description : How defensive do you get online? How quickly do you feel attacked if someone makes a generalizing statement?

Last Answer : Depends on the person. If the person criticizing me is someone who has proven themselves to be a thinker and reasonable person, I'll them and their criticism seriously. If the person is a known and ... with no history, I usually won't respond until the person has proven himself one way or another.

Description : Were David Wilcock and Corey Goode constant hosts for all the 20 seasons of "Cosmic Disclosure"?

Last Answer : According to the show's IMDB page, there are 237 episodes of Cosmic Disclosure organized into 17 seasons over the years 2015 through 2020. The cast and crew page lists David Wilcock as the host ... Noory (with Jay Weidner acting as a host from 2017 until 2019, overlapping with Wilcock and Noory).

Description : Cryptocurrency exchanger?

Last Answer : Crypto currencies are, for the most part, unregulated. There is no assurance that one is getting the best price in a crypto transaction. It is possible to make money on various cryptos because they ... exchanges. Read some of the crypto bulletin boards to get a sense of which ones are trustworthy.

Description : Where can I find a free seedbox for my torrents?

Last Answer : Need Answer

Description : What are some of your favorite websites to lift your mood a little?

Last Answer : The Dodo‘s twitter feed is full of all kinds of goodness.

Description : Are danger related businesses allowed to operate without regulation in Bosnia? See detail.

Last Answer : It’s not a business. It’s an extreme sport.

Description : Is a knee jerk reaction to call an internet picture a fake about as bad as blindly believing a ridiculous picture is real?

Last Answer : Maybe she was sarcastic in calling it a fake? Making fun of people announcing ‘everything’ these days as such? I mean, it doesn’t look fake at all, and what in Pete’s name could the possible reason for faking this photo be? To try to fool Mr or Mrs FBuser?

Description : Do you miss raising a farm in FarmVille?

Last Answer : Never played it myself.

Description : When was Elizabeth Parrish born ?

Last Answer : I saw an article that said she was 44 at the time of the article which was April 2016. I’m on my cell phone so I can’t link it.

Description : Do you have to have a dish on the top of your house for internet?

Last Answer : Internet where I live coming in by wire / fiber optics. Who is doing the install ?

Description : When's the last time you Googled your name, what came up?

Last Answer : What I do find scary is I googled my dad’s name, who doesn’t FB, or on line bank, but does have a listed phone number and three people came up, with addresses and phone numbers and one was him.

Description : Is the feature that allows you to go exactly where you want to, (skip or go back) missing in some podcasts?

Last Answer : Sounds like a glitch, maybe email them to ask?

Description : Do you think famous people don't think about banal things?

Last Answer : Just the opposite. The bulk of us have the convenience of believing how much better off we would be if we were rich, good looking or famous. Imagine what it must be like to be granted such desires ... when she accusingly narrows her big blue eyes with what are you laughing at? I lose all control.

Description : Is the following site a safe and legitimate one (details inside)?

Last Answer : I just looked it over. I can’t say if it is safe or not, but I will tell you I did some searches for different authors and most came up not there. Even some big names like Dean Kootz came back with no results.

Description : Will you share a video that you think is a must watch?

Last Answer :

Description : Just a curiosity: Do you think we, as a civilized world, are moving towards a world where, thanks to Internet, media, etc., criminality doesn't exist, but also, where privacy doesn't exist?

Last Answer : Read this book link David Brin wrote about this exact question 21 years ago. I’m not going to recap the whole book for you, because it is well worth your time to read it. Quick summary: there is no such thing as privacy.

Description : Have you ever tried Duckduckgo's search engine?

Last Answer : Yes. It is pretty good. I have used it and Gibiru and generally liked both of them.

Description : Do you get Page Not Found when you click on "View in itunes"?

Last Answer : Can you post the link you’re using to access iTunes? If don’t have it but if you have Firefox, try right-clicking on the ViI button, selecting Copy Link Location, and pasting it here.

Description : Do you think journalists can be objective without expressing feelings, beliefs and/or opinions, even implicitly?

Last Answer : No. Even the most honest journalist cannot escape putting some sort of spin on what he or she writes. It may be very subtle - the choice of words, the use of a phrase, perhaps the headline ... can do is read news from multiple sources, because truth and objectivity will be somewhere in the middle.

Description : Do you have internet-controlled thermostats and lights?

Last Answer : I don’t but I read recently that it’s something that can be hacked, and then you no longer have power over your lights and house’s heat and air conditioning. To me, that’s scary and outweighs any convenience about coming home to a warm house or a cool house.

Description : Are people being naive about so freely sharing personal data?

Last Answer : I don’t know that people are being naive at this point. I guess most think the trade-off is worth it.

Description : If Trump declares a national emergency, COULD our lives be ruined (completely) by economic, military etc. means?

Last Answer : You mean, like marshal law?

Description : Is Twitter outrage real?

Last Answer : Here is a good article on Twitter outrage and social media traps.

Description : Why is YouTube filtering search results?

Last Answer : Great question. 5 reasons people hate Anita Sarkeesian pops up right away with just her name search. I've got 192 YouTube videos. When I search my name my videos are all mixed up. Number of views and ... a small portion of my picture appears in my channel? Only the very top of my head is visible.

Description : Can you explain to me the following speech made on "Grand Theft Auto V" (a little background and comments if you click)?

Last Answer : I don't understand your question. I have only played some GTA III and GTA IV, and read/watched some of GTA V, but it looks to me like yet another satirical cultural comment and hate-able faction ... mining the heck out of everyone (as well as using immoral labor practices). What's not to understand?

Description : Have you noticed the increasing, and annoying, trend to embed advertising into the video content of news stories, etc?

Last Answer : It used to drive me crazy until I started using Adblock Plus now poof NO ads!!! I know it works well with Firefox & I think I've read that it works with the google browser also. it may work with ... don't have many ads which concerns me because I'm wondering what it is that they are really doing!!!

Description : Why ask people to stay off smartphone and/or social media for, say a few months?

Last Answer : I think I’m going to apply. I could do it.

Description : Have you had any duplicate service providers?

Last Answer : There aren’t “two worlds” when it comes to ISPs. There is only a difference in connection speeds, but content is not partitioned. Most places there is only one cable choice, not competing cable feeds. And if there is, the best content is available on either.

Description : Will you miss Google+?

Last Answer : Yes, actually. In the beginning it had so much potential for outreach and education.

Description : Do you know a webpage where there's the most complete list of the most difficult stock puzzles in video games?

Last Answer : Need Answer

Description : At what point would you say you’re unhealthily obsessed with the internet and decide to stop to get a normal life back?

Last Answer : I think it’s interesting to see the differences between generations. For the younger kids, it’s a cultural thing. For older people, there’s no pervasive norm. It seems more about personality.

Description : Do you think truth and privacy can co-exist together? What do you think?

Last Answer : Yes.

Description : What is the difference between the new (1 or 2 days old) gmail and the old?

Last Answer : I see they have it explained here. But you can add to it anyway.

Description : How can I convert a .fdx file to a .jpg file?

Last Answer : Final Draft offers a 30 day free trial. I would see if that makes the conversion.

Description : How smart does one need to be to write complicated codes?

Last Answer : I would certainly hope so. Coding requires some serious horsepower mentally.